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Squidoo HQ

We’ve Got Personality – New Lenses By Our Giant Squid Lensmasters

Posted: 14 Jun 2013 08:06 AM PDT

The switch to getting more personal in our lenses is both necessary and important but I think it’s also producing much more interesting-to-read lenses. And as many of you must know, I’ve read quite a lot of lenses in my time as a Community Organizer here at Squidoo.

As the result of an exclusive Giant Squid Squidquest, our Giants have been creating some really terrific new lenses that are full of personality AND useful information.

Stop by each of the following to see what I’m talking about. Then, go ahead and make your own lenses more interesting to read by adding a bit more YOU to the mix.


Medline Rollator Review

1. Medline Rollator Review

I have been using my Medline Rollator for almost four years. I have a mobility condition that comes and goes, and very much impairs my ability to get around. At those times, walking and standing is extremely tiring, just because it takes so much more energ…

Homemade Baby Food: Carrots, Sweet Potato, Peas

2. Homemade Baby Food: Carrots, Sweet Potato, Peas

We want the best for our babies, whether it’s making sure they get out and play in the fresh air, or learn that fruits and vegetables are delicious and good for them. Teaching our little ones the values of life aren’t the same unless we ourselves show them…

Traveling Across Country

3. Traveling Across Country

The MRI showed the tumors were growing again – every chemotherapy treatment available in our state had been tried and had failed. James’ pediatric oncologist recommended a new treatment that was still in the trial phase, but she found out James would have…

Robert D. Ray: An Iowa Treasure - Keep Iowa Beautiful

4. Robert D. Ray: An Iowa Treasure – Keep Iowa Beautiful

This lens is intended to be both 1) a promotion piece for a wonderful book supporting an important cause, and 2) a tribute to a special person in Iowa history; a man I had the privilege of serving with in Iowa government for four years. This beautiful book…

10 Reasons I Love the Seattle Library

5. 10 Reasons I Love the Seattle Library

Two. The number of times it took for me to visit Seattle’s Central Public Library before falling in love. One. The assigned spot on my list of awesome public libraries ( a spot previously held by the Huntington Beach Central Library. ) Even though I’m only…


6. Potato Heads Forever!

The other day I was searching on Amazon for Mr. Potato Head Ghosts for a Halloween Article I was writing. Up popped an Elvis Mr. Potato Head. To say I was ‘stunned’ is an understatement. I shared my ghostly Potato Head sighting with a few friends and one r…

Squidoo Craft Club Quest: Your Favorite Summer Craft – Winner and Runners Up

Posted: 14 Jun 2013 06:19 AM PDT

After a vote by the Squidoo Craft Club members, we’re happy to announce that malina123 is the winner of the  the $25.00 gift card for her terrific DIY Button Flip Flops lens.  Her lens is also today’s Lens of the Day.

Here’s several of the runners-up lenses followed by the original Quest lens where you can see all of the submissions.  I think you’ll notice that this was a tough vote as all of the lenses are creative, fun and well built.


Make A Lighthouse Birdhouse: Decorative Birdhouse Design Plans

1. Make A Lighthouse Birdhouse: Decorative Birdhouse Design Plans

Building handcrafted birdhouses is an enjoyable woodworking craft that does not take a lot of time, experience or expensive tools. Functional birdhouses and nest boxes can be as simple as a six- sided box with an opening for the birds to enter, or elaborat…

How To Make A Recycled Tin Man

2. How To Make A Recycled Tin Man

A great recycled project to make with cans is a Tin Can Man. You can have your very own Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz hanging in your yard. My neighbor had a Tin Man hanging in his yard. I thought it was very unique and different. I’d never seen one before…

Cat Bearding for the Bored

3. Cat Bearding for the Bored

The dog days of summer mean silliness and tom- foolery and lazy fun. It’s a time when your favorite hobbies just don’t cut it and you want to let loose with something wild. Good news, then. Put away your knitting needles, your scrapbook paper, your beads a…

Dinosaur Hunting

4. Dinosaur Hunting

Once upon a time summer meant jumping in the pool, and grilling fablous hamburgers and hotdogs. Actually, summer STILL means pool and grill, but now that I’m the mommy of an overactive boy summer also means coming up with ways to entertain the child outdoo…

Crafting Mythical Babies With First Impressions Baby Mold

5. Crafting Mythical Babies With First Impressions Baby Mold

During the warmer months I like to work with Polymer clay because I can open up the windows and let the house stay well ventilated during the baking process. Many people hesitate buying a mold because they can only make one variation over and over, but thi…

You can see all of the entries and find some fun summer crafting ideas at the Squidoo Craft Club Quest: Your Favorite Summer Craft Quest lens.

Squidoo Craft Club Quest: Your Favorite Summer Craft

 Squidoo Craft Club Quest: Your Favorite Summer Craft

UPDATE: Quest is now closed to entries. The winning lens will be announced here and at SquidooHQ on Friday June 14, 2013. – This month’s So Crafty Craft Club Quest is looking for your absolute favorite summertime craft project. Do you make things using sum…

Learn how you can join the Squidoo Craft Club, or any of our other clubs HERE.

Featured photo appears courtesy of Brian Mo via creativecommons.

Happy Flag Day!

Posted: 14 Jun 2013 06:11 AM PDT

American Flag Etiquette: How to Display and Dispose of the Red, White and Blue

1. American Flag Etiquette: How to Display and Dispose of the Red, White and Blue

Until I met my husband, a very patriotic veteran and federal employee, I really had no idea there were specific rules for displaying the American flag or for properly disposing of a worn- out flag. In fact, I’d never actually flown one of my own, even thou…

Flag Day In The USA

2. Flag Day In The USA

Our American Flag, the Stars and Stripes, was first designed and made by Betsy Ross. According to legend, she was asked to do this by George Washington. Our flag was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777 and the flag resolu…

Easy Flag Craft

3. Easy Flag Craft

Senior citizens seem to enjoy celebrating patriotic holidays. I am always looking for craft ideas for the people at my Moms nursing home. With Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day in May, June and July it seems like a great time to do a project with…

Why is the American Flag Red, White, and Blue?

