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Squidoo HQ

Lens of the Day: DIY: Make Your Own Fabulous Headbands Using Old T-shirts

Posted: 22 Jul 2013 05:42 AM PDT

Introducing rebeccaanneblogs

Posted: 22 Jul 2013 05:22 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.21.33 AMSay hello to Rebecca Anne, rebeccaanneblogs on Squidoo for a whole week now. Her bio lists her many interests, the foremost being research and writing, so it’s not surprising that she already has several lenses published and ready for you to check out. First, here’s our interview:

What brought you to Squidoo? I’m actually a member of a sort of online community that teaches people how to make money honestly with a blog via things like affiliate marketing and selling ones own products. Two important techniques emphasized there are 1. A blog post written by you, which is original yet relevant, will be appreciat4ed by your readers much more than a professional piece you paid someone else to write and 2. you want as much exposure as possible for your blog.

A lot of people there suggested that Squidoo is a perfect place for both of these. Not only do you insist on original content but you also already rank high in the search engine world and so naturally give that boost in ranking to any lenses you choose to allow the ‘featured’ status to.

Your lenses so far really do a great job reflecting your love of nature, one of the interests you list on your bio. Want to share some of the other topics you’re planning to write about? Of course. I’ve also always been passionate about origami – ever since a beginners book caught my eye on the library shelves when I was about seven years old that is. I have ADHD and origami is a great way to force myself to concentrate and to meditate as part of my non medicated approach to handling the challenges of being an adult with this disorder. So for arts and crafts blogs you might see a few how to’s by me on folding traditional (ie not holding a copyright because they are hundreds of years old) models of origami. I might even do a few show off lenses displaying a few finished models I have folded from patterns designed by some modern origami Masters.

I am also very much into fantasy and science fiction writing – I joke that I was weened on such writers as JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Madeline L’Engle, Anne McCaffrey, Frank Herbert, Issac Asimov and so forth. Other little girls dream about being princesses, fairy queens, and so forth. I dreamed from an early age of being a published fiction author – and I still do. I suppose you could say I have felt for a long time that writing is my calling – that is is the very reason for my existence

So in an effort to fulfill my dreams and get myself to stop procrastinating against that dream I will using some of my lenses to turn my readers into victims in my brain storming sessions as I piece together at least one story. So expect to see character profiles, plot sketches and so forth in my ‘fictional’ lenses.

Along those lines I think a few book reports might be in order too….

I’m considering fostering felines from the local shelters. If I do I might write up lenses on the cats i am put in care of in an effort to get them adopted into permanent homes.

I am also considering taking on the window farms project/challenge, and I might end up writing a lens or two about my attempt at that.

Finally I am also passionate about history and anthropology, I’m especially fascinated with mythology children’s toys and everyday household items. For now though I will be writing about places and buildings as those are mostly what I have the ability to visit and photograph for now. Like the nature lenses I intend to take an interpretive approach when writing these.

Wow! have I mentioned I’m obsessed with research and writing?

What can Squidoo do for you? Oh wow! Squidoo can help me to establish my online presence as a writer, amateur photographer and a blogger. It can help me to connect with others who share similar interests, It can help me gain exposure for my work, get me writing as much as I ought to be, help me earn earn a living doing what I love (seriously I’m currently in a dead end job where I am paid less than a third of what it is worth doing something I’m really not that good at and in which am constantly reprimanded because I haven’t given 220% to it) and probably much much more that I am not even remotely aware of yet.

And of course the lenses by other members are much appreciated too. I love how informative most of them are. You can be sure I will be searching on Squidoo to figure out why my smoothies keep separating, how to chose a DSLR when I can afford one, Mediterranean recipes, pictures to Oo! and Ah! over, plants that can be grown in a small apartment and all sorts of things. Of course I’ll look elsewhere too, that’s the beauty of the world wide web, but Squidoo will probably one of my favorites for a while to come.

Okay I’ve let my gift of gab get the best of me long enough now. I’ll let you have your ears back now – they must really be hurting after all of that.

And thanks for asking to interview me :)

IMMINENT! Oddites Highlight Reel

Posted: 22 Jul 2013 05:17 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 8.06.10 PMThis week our Giant Squids went on the search for “oddities”. There is beauty and fascination in the unusual and they’ve found some amazing topics.  We’ve got lenses about giant eyeballs, ice cream bread, basket fungus and more.

 also gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card for her lens A Giant Eyeball on the Side of the Road in Sparta, WI.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

Image Credit by 

Natural Oddities

1. Natural Oddities

Not only in nature, but even in my house I sometimes come across oddities of natural nature or behaviour. You know, the times that you say: ‘Hey, that’s an odd thing’. I come across it on a regular base, but don’t always have my camera at hand. Even dead f…

