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Are You Ready for Halloween 2013?

Posted: 15 Jul 2013 07:05 AM PDT

bohemianTo help you get into the spirit of Halloween,  starting today and onward until October 31st, we’ll be sharing new happy and haunted Halloween lenses along with tips and treats from the lensmaster who created each one.

Here’s your first helping of Halloween lensbuilding advice from lensmaster bohemianstorytellingtours:

In creating my Halloween lens, I sought a topic that would be related to my niche, but still open enough that a more general search might spot it (ie, Halloween activities for adults is the broad search that I hope would locate this rather specific lens on Halloween walking tours).

I lead one of the tours mentioned in this lens, and I tried to speak from my personal experience and excitement about the topic. But I don’t know much about Halloween-themed walking tours beyond my own city, so I wanted to open it up for others to comment and add ideas, in the hopes that this lens might become a bigger resource for others than I could’ve created all on my own.

Finally, I wanted to write about something Halloween-related that most people might not have thought of. Enjoy! ~bohemianstorytellingtours


Halloween walking tours: like trick-or-treating for adults

 Halloween walking tours: like trick-or-treating for adults

From ghosts to gravestones to costumes, there is a walking tour where I live that will get you in the Halloween spirit. And when the tour is on Halloween itself, it feels like trick- or- treating with a group of curious- minded cohorts. I’m in Portland, Or…

Have you got a NEW Halloween lens and a tip to share?  

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Halloween is HUGE on Squidoo and NOW is the time to get those lenses built and ready to be found.

Besides, we’d love to feature you and your new Halloween lens right here at SquidooHQ.

So, get creative.  Build a new Halloween lens.

Then, submit it along with your tips for creating boo-tiful, enticing, useful and personalized content at:

We’re Getting Ready for Halloween 2013…

Before you go.  Tell us… Will you try to expand your niche with a unique Halloween topic like bohemianstorytellingtours did? Share your thoughts.

Lens of the Day: The Mackinac Island Fudge Experience

Posted: 15 Jul 2013 05:30 AM PDT

Introducing clevergirlname

Posted: 15 Jul 2013 05:08 AM PDT

Meet Gina, aka clevergirlname on Squidoo. She signed up for her great Squidoo adventure several weeks ago and has stayed busy ever since, visiting other people’s lenses and building new ones of her own. Here’s our interview. Enjoy!

What brought you to Squidoo? I had just (suddenly) quit my job of ten years and was in a major panic. In a search for reprieve from the constant cruel circle of words in my head I stumbled upon a Lens about having a Nervous Breakdown; wouldn’t you know I realized only then that I had had one? So here was this webpage telling me to relax and that it wasn’t my fault and if I could just calm down for a minute I might re-collect my thoughts. By the end of the page I felt less alone in the world. From there I clicked another lens, then another, page after page, forum after forum. “Create your own!” I was begged all alone and of course I thought I had nothing to share but after a bit of contemplation I realized maybe, just maybe, there was someone out there feeling something I felt and maybe they didn’t want to feel that alone, so I could be that person for them that someone had been for me.

Your lenses are very personal and very engaging, pulling your readers in like a magnet. Are there topics you’ve been holding onto, waiting to share? What can we look forward to reading next? Like every good author has ever written, the more you write the more you write. As soon as I made a lens I felt compelled to make another. That lens led to another two and so on and so forth. I have so many ideas now I can barely figure out how to put them into any sort of order so I’ve been spending most of my time going out in the world and compiling notes and pictures (if I can’t take pictures myself I like to draw my own -I can’t draw so it’s more amusing to me.) into folders on my computer so that I can drop them into each Lens when I’m ready to sit and write. I want to talk about our family May Day traditions, managing employees, backpacking and surviving in the wilderness, urban gardening; obviously I could go on all day.

What can Squidoo do for you? It sounds ridiculous when I try to say it but Squidoo has held my hand and comforted my woes in the past few months. I went from laying in my bed and sobbing the entire day away in self-pity to building cardboard castles and forts and even starting a couple of novels! I have networked my way into the lives of thousands and gone along with them on their wild quests all over the world. It’s like reading a book where every page ends with: “Choose your next adventure!”

IMMINENT! The Arts Highlight Reel

Posted: 15 Jul 2013 04:42 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 6.48.52 PMThis week the Giant Squids shared their lenses about the arts which included art, crafts, dance, theatre and writing. Once again we had such a wonderful selection of lenses submitted. Please do check them out they are fantastic!

papier also gets a $50 Amazon Gift Card for her lens See Leslie Sinclair Oil Paintings – Stroked Bamboo Series.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

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Tiny Artists: Encouraging and Teaching Children in Artistic Endeavors

1. Tiny Artists: Encouraging and Teaching Children in Artistic Endeavors

My middle son, Dante, is an artist. He LOVES anything to do with creating, but particularly drawing and painting. He’s never enjoyed coloring books, preferring to draw his own pictures. While all my kids like to draw to a certain extent, Dante can spend hi…

Go Green Onstage

2. Go Green Onstage

There’s a lot of waste in the theater. That’s hard to believe (with our budgets! ), but it’s true. An awful lot of every set ends up in the trash, a lot of electricity goes into lighting a show and into cooling an auditorium, and those are just the OBVIOUS…