4. Why is the American Flag Red, White, and Blue?

Why is the flag of the United States red, white, and blue? What are the significance of those colors? Traditionally, it is said that George Washington believed the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signif…

Veterans and Veterans of War - USA

5. Veterans and Veterans of War – USA

Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due! – The Veterans and Veterans of War who have served or who are serving in the military or military war are honored here. We are honoring our War Dead and we are honoring all of our Troops of America who are called to duty. A…

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Lens of the Day: DIY Button Flip Flops

Posted: 14 Jun 2013 05:07 AM PDT

Amazon Module Updates

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 04:53 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 12.35.43 PMFirst up…we’ve consolidated the Amazon Standard Module and the Amazon Spotlight Personal Review Module into one module.

Here’s what this means…

You’ll be able to use one module for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Amazon products.

If you choose only 1 product you’ll automatically get the Amazon Spotlight format with the large photo and an area for a detailed niche description.

If you choose more than one product you’ll get the Amazon Standard format.

Now here’s the cool part. If you have either an Amazon Standard Module or an Amazon Spotlight module currently on your lens you’ll be able to choose the format you like by just adding or taking away products.

To use this module just pick “Amazon Module” from the module picker.

We’re also going to remove most of the HTML in the Amazon product box (see below).

This means that links and photos and CSS are going to disappear when we launch the update today. Text links will simply revert to plain text so there’s nothing you need to do. You will still be able to use bold and italics in the Amazon product box.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 1.18.32 PM

UPDATE – We are aware of the missing module and missing text bug. This bug is not affecting all lenses. Our tech team is working to get this fixed, but it may take until tomorrow to be completely resolved. If you edit, save and publish your lens it should appear normal. We are also aware of the bug that is causing an “underline” on text. Thanks for your patience while we get things fixed and feel free to file a bug report if you are experiencing another issue.

Getting Personal – New Lenses By Our Giant Squid Lensmasters

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 11:52 AM PDT

Our Giant Squid lensmasters are busy creating awesome new much more personal lenses and we LOVE showing them off here.

As you read through, you’ll notice that the lens authors aren’t sharing everything about themselves, but just enough to give their lenses a bit of personality and realism.

Today’s batch of 10 lenses covers a wide range of topics that includes everything from legless lizards to home-cooked recipes and yet they all have a personal written-by-a-real-person feel to them.

Take a look and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Breeding Baby Dragons At Home

1. Breeding Baby Dragons At Home

One of my favorite creatures to create in Polymer Clay is a baby dragon. Breeding baby dragons is about creating these delightful creatures in sculpture. If you came here to get a biology lesson on dragons, I am sorry to have disappointed you. This origina…

Garlic Beef BBQ Skewers

2. Garlic Beef BBQ Skewers

A couple of years ago my husband decided that he would go on a marinating binge, throwing everything we had in our kitchen and pantry at random cuts of meat. This dish was one of the best things to emerge from his experiment. I tweaked his recipe slightly…

My legless friend Anguis Fragilis

3. My legless friend Anguis Fragilis

The first time you see Anguis Fragilis you might think it is a snake but isn’t. It is a lizard without legs! If you stay and watch instead of running away you soon notice the tell- tale signs that this is a perfectly harmless creature. This is slow- moving…

Our CD Crafts Weekend

4. Our CD Crafts Weekend

Recently my little granddaughters and I spent a weekend together making CD crafts and sun catcher butterflies. If you’d like to try your hand at making the butterflies, you can find the patterns and directions that we used, by visiting Butterfly Sun Catc…

Making Bookmarks with Selvage Fabric

5. Making Bookmarks with Selvage Fabric

If you sew or collect fabric (and mean to sew with it! ), you know what selvage is. If you don’t sew, let me explain. Selvage is the finished edge of fabric; it’s finished so that edge of the fabric won’t fray. Only one edge of the fabric has a selvage edg…

The Endangered Sea Lion: Facts for Kids

6. The Endangered Sea Lion: Facts for Kids

Need sea lions facts? I have information along with pictures, videos and coloring pictures to help teach kids about this endangered species. Sea lions live in large groups called colonies and are pinnipeds, which means they are marine animals which are fin…

You May BE Sick But You Don't Have To Look It!

7. You May BE Sick But You Don’t Have To Look It!

Do you get tired of hearing this? ‘Are you not feeling well? ‘ Or, ‘You look so tired. ‘ Because we all know what those well meaning people are saying is, ‘You really look like crap today! ‘ Am I right here? When you are sick, whether it’s a chronic illnes…



The flag representing the United States of America is near and dear to my heart. I am proud to have a flag flying high at my front gate. I have grown to love and respect the flag more and more as I have aged. I understand so much more about what it stands…

Healthy And Easy Spinach Recipe Ideas For Dinner

9. Healthy And Easy Spinach Recipe Ideas For Dinner

I hope you enjoy this collection of spinach recipes that have been tried and tested in my growing family over many years. I have experimented a little with some of the original recipes to arrive at dishes that we love and that don’t cost the earth. Althoug…

Casa Cicak's Hasbro Furby Review

10. Casa Cicak’s Hasbro Furby Review

If you are thinking of offering a home to a Furby then please take the time to read my Hasbro Furby review. Don’t think that considering offering a Furby house room is a decison to be taken lightly. From when they first invaded earth in 1998 they have poss…

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