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Introducing dancingdiva02

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 06:52 AM PDT

Meet Brittany, dancingdiva02 on Squidoo. She’s a college student, new to Squidoo but making herself at home quickly, spreading her cheerful style around the community and on her lenses. Have fun getting to know her better!

How did you find Squidoo? My dad (jemacb) found Squidoo somehow and encouraged my brother (trinimatt) and I to join to make a little extra money. My mom said I can use the money to buy sushi, which I’m super addicted to and I have sushi about once or twice a week when I’m away at college. So I joined and now ‘m loving it!

You’re doing a great job with your lenses – love your cheerful writing style! Any special topics you’re planning to write about in the near future? I have a couple ideas for new lenses, obviously I’ll enter challenges so I’ll be writing on those topics, but I’m also thinking about doing something about golf, and another review about a week in Trinidad.

What can Squidoo do for you? For me, squidoo isn’t entirely about making money. I enjoy writing and now I have a reason to write, and by me writing I think it’ll actually help me with school as it’ll make writing papers easier.

Lens of the Day: My Tribute to Ray Bradbury

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 05:42 AM PDT

IMMINENT! Water Highlight Reel

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 05:35 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.31.04 PMThis week the Giant Squids wrote about something that we all need…water! We’re so impressed with these creative, thoughtful and informative lenses about H2O.

Not only did these lenses win a ticket in the IMMINENT! raffle but we also added a bunch to the Squidoo home page.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

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The Miracle of Water

1. The Miracle of Water

Water, the life giving necessity produced through a natural miracle, is not possible to humanly duplicate. Can you imagine getting through even one day without access to water? Are you prone to take its very existence for granted? Maybe we get into a rut a…

Behind the Dykes in Holland

2. Behind the Dykes in Holland

In my country, Holland or more officially The Netherlands, we have lived behind the dykes forever and ever. Half my country’s land is laying 1 – 7 meters below sea level and that’s a lot I can tell you. However the Dutch have become famous worldwide for bu…

Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge

3. Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge

Like most people, I enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful waterfall. There is something calming and relaxing about watching and listening to a cascade of water. With a vertical drop of about 270 feet, the power and beauty of Snoqualmie Falls makes it…

10 Wonderful Water Features Created by Nature

4. 10 Wonderful Water Features Created by Nature

When I spend time in the presence of natural landscapes I am always reminded that water features prominently as one of those essential, life- affirming tonics for body, mind and soul. Mother nature shows off her best at rugged coastlines, raging waterfalls…

How to brew a great cup of tea using a tea bag

5. How to brew a great cup of tea using a tea bag

If you are a confirmed tea drinker, you probably have your own favorite teas and your own way of making tea. In my kitchen, I have tins of loose leaf tea. I also have tins and packs of tea bags. I know that some purists prefer loose leaf teas. Other people…

Ogunquit Beach Maine

6. Ogunquit Beach Maine

Ogunquit is a town in York County Maine. It is mostly a summer resort whose nickname is ‘beautiful place by the sea. ‘ We have visited Ogunquit many times and really enjoyed the beautiful coastline and wonderful beach. One special attraction in Ogunquit is…

My Canoe Experience Is Not For Sale

7. My Canoe Experience Is Not For Sale

It is such fun to sit in a canoe for the first time and ‘sail out’ into the big waters. Everybody who is in love with canoing had that first experience. I’m going to tell you mine and hopefully you will enjoy it and learn something from it as well. If you…

How Safe is Your Drinking Water

8. How Safe is Your Drinking Water

Many of us assume that our drinking water is safe to drink. But how do you really know? Depending on where you live, you could be drinking city water or water that comes from a private well or a spring. There are obvious signs if your drinking water is con…

Denver Downtown Aquarium

9. Denver Downtown Aquarium

In landlocked Denver, Colorado we actually have a GREAT aquarium! Denver is my home, but yesterday was the first time I had visited it. My friend, Hally, was here from California and we decided to visit the Downtown Aquarium. This aquarium has a history of…

Good Bye, Swimming Pool!

