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New Score Card Q & A

Posted: 26 Jun 2013 06:43 AM PDT

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I gathered up a bunch of questions from the community for the new Score Card.

Q: Why did you add the new “High content quality” score?

The Score Card adds one more layer for determining good content on a lens. The goal is to help lensmasters achieve success by giving them additional tools to gauge quality and completeness.

This is also a really great tool for building new lenses.

Q: I have a high quality lens but my “High content quality” score check mark won’t turn green.

The score card mechanism measures the things you may do on a lens like low quality content, adding CSS, affilate ads, duplicate content, blank titles and linking. If your lens contains a higher concentration of one or more  of these measures (meaning you do these in excess) your check mark will not turn green.

On the flip side…if you have a good balance of text and ads, personal content, use a reasonable amount of CSS, affilate adds and links you should be able to easily achieve getting a green check mark for this component.

Q: If my lens does not have the green check mark on “High content quality” does that mean my lens is junk, spam or considered “low quality”?

No. This mechanism is not a “low quality” indicator, it’s a way to alert lensmasters that they may need to clean up a few things. For example, you may have a highly personal, beautiful lens about the harvest moon…but it’s got a few too many affilate ads or links or uses excessive CSS so the check mark won’t turn green. This just means that the lens may need to be tweaked to meet the new standards.

Q: Will my lens go into WIP (work-in-progress) if I don’t score a 100?

Not always. However if a lens does go into WIP we want lensmasters to be able to look at the score card to determine if their lens is fixed after they edit. A score of 100 will get a lens out of WIP.

Q: I can’t see my Score Card because I dismissed it when I reached 100.

If you previously dismissed the score card and currently don’t see it, it means you have a score of 100. If your score is less than 100, the score card will be visible.

Q: Can a lens with a score of 1oo still be locked?

Yes. While a score of 100 indicates quality 99% of the time there are still instances when we find lenses that are skirting the filters. If we find a lens that’s excessively thin, spam or junk that still managed to get a score of 100 we will lock it, this does not happen very often and we are constantly adjusting the filters to be more accurate and effective.

Q: Are you still hand reviewing lenses?

Yes. We have a team of people that hand reviews lenses for quality elements as well as spam.

Q: How can I use the Score Card to help me build new quality lenses?

When you create new lenses use the Score Card as a guide. The purpose of the card is to give you some guidelines towards quality. Getting a score of 100 means that you’re on the right track to success.

PS - Remember, that when you create a new lens it will remain in WIP until the next lensrank update.

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Posted: 26 Jun 2013 04:45 AM PDT

New Score Card Update – High Content Quality

Posted: 25 Jun 2013 01:56 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.45.29 PMToday we added a new “check” for the Score Card called High Quality Content. This new check is a combination of signals that indicate a healthy amount of original content and balance of storytelling and promotional content.

If your lens is missing some key elements of quality like personal story telling or if it’s over promotional (you can read more about our Product Lens Guidelines here) your lens might not get featured.

If you’re not reaching a score of 100 AND your lens remains in Work-In-Progress you’ll need to add some quality elements to your lens in order to get it featured.

Here’s some more tips to help you reach a score of 100:

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A Before & After Lens Critique by KathyT

Getting a handle on high keyword density.

The Art Of Storytelling

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