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Celebrate National Caviar Day!

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 08:33 AM PDT

According to Holiday Insights, July 18th is National Caviar Day.  Here’s a few lenses to help you celebrate.

Texas Caviar: It's More Than Just A Dip !

1. Texas Caviar: It’s More Than Just A Dip !

I have a dip recipe that is a sure hit! My husband and I were at a party some time ago and noticed several people huddled around a large bowl devouring something interesting. Everyone was commenting on how delicious it was. I, myself, am a very picky eater…

How to Plan a Caviar Wedding on a Tuna Budget

2. How to Plan a Caviar Wedding on a Tuna Budget

When a couple becomes engaged, the euphoria and excitement of marrying your best friend can put some brides into overdrive when it comes to bringing her dream wedding to fruition. It is usually she who will steer how large or small the budget will be. This…

Top 10 Weird Ice Cream Flavors

3. Top 10 Weird Ice Cream Flavors

Weird ice cream flavors are on the increase all over the world. Just about anywhere these days, you can get weird and unusual flavors and even some that sound truly revolting. Now I don’t know about you but I really enjoy a nice bowl of my favorite icecrea…

Vegan Dips & Spreads: 12 Tantalizing Recipe Inspirations

4. Vegan Dips & Spreads: 12 Tantalizing Recipe Inspirations

You don’t have to be vegan to fall in love with any of these taste- worthy vegan dips and spreads. From ‘Basil Butter Bean Dip’ . . . to ‘Mock Salmon Pate’ . . . you’ll find twelve tantalizing recipes you won’t be ashamed to serve . . . for celebrations, c…

Lens of the Day: 15 Classic Reads to Start Your Summer

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 05:49 AM PDT

Editor for the Day: lisadh

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 12:20 PM PDT

lisadhToday’s Editor for the Day, lisadh, shares 10 of her favorite lenses about something she knows well.. photography.

I got interested in photography when I was in high school, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I love reading about new techniques, tools and ways to improve my photography skills, and I love seeing other people’s work online. ~lisadh




Color Your World with Water Drops

1. Color Your World with Water Drops

Want to photograph beautiful water drops just like the ones you see on popular photography magazine covers or on online photography websites? I’m going to show you the basics of high speed water drop photography in a tutorial that’s so easy anyone can do i…

Earn Extra Money Selling Your Photos

2. Earn Extra Money Selling Your Photos

Find out how you can sell your photos online. On this page I will show you how I have managed to turn my photos into profit. I hear so many ask the question Can I make money selling my photos? Are you sick and tired of looking for places to use your photog…

Sierra Mountain and Lake Tahoe Photography

3. Sierra Mountain and Lake Tahoe Photography

I’m Brandon aka “flowski” a Lake Tahoe photographer with a digital photography website. Take a photo tour of the Lake Tahoe and surrounding mountains with me! Love the Sierra Mountains? The classic old trees growing out of rock, fields of…

How to Take Nature Photos

4. How to Take Nature Photos

Most people do this. They take vacation photos to capture the memories of their vacation. If you take photos, most likely you want to take beautiful photos because these capture the most enjoyable essence of your vacation. In addition, people will want to…

Macro photography ideas to improve your macro shots

5. Macro photography ideas to improve your macro shots

Before we even think of macro photography ideas we need to define macro photography. In a nutshell, macro photography is taking close up and detailed photographs of a subject. So, you have just gone and bought a macro lens but can’t find any inspiration an…

Photoshop Tips: Simple Steps to Feather Photos with Adobe Photoshop

6. Photoshop Tips: Simple Steps to Feather Photos with Adobe Photoshop

Feathering softens the edges and makes blending photos simple. Whether you are blending photos to the background or to other photos, it is quite easy to do using the Adobe Photoshop CS4. I feather photos on T- shirts, aprons, caps, mouse pads and other ite…

101 Places To Get Free Legal Images For Your Websites

7. 101 Places To Get Free Legal Images For Your Websites

Using good quality images on your websites bring color and life to your webpages. Images help to better express your thoughts and the contents of your webpages and breaks long text passages with interesting and complimentary images that your readers may ne…

Everything you need for a Photography Geek.

8. Everything you need for a Photography Geek.

Photography gifts aren’t easy to find and with today’s fast advancing technological and photographic trends, it gets even harder. This lens is an intended guide to the latest and most original gadgets available for photographers today. If you’re felling a…

Photofunia Style Photo Editors

9. Photofunia Style Photo Editors

Photofunia offers high quality photo editing for free with no download required. See examples and comparisons to Deefunia, Photo505, Pixiz, Jpgfun, Photomontager and more free photo editing sites. With each service you upload a picture and the picture can…

How to Take Photos of Flying Hummingbirds

10. How to Take Photos of Flying Hummingbirds

Just when you thought bird photography was easy, here comes a new challenge. It’s taking photos of flying hummingbirds. This is the wild and crazy frontier of nature photography. It’s the ultimate quest waiting for those remarkable, special people who are…

A Super Halloween Costume Lensmaking Tip from RoseGrace

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 11:09 AM PDT

rosegraceWe had a real life problem to solve and not much time to do it in. You know those times when you find a crumpled up invitation in the bottom of your child’s school bag? You open it and you’ve got less than a week to find a costume. In our case, it wasn’t even remotely close to Halloween party time yet my daughter had been invited to a zombie party.

I had the foresight to photograph each stage of our costume creation because it makes it so much easier to explain the steps using a few text with BIG picture modules. The pictures really do tell the story. ~RoseGrace

Here’s the lens:


How to Make a Girl's Zombie Costume Without Threading a Needle

 How to Make a Girl’s Zombie Costume Without Threading a Needle

The other day we received and invitation for my daughter to attend a zombie party. Perhaps we’ve been living under a rock but we haven’t come across one of those before. What to wear to one of those events? That was my immediate thought. Then I searched on…

We love this lens! It’s personal and truly useful to anyone who finds it.

And we agree that the photos really do tell the story and help to make the instructions easy for anyone to follow.  We highly recommend using step-by-step photos on all of your Halloween costume lenses.  What do you think?  Will you try this approach on your next Halloween costume lens?  Have you done so already?

 Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Welcome to the Squidoo Learning Center

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 11:04 AM PDT

About Squidoo Clubs & Programs

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Lensmaking Tips

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Lensmaking Quest Guidelines: Go Above and Beyond

For New Lensmasters

Join the RocketSquids – RocketSquids is a lensmaking university for promising new lensmasters. It’s a private learning environment run by the official Squidoo team, drawing on our years of observing firsthand what makes new lensmasters great and how we can help. RocketSquids is designed to help you master the basics on Squidoo — by taking weekly lensmaking challenges, reading daily lessons, getting feedback from our Greeters and meeting other new aspiring writers on Squidoo.

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