10. Good Bye, Swimming Pool!

Our swimming pool was built in 1975 and over the years it has provided great entertainment for our daughter, our son, our grandson and all their friends. I have also thoroughly enjoyed it and taught many swimming lessons in it, held water aerobics classes,…

Maximize Your Swimming Pool Fun

11. Maximize Your Swimming Pool Fun

My family has owned a pool for 4 years and it is truly a blessing to be able to walk out the back door, cross the deck and enjoy swimming in the cool water on a hot summer day. However, as the season moves from June towards August, I find that each year, t…

Swimming with Wild Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii

12. Swimming with Wild Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii

Seeing wild spinner dolphins is an everyday occurence for those of us who work and play along the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Whether we’re swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking, they are out there in the warm Pacific with us, like friendly, inquis…

Adventures at the Vancouver Aquarium

13. Adventures at the Vancouver Aquarium

I had visited the Vancouver Aquarium as a child, but it was way more exciting to visit it in 2011 with my own children. We were on a six week visit with my parents in Canada and a trip to Vancouver was one of the highlights. My boys had never seen an aquar…

How to knock down wasp nests with water balloons

14. How to knock down wasp nests with water balloons

Where I live in Southern California, we have a species of paper wasp that makes these amazing nests with combs or chambers, somewhat like a honeycomb. The nests are made by them out of bits of wood or plant materials that they chew up and make into a type…

★ HOW TO Draw a Water Drop | Drawing Tutorial & Video Demos ★

15. ★ HOW TO Draw a Water Drop | Drawing Tutorial & Video Demos ★

Anyone who draws or paints will know that mastering the art of creating realistic water images is very difficult and requires different skills and techniques compared to drawing other objects and textures. Because water is transparent, it takes on whatever…

Flip Flop Cookies

16. Flip Flop Cookies

Summer fun is all about the beach for our family. Even when we’re not at the lake or seashore, we like to create treats inspired by our favorite times on and in the water. When we think good times, we think flip flops, sand, and surf. Making flip flop cook…

Bath Without Water

17. Bath Without Water

Well, would you? The fact of the matter is that some people are unable to bathe regularly. This is the story of a young entrepreneur who set out to find a solution. and it has the potential to save the health of millions of people! As a 17 year old student…

It's Raining Cats and Dogs - Or Is It

18. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs – Or Is It

Here’s a question to ponder; ‘What’s worse than raining cats and dogs? ‘ I’ll give you a moment to think about it . . . have you thought long enough? Here’s the answer; ‘Hailing taxicabs. ‘ Get it? Okay, right about now I’m imagining the sound of crickets….

Reflections of Venice: 48 Hours in the City of Water

19. Reflections of Venice: 48 Hours in the City of Water

That was the best advice we got before our visit to Venice. And now I’m passing that advice on to you, along with some other suggestions for making the most of your time in this fascinating city at the center of a lagoon. Our stay in Venice, though it was…

New York, City Made From Water

20. New York, City Made From Water

In history, New York was one of the first settled places in America and, according to the 1820 census, the first U. S. city to 100,000 population, a meager figure these days, now that the expanded city is home to 8,000,000, but important in the way it made…

Maui Beach Resort - A Marriott Vacation Club

21. Maui Beach Resort – A Marriott Vacation Club

Maui is a small island haven. You got to love the sun and water to get a full day of experience when on Maui. Another hint for your visit is: get in the car. We spent 5 days rolling on Hawaii highways and now we know what we would like to revisit, if we sh…

Rafting the South Fork of the American River

22. Rafting the South Fork of the American River

Whitewater rafting has long been on my bucket list, and this summer I finally got a chance to see what it was like when I won tickets for a trip down the South Fork of the American River near Sacramento. My son and I spent half a day running rapids with na…

The Fish Ladder is The Jewel of Seattle's Ballard Locks

23. The Fish Ladder is The Jewel of Seattle’s Ballard Locks

Meeting eye to eye with migrating fish at Seattle’s Ballard Locks (Hiram S. Chittenden Locks) Fish Ladder Viewing Windows is an occasion to treasure. And it happens all the time. We have visited the Locks Fish Ladder for as many years as I can remember. In…

Paddle Boats on the River

24. Paddle Boats on the River

In the middle of the river, you can get a different view of your favorite park. The ducks come up to your paddle boat looking for treats and dragonflies land on your head. At our park, you are limited to how far you can go in the paddle boats. You can’t ge…

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