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Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Lens of the Day: DIY Dragon Fruit Candles: A Green And Frugal Craft Idea

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 06:24 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 9.23.05 AMMake beautiful homemade dragon fruit candles from the bright pink outer shells of a fresh dragon fruit and a few old candles for a frugal and green decorating idea.

Getting Ready for Halloween with Lensmaster Angelatvs

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 01:43 PM PDT

angelaTo help everyone get into the Halloween spirit, we asked  lensmasters to share one of their newest Halloween lenses along with a lensmaking tip.


Today’s submission comes from lensmaster angelatvs.

I took something that was not traditionally a Halloween food and changed it by adding one more ingredient!

When making a lens on one recipe, I like to take lots of photos showing as many of the steps as possible.

I like to recap at the end with the recipe module, so that if readers want to print the recipe, it is easier for them to do so. ~ angelatvs

Here’s the lens:

Halloween Twist on Chex Mix

Halloween Twist on Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a delicious treat that with a small modification can be made into the perfect Halloween party snack. Traditionally, I tend to only make Chex Mix in the winter months – don’t ask, I’m not sure why. However, last year when I was planning our annu…

New Giant Squid Lenses Week of Aug 26-30

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 12:58 PM PDT

Ursula's Dream

1. Ursula’s Dream

I don’t know the first thing about roses. I never imagined having one in my garden. So what am I doing taking up rose- growing at this stage of my life? That’s easy to answer, I had a special get- acquainted chance to find out about this lovely bloom, a ch…

25 Ways to Make Life Sparkle

2. 25 Ways to Make Life Sparkle

We all have rough days ~ days when darkness creeps in and we don’t know why. It doesn’t need to be cloudy or dark or gloomy; nothing horrible needs to happen; no tragedy is required to sneak upon you. sometimes it just happens. You get up and nothing goes…

5 Ways To Make Your Home Warm For The Winter!

3. 5 Ways To Make Your Home Warm For The Winter!

When you have a home, perhaps the best thing is what’s inside. You see, love is always the number one thing for making a home warm. Yes there are many things, but love is the number one thing. When you were a child, and scrapped your knee. It was the love…

Around the World in Forty Three Days

4. Around the World in Forty Three Days

September 2nd. , 1963. It was Labor Day in the United States when two Englishmen – and their car – arrived by air to New York. They were about test- drive a new car that hadn’t yet been released to the public. But this was no ordinary test- drive; they wer…

Make your own delicious Chai Tea

5. Make your own delicious Chai Tea

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could take only one beverage with you, what would it be? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate? Perhaps you should consider chai, with its tasty blend of black tea, milk, spices and herbs. Chai is a beverage with a long hi…

What In The World Is A Presa Canario

6. What In The World Is A Presa Canario

Bet your wondering what the heck is a Presa Canario, I’ll tell you a little about this amazing dog breed. They are stated to be from the Canary Islands, history tells us that they might of been trained for hunting or war. The Presa Canario is also known as…

The Stained Glass Guy

7. The Stained Glass Guy

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany? In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, think about Tiffany Lamps. Now he was probably one of the first to start making stained glass for use in the home, while traditionally stained glass has been used i…

Classic Car Values

8. Classic Car Values

You know the feeling. Today’s cars just don’t measure up. Nothing can ever compare to your very first car. As soon as you find one of those classic cars for sale, you’re going to buy it and restore it to look just like yours. Maybe you just love all the ol…

"I Moustache You About Moustache Crafts" - Fun DIY Moustache Gifts to Make for Him

9. “I Moustache You About Moustache Crafts” – Fun DIY Moustache Gifts to Make for Him

Moustaches are ‘in’, right? So when you want to make him a give, you moust make him some mou- stache! The classic moustache is iconic – and it goes on (just about) everything and anything. Start with this great moustache greeting card. It’s for that time y…

How to make heart shaped birch wreath

10. How to make heart shaped birch wreath

I love using twigs in crafting, like this curly willow bouquet. Using birch is as easy as using willow, with birch one can create different types of decorations and wreaths. This heart shaped birch wreath in a pot is one of my favorites. It is really easy…

Refreshing for Relevance: 3 Easy Ways to Renew Your Content

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 09:42 AM PDT


For content creators, relevance has always been important – there’s no doubt about that.

However, the past few years have seen big changes in the way search engines choose and order search results. One of the biggest indicators of top quality content is fresh, relevant and comprehensive information.

