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Announcing the Adventure Club Quest Winner and Runners Up

Posted: 21 Jun 2013 09:06 AM PDT

adventureclublogoIf you read my Lens of the Day post this morning, you already know that Exploring tide pools along Southern California’s beaches by TanoCalvenoa was voted the winner of our Squidoo Adventure Club Quest: Your Favorite Adventure but we received so many GREAT lenses for this quest that we decided to show off several more here today.

Browse the lenses posted below and then be sure to stop by the Quest lens to find even more terrific adventures that were shared by our Club members.



Best Disney Vacation Ever

1. Best Disney Vacation Ever

Staying in a luxury suite at the Disneyland Hotel, enjoying the eTicket Club on the top floor, and eating at great restaurants is my idea of the best vacation ever. But it wasn’t just the wonderful Disney service that made this vacation special, it was was…

Greece - a Life-Changing Adventure

2. Greece – a Life-Changing Adventure

I can easily divide my life into thirds – the third before I experienced Greece, and the two thirds since then. My trip to Greece when I was fourteen (almost fifteen) opened my eyes to the wonders of ancient history, the beauty of the Aegean Sea, the incre…

My Favorite Adventure Travel-Lake Superior

3. My Favorite Adventure Travel-Lake Superior

Every since I can remember I thought of adventure travel to Lake Superior in Canada. I have visited it many time in my life, I once hiked and entire day from my campsite to see the Pictured Rocks from the Michigan side. I camped in the wilderness and witne…

Traveling on a Vintage Motorcycle

4. Traveling on a Vintage Motorcycle

There’s nothing like leaving town on an old Harley with the bike packed, you never know what adventure awaits you. After a while your day to day worries just fall away and nothing matters beyond that next curve in the road. The vintage motorcycle we’ve bee…

Walking on the Right Side of the Tracks

5. Walking on the Right Side of the Tracks

This is something that I have done with my dad growing up. And now am doing with my kids. Its always nice to get out for a walk but in this case its also a way to do a bit of exploring and playing at the same time. As stated I have done this with my kids….

Suzhou China - The Perfect Place for a Garden Adventure

6. Suzhou China – The Perfect Place for a Garden Adventure

Suzhou is the perfect place for an adventure! Chinese gardens are built to give you the impression of great size and long views in a small space. Some are actually quite tiny, but as you ramble through them, looking through each gorgeous round moon door to…

Cedar Point is MY Favorite Adventure in the WORLD

7. Cedar Point is MY Favorite Adventure in the WORLD

I Love Roller Coasters! I love old ones, new ones, red ones, blue ones. I love fast ones and slow ones, tall ones and low ones. I LOVE Roller Coasters. I like other rides too – from bumper cars to merry- go- rounds and water rides to witches wheel’s. If yo…

Trees I have encountered near the Pacific Ocean

8. Trees I have encountered near the Pacific Ocean

It is difficult for me to find one vacation that I have taken that I didn’t like. I am not a person who likes the ordinary and tend to go to unknown locations. While many people have visited a particular beach, they may not have visited the little area dow…

A hilly day

9. A hilly day

You may call it trekking or hiking but in Scotland where I live it is referred to as ‘hillwalking’ even though you may not actually climb any hills worthy of the name. So why does anyone need a guide to Scottish hillwalking? Well, for one thing although Sc…

Are you a member of the Adventure Club yet? Learn how to join this club along with all of Squidoo’s other clubs HERE.

Lens of the Day: Exploring tide pools along Southern California’s Beaches

Posted: 21 Jun 2013 05:53 AM PDT

beachcaExploring tide pools along Southern California’s Beaches by lensmaster TanoCalvenoa explains for visitors to Southern California, or Southern Californians not so familiar with the beach and the tide pools, the creatures you can find in and around tide pools, plus some safety tips.

The lens was selected the winner of the  Adventure Club Quest after receiving the most votes from our Squidoo Adventure Club members.

In addition to being featured as today’s Lens of the Day, this winning lensmaster will also receive a $25.00 gift card.

Stop by today to take a look and stay tuned for another post right here containing some of the runners up from the challenge.

Introducing jeskasight

Posted: 21 Jun 2013 05:13 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 8.13.16 AMThis is Jessica, who you might already know as jeskasight here on Squidoo. She joined a while back, but she’s really gotten rolling with some great lenses recently. Take a look!

How did you find Squidoo? I have a friend who is active on Squidoo and she shared a bunch of her lenses with me one day. Being a blogger and currently working on my first book, I was drawn to Squidoo immediately. With my current blog I tend to stick to one subject but with Squidoo my horizons are broadened.

You have a great variety of lenses and such a great, positive outlook in your writing. What’s next on your to-make-a-lens-about list? I am excited about the new Adventure Club Quests and am just finishing up my first lens in this area. I really enjoy traveling and sharing experiences to help people create their trips with fun new ideas. I have various trips coming up this summer and will be sharing about these travels. I also want to try my hand at a gardening lens and a vegetarian recipe lens. I'm new to both of these areas in life and look forward to sharing what I learn.

