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Learn How To From the RocketSquids

Posted: 25 Jul 2013 06:08 AM PDT

Thousands of people hit the internet every day looking for information on how to do something. That’s why last week we asked our RocketSquid students to make “how to” lenses.

They took to this assignment like . . . well, like veteran lensmasters with a great project in mind. The result is a fabulous list of lenses that we want to share with you.

Check out the preview below, then visit all of the RocketSquid “Teach Someone How To” Challenge Lenses for more.

How to clean a plastic shower curtain

1. How to clean a plastic shower curtain

Ah, plastic shower curtains. When new, they are crystal clear, but after a while they get cloudy, covered with soap scum, water stains and if it gets really bad, mildew. So why bother cleaning it, why not just replace it, right? Well you can, I won’t jud…

How to Build a Backyard Vegetable Garden

2. How to Build a Backyard Vegetable Garden

When we moved into our house I decided that I wanted to have a real garden. Square foot and container gardening didn’t work where we were before. Building a garden from scratch takes a lot of hard work and hours. If it’s not something you’ll be committed t…

Homemade Flavored Water

3. Homemade Flavored Water

As many people are trying to improve their diets, flavored water is becoming a popular beverage of choice. Most grocery stores sell many varieties of fruit- flavored water, in 12oz. ‘soda’ cans as well as plastic bottles. While most of these waters are low…

How to make flubber (The living blob)

4. How to make flubber (The living blob)

Tired of children begging you to buy some play- doh(which dries within days of buying), or when they start to eat it. Well then try flubber. It is some kind of non- toxic gelatine you can make from products you can buy from stores like Walmart. All you nee…

How to Make Tasty S'mores in Less Than 1 Minute (and Without a Campfire)

5. How to Make Tasty S’mores in Less Than 1 Minute (and Without a Campfire)

Have you ever had a craving for something (like an ooey- gooey s’more) but just didn’t have the resources (a campfire) to make it? Well, I sure have! In this lens, I will show you how you can make a really yummy and decadent s’more in less than a minute us…

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg of how-to lenses. Click here to see the whole list.

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Lens of the Day: Managing Without a Meal Plan: Economical and Satisfying Food for College

Posted: 25 Jul 2013 05:42 AM PDT

What To Do If Your Lens Gets Warned Or Locked

Posted: 24 Jul 2013 01:26 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.25.07 PMThe goal of this lens is to help you get your warned lenses back in action. Sometimes just a few small tweaks is all it takes to improve the quality of a lens.

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