With that in mind, here are 3 easy ways you can improve your existing content and make it more relevant to your readers. These tips work for new lens building too, so don’t feel left out if you’re still working on your first lens.

1. Create multi-faceted content

The greater the depth and breadth of your content, the more relevant your page becomes.

Here’s an example: Let’s imagine we have two identical lenses that teach readers how to build a birdhouse. We’ll call them Lens A and Lens B.

They’re both identical, except that Lens B has a section on how to build the same birdhouse but without using power tools. By expanding the content without changing the subject (How to build a birdhouse), the lens can become relevant to those with power tools and those without, while Lens A is relevant only to readers with power tools.

Adding related information, ideas or suggestions is an excellent way to refresh your content and improve your relevance. Stay on topic, but don’t be afraid to branch out and be creative with what you include in your lens.

2. Replace what’s out of date

With so many content choices out there readers are looking for the page that offers the most current information. After all, who would willingly choose to be misinformed? As the world changes, products are changed, new voices are heard and people fade into obscurity, so too can content become irrelevant. It’s a good idea to periodically read through your lenses and replace any information that’s inaccurate, dated or awkwardly written. For the best relevance, your lens should reflect the current state of affairs of your topic.

3. Respond to your readers

If you have interactive modules on your lenses, remember that they’re not just for your readers to use. It’s a good idea to respond to your guestbook comments, answer reader questions, participate in debates and be sure to delete any spam comments right away. Active discussions represent some of the most relevant content there is, but only as long as someone is still participating. When new ideas, information or questions come up, use them as prompts to help you expand and improve your lens. Relevant content is responsive content and your readers are your greatest asset to learning when and how to respond, react and renew.

I hope these ideas have helped get you on the path to more interesting, relevant and shareable content creation. Often, revisiting earlier work can energize and excite you to try new things and have more fun. Try my suggestions and share your own in the comments below – How do you keep your lenses relevant and interesting?


Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc

Friday, August 30, 2013

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Introducing Samantha Haupt

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 06:03 AM PDT

Meet new lensmaster Samantha Haupt, who says she loves going on adventures and trying new things. We’re really glad she decided to try Squidoo! Enjoy getting to know her better:

What brought you to Squidoo? I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself, while also sharing my writing. My boyfriend is actually the one who came across Squidoo one day and he introduced me to it. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to challenge myself to write about topics that I otherwise wouldn't, so I joined, and I'm glad I did!

You say in your bio that you love going on adventures and trying new things. Any new interesting things on your lensmaking list that we can look forward to reading? More lens topics in the plan? I have a long list of lensmaking ideas on all sorts of topics – sometimes I don't even know which one to work on first. I'm particularly excited to write about the Rolling Stones concert I attended this year, fun things to do in Toronto, and annual boat races that take place near my house. I'm also planning to publish more gluten and lactose free recipes for those avid bakers! At the moment, I'm actually working on a lens about my recent camping trip to Algonquin Park.

What can Squidoo do for you? When I first found Squidoo, I thought it would be a good place to expand and improve my writing, but it's already done so much more for me. I'm grateful that there's such a supportive environment, which is great for receiving feedback. Sharing my stories and tips while earning some extra money is always nice, too! I want to thank Squidoo for the wonderful platform it provides for each and every Squid!

Lens of the Day: Prioritize – Create An Energy Budget

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 05:46 AM PDT

Introducing Lens Formats

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 01:18 PM PDT

Lens Format PreviewFollowing the release of the new workshop, we're getting ready to release a new experiment we're calling "Lens Formats".

Squidoo has always been a flexible platform, allowing you to mix and match your desired content in any way you see fit. But what if you just want to review a single product? Write a specific How-To? Share your photos or art in a gallery?

Having the ability to choose a focused format – beautifully designed with intent for that sort of content – will help guide you to making the best page you can for that goal.

The first Lens Format release is Product Review.

Product Review lenses will feature two to five modules max, with at least 250 words of unique commentary about your favorite things… books, music, movies, kitchen gadgets… and the rest.

The lens starts with a new special introduction. Lensmasters will recognize this as an Amazon-style module, but with a twist. The first twist is in the editor. We'll help you find the things you've shared and loved already, plus items that we think you might already own and love too. You pick a single product and write your unique take on it (again, in 250 words or more). It ends with a guestbook, so people can comment with their opinions, ask questions and more.