Flowering Teas - Fascinating and Full of Flavor

2. Flowering Teas – Fascinating and Full of Flavor

The simple pleasures are often the best things we experience in life. For me, that includes the aroma, the flavor, and the pleasure of a refreshing cup of tea. And, here’s a bonus, being rich in antioxidants, tea is also thought to bring health benefits. C…

Fairground Art

3. Fairground Art

I have always been fascinated by the stunning designs seen at the traditional fairground. In fact, you say that it’s in my blood. You see, before the First World War my granddad, George Jackson – still a teenager at the time, left his parents and brother b…

My Weird Glaucoma Diagnosis

4. My Weird Glaucoma Diagnosis

I have unusual eyes. I’d like to tell you it’s because they’re so beautiful, or because you can see my soul in my eyes, but I have special eyes because I have an unusual glaucoma diagnosis. I am losing my sight very slowly to something that looks, swims an…

Turkey Vultures and Buzzards, What Baby Buzzards Look Like

5. Turkey Vultures and Buzzards, What Baby Buzzards Look Like

They are Turkey Vultures, but many people call them Buzzards. I actually grew up calling them Buzzards, because that is what my family called them. I’ve always been fascinated by them. I guess one reason is that they are so secretive, and hard to approach….

Exchanging postcards - an unusual hobby?

6. Exchanging postcards – an unusual hobby?

A few weeks ago an email arrived for me, out of the blue, asking if I’d agree to be interviewed about my unusual hobby, Postcrossing. Although I don’t think there’s anything remotely unusual about exchanging postcards, which is what Postcrossing is all abo…

A Giant Eyeball on the Side of the Road in Sparta, WI

7. A Giant Eyeball on the Side of the Road in Sparta, WI

Driving along Wisconsin State Highway 21, in search of a grocery store for camping supplies, my husband and I came upon a giant eyeball on the side of the road, with a sign next to it that says, ‘Welcome to Sparta, Wisconsin. ‘ Of course, I HAD to pull ove…

Recipe For Quick Bread Using Ice Cream

8. Recipe For Quick Bread Using Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve seen the recipes for ice cream bread floating around social media circles. You know, the ones that claim you can make bread with only two ingredients. Have you tried it yet? Well, when it showed up in my newsfeed, I thought it was just odd eno…

Out of Your Comfort Zone:  The Odd Feeling of Cross Cultural Work

9. Out of Your Comfort Zone: The Odd Feeling of Cross Cultural Work

I spent 8 years between high school and college in the study of Spanish. It was my minor, but when I graduated from college, I was still timid about my skills. An early experience in my marriage involved trying to translate for my husband’s coworker when h…

Basket Fungus

10. Basket Fungus

What is it. an alien skull? Is it plastic netting? A ‘net’ ball. yes, pun intended! A few months ago I noticed a couple of these while walking the dog with my neighbor. At first we thought it was plastic and Mavis tried to pick it up. OOOH! Slimy! She coul…

The Bizarre Animated World of Gary Baseman

11. The Bizarre Animated World of Gary Baseman

I’m a creature of habit and so I don’t often endeavor to try new things. Luckily for me, my spouse is the total opposite and often convinces me to take chances. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ usually runs through my brain as I reluctantly agree to part…

KAKKOii WOW Bluetooth Speaker

12. KAKKOii WOW Bluetooth Speaker

I saw the commercial on t. v. for this odd little KAKKOii WOW Bluetooth Speaker. I was very intrigued by it. I love gadgets and new inventions – I immediately had to check it out. Of course I Googled it right away. Now, if you’ve read any of my other pages…

Odd, the Connections We Make With Things

13. Odd, the Connections We Make With Things

It’s odd that certain items should capture my interest, and this article discusses and illustrates some of those connections between me and several of my belongings. Many of them, like the lamp base pictured here in several photographs, have no obvious sen…

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  Oddities in Abundance

14. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Oddities in Abundance

Over the years I have played many video games on my various PCs. (I play on my computer. This game comes in every kind of format available, of course. ) Some of them were good with good graphics, good characters and a good story line. They all had one main…

Upcycle Old Shoes with Bandanas - Gothic Chic â€

15. Upcycle Old Shoes with Bandanas – Gothic Chic â€" Demo

This lens will walk you through how the scary boo skull shoes with chains you see here were just spawned this very night. What started out ultra geek just became Gothic chic. Give a gander to the picture galleries and follow along to see how these old, scu…

A Few Local Pages Out of Weird Arizona

16. A Few Local Pages Out of Weird Arizona

If we actually had a coffee table, Weird Arizona is a big, thick book that would be sitting on it. Instead, it’s tucked in a chairside rack for easy access here in our Flagstaff, Arizona, home. It’s a book we refer to often for interesting and somewhat ‘di…

A Belly Band To The Rescue

17. A Belly Band To The Rescue

TJ has a problem. It’s a not- so- nice problem, but it is a problem that will be with him for life. It occurs about once a month; sometimes more, but we deal with it as it comes. TJ is one of our three greyhounds. His problem is having difficulty urinating…

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