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Lens of the Day: How To Freeze Rhubarb

Posted: 07 Jul 2013 04:36 AM PDT

Sneak Peek At Halloween…and a surprise!

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 03:46 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 6.39.55 PMHalloween is a mere 115 days away.

So to get you in the mood we’ve got a sneak peek at some new Halloween lenses. These lenses were create for the We’re Getting Ready for Halloween 2013… quest which you’re welcome to join in on. Starting on July 15th we’ll be sharing Halloween tips and lenses just like these.

We’ve also got a surprise…get in early on Halloween by joining the 2013 Halloween Club. Just fill out this form to get your trophy.

There will be plenty of opportunity between now and October to join in but the the early birds get the Halloween worms!

PS – The photo is of a Halloween moon but it looks rather July-ish to me : )

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How to Make a Girl's Zombie Costume Without Threading a Needle

1. How to Make a Girl’s Zombie Costume Without Threading a Needle

The other day we received and invitation for my daughter to attend a zombie party. Perhaps we’ve been living under a rock but we haven’t come across one of those before. What to wear to one of those events? That was my immediate thought. Then I searched on…

Kaylee Halloween Costume

2. Kaylee Halloween Costume

She is known for being bright, enthusiastic, kind, and bubbly while also being brilliant at mechanics. She keeps the spaceship Serenity flying and she does so with the brightest smile anyone’s ever seen. From the Pilot episode of Firefly: Jayne: Captain, c…

Make a Dandy Mad Hatter Costume

3. Make a Dandy Mad Hatter Costume

In 2008, I dressed up as the Mad Hatter for our elementary school’s October storybook costume parade. Child after child asked me who I was. The Librarian (dressed as Little Bo Peep) and I lamented over our students not knowing this standard literary classi…

Kids Halloween Party Fun

4. Kids Halloween Party Fun

Ove the years I have hosted a few Halloween parties for my kids. This page features many of our party ideas including actual photos from our party. Some of the decorating ideas you will find here include creepy bottle labels, candy filled skulls & spid…

Halloween walking tours: like trick-or-treating for adults

5. Halloween walking tours: like trick-or-treating for adults

From ghosts to gravestones to costumes, there is a walking tour where I live that will get you in the Halloween spirit. And when the tour is on Halloween itself, it feels like trick- or- treating with a group of curious- minded cohorts. I’m in Portland, Or…

You've Been BOOed â€

6. You’ve Been BOOed â€" The Neighborhood Halloween Game

An interesting phenomenon takes place every October, and I’m not talking about Halloween. No, the unusual and ‘ghostly’ activity I’m referring to begins much earlier. It’s like a ghoulishly sweet prelude to All Hollow’s Eve. This act reminds us it is bette…

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