Those two modules are all that'll be required to publish, but if you want to supplement your review with some useful additional content, you can do that too.

You can add videos which show the product in action, the band performing a song from the CD you’re promoting, the author discussing the book, or anything else that adds value to the reader.

You can add three more secondary Amazon products. These can be add-ons for the product in focus, or alternatives.

Or, you can decide to add a Poll, more text, a recipe (if you're sharing a kitchen product and have the perfect one to match), or a call out.

This new format will also allow you to set a background image behind your lens.

This is completely optional, but we're sure lensmasters will find great and unique ways to dress up their lenses with imagery that helps tell the story – beautifully.

Of course, you’ll be able to continue to make lenses the same way you do today.

We're rolling this out to a small group of beta testers soon, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek before then. Seth wrote a review on Malcolm Gladwell's upcoming book, David and Goliath using this new format. Check it out.

And be on the lookout for this new experiment soon!

UPDATE: We’ve decided not to run ads on Product Reviews at launch. That may change over time, but as with any lenses now or in the future – if they don’t have ads, they aren’t part of the ad pool or payout tiers. Product Review lenses are lenses though. They get lensrank, they earn revenue through affiliate sales, they go through quality scans and TOS applies. So attributable revenue will be paid just like they do on the lenses in place today, including Amazon. The focus on these particular lenses is sharing a product you love, so we want that to be the primary focus on the page.

A GoodVeg Giveaway!

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:54 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 12.53.32 PMIt’s giveaway time!

Follow the link to Kathy Hester’s recipe for an AWESOME Almond and Great Northern Bean Fondue —  dishes you love to make (or WOULD love to make in the slow cooker) and you’ll be eligible to win one of TWO copies of her latest cookbook, “Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You”!

Two winners will be chosen at random at 5 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, Sept. 6.

You can also see this giveaway on the GoodVeg Magazine Facebook Page.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

RocketSquids: Exposed!

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 09:14 AM PDT

Last week’s RocketSquid assignment was to make a Squidoo magazine lens. The advantage of that? More exposure!

Not only does a magazine topic lens get cataloged along with every other lens on Squidoo, it’s also included on one of Squidoo’s five fabulous magazine sites, offering more exposure for the lens and the lensmaster as well.

Here’s a short list, one RocketSquid lens per magazine. You’ll find the long list of their challenge lenses right here

Vegan Roots Medley with Polenta

1. Vegan Roots Medley with Polenta

If you looked at some of my other recipes, you can easily see that I like cooking with veggies in general and roots in particular. Beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, onions, garlic are wonderful ingredients full of flavors, vitamins and nutrients. The…

Pandemic Board Game Review - Can You Save The World?

2. Pandemic Board Game Review – Can You Save The World?

Pandemic is a cooperative board game for 2- 4 players, made by Z- Man games. In this unusual game, players work together to try to save the world from 4 virulent diseases. Each player takes on the role of a Specialist with different abilities that can help…

My Cheap Standing Desk Solution for Work at Home

3. My Cheap Standing Desk Solution for Work at Home

For the past five years, I have been working 100 percent from home. While I love the freedom that comes with working from home, I am not a fan of the changes that I have noticed in my body. You see, I seem to spend more time sitting in front of a computer…

Halloween Party Ideas: Games, Snacks, Movies and More

4. Halloween Party Ideas: Games, Snacks, Movies and More

Don’t know what to do on Halloween? Try hosting your very own Halloween party! All you need is a wicked theme, spooky games, other- worldly snacks, and movies that will scare your pants off. Transform your place into a Halloween house and your guests wil…

Crochet a Granny Square

5. Crochet a Granny Square

Granny Squares are one of the first things I learned to crochet after the chain stitch. They will always be near and dear to my heart. Here I will be passing on the tradition of the granny square in a step by step tutorial. I also have videos on my favorit…

Want to learn more about Squidoo magazines? Want to join RocketSquids? Click the links for details.

Intro Photo Source

Imagine That! A Community Lensmaking Quest – Ends September 10th

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:31 AM PDT

imaginationThis quest is open to all Squidoo lensmasters.

We aren't offering squidpoints for this but we will be looking at all of the lenses we receive and any and all that are worthy will get a Purple Star.

At the end of the quest we'll also take the very best and show them off in a list post right here at Squidoo HQ.