What can Squidoo do for you? Thus far, Squidoo has provided me with a new online resource when I’m looking for anything and everything! It’s fabulous to just visit one website and search for things from, “how to clean my floor properly” to “how to prepare a new dinner item”. I’ve also really enjoyed writing lenses in different areas as well as learning about all the different tools available to lensmasters. It’s great participating in quests as you are presented with new challenges and goals to complete. I’m thankful for the interaction with others thru Squidoo and for the people that work so hard to provide an exciting online community like this.

Squidoo Garden Club Quest Winner and Runners Up

Posted: 20 Jun 2013 11:32 AM PDT

gardeningclublogoCongratulations to lensmaster AnthonyAltorenna for receiving the most votes and winning this month’s Squidoo Garden Club Quest with his Planting Butterfly Bushes: How To Grow Buddleia Plants lens. In addition to being featured as today’s Lens of the Day, he’ll also receive a $25.00 gift card.

The Garden Club How-To Quest received many really great entries about all kinds of helpful gardening tips.

You’ll find 8 of the runners-up lenses listed here and be sure to visit the Quest lens to see all of the rest.


How to remove a large snake from a small shed without anyone getting hurt (including the snake)

1. How to remove a large snake from a small shed without anyone getting hurt (including the snake)

This is a rotten photo. It’s a rotten photo because I took it with my arm extended around the shed door and the rest of me safe on the other side. It’s the best of about twenty snaps I took ‘blind’. I couldn’t see the snake, but the snake could see me and…

Buyer Beware: Aggressive Plants

2. Buyer Beware: Aggressive Plants

The days are getting longer and warmer. Spring flowers have had their day and now we are into the full glory of the start of summer. Oh what gardener’s heart is not racing just a little faster as the temperatures start to climb? In Canada we have Victoria…

A Leaf Blower Can Save Your Life

3. A Leaf Blower Can Save Your Life

Just from the title of this article you must think I am out of my mind, but it’s true. A leaf blower can save the life of your family. In April of 2013 I was up late at night. My daughter had thrown a load of laundry into the dryer. Normally our dryer is o…

How to make a Cold Frame by utilising your brick BBQ

4. How to make a Cold Frame by utilising your brick BBQ

When I think of cold frames I think of the brick built Victorian designs with brick sides and sloping framed glass tops, which of course if you have the space you can make quite easily yourself; just like making a brick BBQ. This article is a step by step…

Drip System Irrigation For Container Gardens

5. Drip System Irrigation For Container Gardens

Recently I installed a drip irrigation system in my container garden to help with watering. Hauling water from the kitchen sink to the patio is a lot of work – several times a week. It becomes a twice daily chore come summertime. Thinking about how I could…

Tips for Beautiful Tulips

6. Tips for Beautiful Tulips

Every flower is beautiful and every garden a work of art. Some gardens are greater works that others and some flowers more breathtakingly beautiful. Take the tulip for example, it is an eye- catching beauty. With just a little TLC you can enjoy this lovely…

Hanging Upside Down Planters | The Topsy Turvy

7. Hanging Upside Down Planters | The Topsy Turvy

Are you container gardening? If you like to use containers in the garden, or you have a small garden space – these cool upside down planters just might do the trick for you. These are great hanging planters and are wonderful for small spaces like on a balc…

Landscaping with Stone Borders

8. Landscaping with Stone Borders

Using stone to make low borders around planting areas gives a wonderfully natural look. It sure beats all the plastic and metal edgings that you can buy. In New England and other regions with plenty of rocks, you can collect the stone from your own yard. I…

Bugs & New Features Update

Posted: 20 Jun 2013 10:33 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.47.42 PMI wanted to keep the community up to date on a few bugs and new features.

1) The New Score Card

A few days ago we changed the Progress Bar to the Score Card.

Two new features we added were added:

 Good keyword usage

A moderate keyword density will ensure that you lens has a proper balance of text. While keyword selection is an important part of online marketing, content    that is too keyword-rich can be a sign that a lens is overly promotional.

Good Amazon link usage

Adding an Amazon module can earn you a royalty. However, too many links to Amazon can be a sign of an overly promotional lens. Based on research, Squidoo recommends a limit of 20 links to Amazon per lens (this includes your own Amazon affilate links).

Here’s how links count:

The Squidoo Amazon Module counts as 1 link (not 3) to each product. So 5 products count as 5 links towards the 20 on the new Score Card.

Amazon links in the Amazon Plexo Module will count as 1 link each. These changes will take effect tomorrow or you can edit and save for the changes to take place today.

2) The New Video Module

Yesterday we released a new video module which resulted in a few bugs. Most of these bug have now been resolved. If you are still having a problem please file a bug report so that it can be logged. This also helps us determine if a bug is occurring on just a few lenses or more widespread.

3) The Amazon Module

There was a problem that despite updating product descriptions, old descriptions were continuing to appear. This should now be fixed.

4) The Squidoo Home Page

We’ve just added more quality lenses to the home page rotation. We’ll be rotating these lenses more often and having some quests to get a spot in the rotation soon!

We’ve also added the Fashion & Beauty topic in the navigation bar which a lot of you have been requesting.

Please don’t post bugs in the comment section of this thread, instead use this form.

Thanks (as always) for your patience and support.

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