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Lens of the Day: Michael Newton Souls, Our Life Between Lives

Posted: 22 Jun 2013 05:12 AM PDT

Editor for the Day: Wednesday_Elf: Endangered Wild Animals

Posted: 21 Jun 2013 10:09 AM PDT

wednesdayelfToday’s Giant Squid Editor for the Day has chosen to turn the spotlight on lenses about endangered wild animals.

Here’s what lensmaster Wednesday_Elf had to say about it followed by their top 10 picks.

These lenses showcase animals that are endangered and point out conservation methods working toward saving them from extinction. There are also suggestions for what we as individuals can do to protect our wildlife.

Some of the lenses are about one particular animal. Others are about several or all endangered animals. One lens is about a bird sanctuary. Sanctuaries, marine and animal reserves, and awareness of the plight of our wildlife are all needed to save them.

In my opinion, it’s all about the ‘Balance of Nature’. ~ Wednesday_Elf

Are You Polar Bear Aware?

1. Are You Polar Bear Aware?

Polar bears, considered the largest bears in the world are being affected by habitat loss, destruction and degradation of ecosystems, pollution, over- exploitation and climate change. These factors are among the powerful and persistent impacts on polar bea…

The Scottish Wildcat -- Britain's Most Endangered Mammal

2. The Scottish Wildcat — Britain’s Most Endangered Mammal

The Scottish wildcat (felis silvestris) was once a symbol of the Highlands and wild places of Scotland. Sadly, this beautiful animal is now critically endangered. The last of the Scottish wildcats today remain in northern Scotland, where numbers may have d…

A rescued baby Pangolin

3. A rescued baby Pangolin

This is the story of how I came to learn about the indigenous Palawan pangolin also known as the Palawan Scaly anteater. I had heard of anteaters but not scaly anteaters until a villager gave our caretaker one, who then gave it to me to care for. I had no…

Adopt A Wild Animal for Conservation

4. Adopt A Wild Animal for Conservation

This lens lists a large number of charitable organizations that offer animal adoption. Animal adoption has become a popular way of supporting charities that care for endangered and threatened species. By adopting a wild animal one can help finance conserva…

Animals in the Wild

5. Animals in the Wild

When humans first entered North America over the Bering land bridge some 13,000 years ago, they found rich hunting grounds with many large and docile animals – mastodons, ground sloths, horses, camels, tapirs, giant beavers and large peccaries. Within seve…

Tiritiri Matangi Island Bird Sanctuary

6. Tiritiri Matangi Island Bird Sanctuary

Whether you’re a birder or just a daytripper, on your own or with family, Tiritiri Matangi Island is a fantastic place to visit in New Zealand. Found in the Hauraki gulf near Auckland, this amazing bird sanctuary can be reached by ferry or private boat. Ti…

The Endangered Sea Lion: Facts for Kids

7. The Endangered Sea Lion: Facts for Kids

Need sea lions facts? I have information along with pictures, videos and coloring pictures to help teach kids about this endangered species. Sea lions live in large groups called colonies and are pinnipeds, which means they are marine animals which are fin…

Key Deer

8. Key Deer

The Florida Key Deer in one word is tiny. It’s the size of a medium- sized dog, confined to a small area of the Florida Keys, and numbers in only about 700- 800. These numbers make it an endangered species. A subspecies of Virginia White Tailed Deer, it is…

Help Save Wildlife With Your Purchase

9. Help Save Wildlife With Your Purchase

When we hear about the beautiful animals that are endangered, harmed or being displaced, we wonder what we can do to help. There are a few organizations who are dedicated to protecting and saving these creatures. Below are a few ways that you can help them…

Little Blue Fairy Penguin Facts

10. Little Blue Fairy Penguin Facts

Updated: June 2013 – These cute little blue penguins, known as both Blue Penguins and Fairy Penguins are now officially known as ‘Little Penguins’. This new term more accurately describes these cute blue seabirds which are the smallest of the penguin speci…

Thanks for featuring such an important topic Wdnesday_Elf!

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