Here’s the Quest:

Create a NEW lens that answers this:

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like…

Lens Ideas we'd love to see include but are not limited to:

  • A Topical Current Event
  • A Historical Event
  • A Debate lens (use the duel/debate module to get folks talking)
  • A Personal Account of something

Use your imagination  to create a lens that shares an alternate universe type solution (or idea) to an interesting event or problem such as “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if John Lennon were still alive? or “What would it be like (good or bad) if there really were world peace, even for just one day?

Get creative and have fun with this one!

Here’s the Guidelines:

To enter this quest simply share the link to your new lens right here in the comments section of this post before the end of the day on Tuesday September 10th 2013.

We'll review the lenses as they come in and create a list post to show them off at the end of the quest.

And yes, you can post as many NEW lenses here as you like.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Image Source (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Introducing Ciderman

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 07:02 AM PDT

Meet Piotr, known on Squidoo as Ciderman. He loves cooking, travel, and more and we’re thrilled that he decided to sign up on Squidoo to share those interests with us. Please make him feel welcome!

How did you find Squidoo? My fiancee (Cataire) found Squidoo when looking for interesting ideas on the web, enabling to share some views, earn a few bucks if possible and have fun doing it… Having found Squidoo she gave me a hint that it could be interesting… and that’s how it started.  Now that I also thought of a place where I could write about this and that, mainly cooking and travel but not limited to the above and not being really convinced to starting a blog of my own, I gave Squidoo a try – and got hooked :)

Most of your lenses are from the food and cooking category, including some delicious recipe lenses. You mention travel and cultures as other interests. Are there any surprises on your lensmaking list that we should look forward to? What’s coming up next? Definitely, there is going to be more. I’m thinking about my Japan trip memories to make into a story or a few soon… Actually I already started writing it so the first lens or two in the series should appear later this week. Then there’s more travel, gardening, social observations coming up… and an insider’s guide to Poland, perhaps… :)

What can Squidoo do for you? Just be there :) It gives us a lot of fun and feels like a role-playing game in a way while at the same time providing space (and readers) for pretty much everything I can think of writing about. From technical point of view, I think I’m only missing an advanced search tool for browsing lenses by category, topic, etc etc..

The Interesting Things Some Squids Did On Their Summer Vacations

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 06:43 AM PDT

A recent Community Lens Quest asked our lensmasters to share a new lens about something they did during the summer of 2013.  As it turns out, some of our lensmasters did some pretty interesting things.

In case you weren’t aware, community lens quests are quests that every lensmaster can do. You won’t find them at your “Quests” tab. We post them right here at SquidooHQ.

Visit Lens Quests often to see our latest community quests.

Here are the results from our What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation? community wide quest:

A Camping Trip to Algonquin Park

1. A Camping Trip to Algonquin Park

I love anything to do with the outdoors, especially camping. Looking at stars in the enormous open sky, roasting marshmallows on a mesmerizing campfire, and curling up in my sleeping bag at night are all my favorite parts of the experience. It’s kind of…

Go Rock Climbing with a Radio Controlled Rock Crawler

2. Go Rock Climbing with a Radio Controlled Rock Crawler

Radio- controlled rock crawlers are gaining popularity with kids of all ages. This combination hobby and sport mixes entertainment with exercise to create a four- wheeling experience without the risk of breaking an expensive pickup truck or causing whip la…

Crafting for a Wedding

3. Crafting for a Wedding

A wedding is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, and a wedding may be the only big party a person ever throws. Everyone knows weddings include endless planning. In today’s pinterest/etsy world, many brides (and grooms! ) are choosing to desi…

Ome - The perfect side trip from Tokyo

4. Ome – The perfect side trip from Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge city with a limitless amount of things to see and do. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and I still haven’t really done everything the city has to offer. However because of it’s huge size, it’s hard to truly relax and unwind. In fact I find…

Summer YA Reading Must

5. Summer YA Reading Must

I love reading books. My all- time favorite books are… wait for it…. young adult novels. Sure, they are written for teenagers, but I find them to be perfect. They aren’t dumbed down in the least. They usually have lots of action, adventure, and even…

Top Five Things To Do In Anchorage Alaska

6. Top Five Things To Do In Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage is an amazing city, I am delighted to share its highlights. We have been traveling as a family for a long time now and people often ask me, ‘What are the highlights? ‘ For those who are trying to see Anchorage in a day, I have presented what I be…

What are some Good Trails and Waterfalls near The Great Smoky Mountains?