An Artistic Adventure through Noah's Ark

3. An Artistic Adventure through Noah’s Ark

From the tiniest insect to the largest animal, from the birds in the sky to every creeping thing on the ground, all species of earthly creation were accepted aboard a uniquely crafted vessel. In pairs of two, one male and one female, whether they slithered…

Toy Photography

4. Toy Photography

Toys are fantastic props for photography, and allow you to capture shots that would be expensive, dangerous, or downright impossible to achieve with live subjects. Taking interesting pictures of toys is easy. They are, after all, made to be entertaining! O…

Know that you are lucky - a memoir of a life in the art and printmaking world

5. Know that you are lucky – a memoir of a life in the art and printmaking world

Make sure you get a signed copy of this book : Know that you are lucky – a memoir by Kathan Brown. Kathan Brown is a women artists and art business entrepreneur. Her printmaking studio named Crown Point Press is among the leading artist printmaking studios…

How To Edit A Photo In Photoshop Camera Raw

6. How To Edit A Photo In Photoshop Camera Raw

If you check online there are literally tons of tutorials on how to edit a photo in Photoshop. Various people do it so many different ways and I might be the odd one out there, but I haven’t seen ‘my way’ shown in many places, so in this tutorial I will gi…

Michigan Upper Peninsula Lighthouses

7. Michigan Upper Peninsula Lighthouses

The are more lighthouses in the state of Michigan than any other state. A Michigan lighthouse map that I have shows 129 lighthouses still standing today. These include lighthouses on Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. For anyone who l…

The "Art" of making a pound cake with a 4 year old!

8. The “Art” of making a pound cake with a 4 year old!

I taught kindergarten for many years and I baked or cooked something with my classes at least once a month. I learned that it is an ‘art’ to tackle a cooking project with young children. Since I have 7 grandchildren, I am trying to revive that art in my li…

See Leslie Sinclair Oil Paintings - Stroked Bamboo Series

9. See Leslie Sinclair Oil Paintings – Stroked Bamboo Series

I produced the series of paintings show here after being diagnosed with a small stroke which sapped my endurance and challenged memory, speech and thought process. Although the effects of this incident mimicked those of stroke the diagnosis was eventually…

Make a Princess Tower Castle Piece - Upcycle Craft

10. Make a Princess Tower Castle Piece – Upcycle Craft

No. Meet Princess Nadia. She’s in the process of getting a brand new Princess Power Tower, made just for her, or so she seems to think. Check out the photographs to see exactly how this tower addition to the castle came into being, or more correctly, is co…

Let's Go to the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

11. Let’s Go to the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

To some, the words ‘quick draw’ conjure up an image of a Wild West gunslinger drawing his weapon from its holster at lightning speed. To others, particularly those who stand along the South Rim of Grand Canyon each September with easels, paint, and paintbr…


12. Cherry-Creek-Arts-Festival

This year I took a staycation right here in Denver at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival over the July 4th weekend. 2013 was their 23rd year of this great annual event. It included 250 world- class artists and their original work. This event features the follo…

How do Children Benefit from Art Therapy?

13. How do Children Benefit from Art Therapy?

Art therapy, a relatively new discipline in Australia, is becoming a widely accepted avenue for children with developmental delays or psychological and/or physical trauma to express themselves, heal and grow. In addition to the clinical therapeutic benefit…

How To Make A Simple Dreamcatcher

14. How To Make A Simple Dreamcatcher

I have always loved making native crafts ever since I was a young lad. I used to make my own moccasins out of a deer skin my dad traded wood work for. I thought wearing moccasins would make me able to sneak up on rabbits easier. It worked like a charm and…

Treasuring Folk Art

15. Treasuring Folk Art

Folk art, as described by Wikipedia, is ‘characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed. ‘ Just about any object can be folk art: paintings on wood boards, sculptures made from tin cans or other me…

Art on Stones

16. Art on Stones

Recently on a Wednesday I’ve been meeting a group of lovely ladies at the local community hall. For two hours in the morning once a week we gather to create a craft and share experiences. My neighbor first told me of event and I’m glad I went along with he…

A Short Introduction To Contact Juggling

17. A Short Introduction To Contact Juggling

I am the self proclaimed most uncoordinated person alive, so I have a deep appreciation for people who can use their bodies to do beautiful things such as Contact Juggling. Contact juggling involves the flawless manipulation of one or more balls made of ac…

The Rod Stewart Collection

18. The Rod Stewart Collection

For followers of Rod Stewart, the 2013 release of new material by the aging rocker must have seemed like a heavenly gift. It hadn’t happened in almost 20 years, thus ensuring that his album Time would be snapped up PDQ. In the UK, the BBC were also quick t…

Art as the By-Product of Emotion

19. Art as the By-Product of Emotion

For me, art is the method by which I remove unbearable emotions like pain, sadness, joy and wonder from inside me. The visible product, the artwork, is the footprint left behind when I carry a heavy burden of emotion out of my mind on the lead of a pencil,…

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 6.45.57 PM20. Graffiti – is it art?

 Is graffiti and art form? Is it legal? The answer, similarly to the answer to lots of questions is ‘it depends’ and that is relatively straightforward. But the other question remains – is it art?…

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