7. What are some Good Trails and Waterfalls near The Great Smoky Mountains?

My husband and I enjoy visiting the mountains. We try to head up to ‘The Great Smoky Mountains’ a couple of times a year. We enjoy stopping in Cherokee and trying our hand at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. We usually will head on up into the mountains the next…

On the trail of James Bond - hot summer impressions from Lake Garda (Italy)

8. On the trail of James Bond – hot summer impressions from Lake Garda (Italy)

In a hot red speedboat I let my ears be blown by the airstream. Behind me you have a view to a lot of small windows in the rocks. There leads a street, hidden by the stone wall, from Limone to Tremosine and further to the South along the shore of Lake Gard…

Summer in the Philippines

9. Summer in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country and consist of more than 7,000 islands, and for me each island is unique and a paradise in every way. We only have two kinds of weather, rainy season and summer, Philippine summer starts from the last week of March unt…

Visit these lenses today to thank all who participated for sharing their summer fun!

Lens of the Day: Organic Red Fife Sourdough

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 05:49 AM PDT

Getting Noticed On Squidoo

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 12:14 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 2.17.16 PMI’ve had a bunch of people asking me a very good question…How do I get noticed on Squidoo?

It’s easy! Here are some tips…

Getting a nod from SquidooHQ – We’ve got a team of 6 dedicated people scanning the site for good content. We look for lenses that are unique or fun or useful or topical or just appeal to our editorial sense. We’re out there everyday awarding Purple Stars, finding Lens of the Day, creating spotlight showcases and adding lenses to the Squidoo home page rotation.

But…in order to celebrate lenses we need to see them. Squidoo is a pretty big place and we’ve got good methods in place to find lenses but we need your help.

Get on our radar by creating a new lens, joining a Squidoo Club, trying a quest or adding a lens to one of our Squidoo Magazines. Stephanie is the editor of the magazines and she is always on the look out for new quality magazine lenses.

You can also nominate a lens for a Purple Star if you get one or join RocketSquids.

Getting noticed outside of Squidoo - SHARE! The best advice I can give you is to share your lenses with people who YOU think will care about the content. Did you just create a lens about traveling to NY? Share it with your friends who love to hit the road. Share your recipe lenses on Facebook, you’d be surprised how many people are looking for a new dish. Got a cool new “How to” lens? Share it on Pinterest.

The possibilites for getting noticed are endless!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Announcing the Squidoo Book Club Quest Winner and Runners Up

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 05:54 AM PDT

book club logoThe Squidoo Book Club members have really outdone themselves this month. There were so many really great entries; it was hard to vote for just one winner but vote they did and the results have been tabulated.

We’re pleased to announce The Curse of the Ghost Ship created by lensmaster sierradawn has been selected as the winning lens. For her hard work, she’ll receive a $25.00 gift card and her lens has been featured as today’s Lens of the Day.

You can see all of the entries and find some terrific reading material by visiting Squidoo Book Club Quest: Happier Holidays through Reading

Thank you to all who participated either by submitting a lens…  or voting…  or both!

Here’s 3 of the runners-up lenses:

Murder For Christmas - Holiday Mysteries

1. Murder For Christmas – Holiday Mysteries

Do you love to read Christmas mysteries as much as I do? Each year I buy at least one new mystery and re- read the ones I already have. The holidays can be so hectic, it’s nice to sit down and read a cozy Christmas murder mystery. Mystery books make such n…

Petrol in my Blood - book review of a true story

2. Petrol in my Blood – book review of a true story

Have you ever read an autobiography and thought ‘yeah, right. I bet that tale has been embellished – that could never happen’? Well, here’s one which is full of adventure that I can really vouch for. Why? Because this book was written by Eric Jackson who,…

Last Chance to See: Travels Inside a Book

3. Last Chance to See: Travels Inside a Book

Some holidays aren’t about travelling to exotic locations or stacking up on expensive presents. Some are just about having a bit of time off work, time to relax, time to loll about in a comfy chair and just chill with one single present to yourself – a goo…

There’s still time to join the Book Club before the next quest goes out.  Learn how HERE.

Lens of the Day: The Curse of the Ghost Ship

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 05:26 AM PDT

Who got a Purple Star from Guest Questmaster Poetvix? Take a Look!

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 05:17 AM PDT

poetvixThe results are in from our very first Guest QuestMaster Quest created by lensmaster poetvix.  Here’s what she had to say followed by her 10 Purple Star lens choices.

Wow! There were so many awesome lenses sent in for this quest. I knew no one could stretch a dollar like a squid but I had no idea how right I was.

From DIY candles to book binding, jewelry to rockets, there's something for every interest and skill level.

Check out these awesome tutorials to make things for the home, the business and tons of fun for the kids.


Less than five dollars crafting quest highlight reel selections:

DIY Dragon Fruit Candles: A Green And Frugal Craft Idea

1. DIY Dragon Fruit Candles: A Green And Frugal Craft Idea

Make beautiful homemade dragon fruit candles from the bright pink outer shells of a fresh dragon fruit and a few old candles for a frugal and green decorating idea. I love buying exotic fruits when they become available in our grocery stores, and I was sup…

How To Make Jump Rings

2. How To Make Jump Rings

Jump rings play an important part when it comes to making your own jewelry. They are the glue that holds the project together; literally. These simple metal rings are what we use to add a clasp or pendant to a necklace or bracelet. And while they are very…

Glue Gun Earrings - Fun craft under $5!

3. Glue Gun Earrings – Fun craft under $5!

This is a very inexpensive project (with assumption you already have a glue gun – which also isn’t all that expensive) and a fun one as you can make many shapes and designs. I saw a beautiful pair of glue gun earrings on Pinterest and the idea was so brill…


4. DIY Boo boo bags for under five bucks!

I was going to begin this by saying, ‘If you have kids and/or pets, you need to know how to make boo boo bags! ‘, but in all honesty, even if you are a single college student, gramma, grandpa, newlywed – everybody should at least have two of these handy -…

Promote your art, design or photography effectively and inexpensively

5. Promote your art, design or photography effectively and inexpensively

My other half, as many of you know, is a photographer as well as a designer. We don’t have a great deal of money to promote his work so we were delighted when we discovered this system. It would have been wonderful to have full color brochures of his work…

How to Make Really Cool Art For Nothing

6. How to Make Really Cool Art For Nothing

Chances are that if you minimized your Internet browser right now you’d likely see one of three things. A classic desktop in a solid color, a picture of your kid (which is awesome) or art you got from the ‘Net. While this is great, how about your own art t…

How To Make A Wood Cutting Board

7. How To Make A Wood Cutting Board

Whale Cutting Board Plans: Making an unique cutting board from leftover bits of wood. The scrap bin in my shop is usually filled with a variety of types and sizes of wood, and I also salvage lumber from old furniture, remodeling jobs and renovations. Savin…

Playing with Fire: Making Match Rockets

8. Playing with Fire: Making Match Rockets

So, the Fourth of July is over. All the fireworks are have gone off in a blaze of glory. But you still have a bunch of match books lying about with nothing flammable to burn/fire off/explode. Are your fingers still intact? Time to chance fate once again. I…

Frugal Gift Ideas

9. Frugal Gift Ideas

I am always looking for a way to make something very unique and useful for a gift or just something for my own home. This gift also has to be very economical. I also do not want to take a lot of time to make it. I came up with the idea of candle holders, b…

Make Your Own Bulletin Board

10. Make Your Own Bulletin Board

When you think of a bulletin board, what comes to mind? Do you see elementary school classrooms with seasonal bulletin boards up? Educational boarders, and last years laminated letters as decoration? What if I used the term Memory Board instead? Or Inspira…

Announcing the So Crafty Club Quest Winner (and runners up)

Posted: 27 Aug 2013 01:08 PM PDT

We’re pleased to announce that the winning lens for this month’s So Crafty Club quest is How to Sew a Crayon Roll ~ The Perfect Back to School Gift for Children by lensmaster KyraB. Stop by the lens to congratulate her for a job well done and for taking home the $25.00 gift card prize.

And don’t miss all of the other terrific, fun and crafty project ideas that were submitted to us for this quest.

Visit the Squidoo Craft Club Quest: Back to School – Early Fall lens to see them all today.

Here’s the winning lens:

How to Sew a Crayon Roll ~ The Perfect Back to School Gift for Children

 How to Sew a Crayon Roll ~ The Perfect Back to School Gift for Children

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you are a child is to have just finished using your brand new crayons and having put them carefully away in their box you then pick the box up. and the bottom falls open and all those crayons tumble out a…

And here’s three of the runners-up lenses.

DIY Lemon & Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

1. DIY Lemon & Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

Summer’s slowly coming to an end and I am sure your lips enjoyed it much! But as fall and winter is drawing near your lips will be needing more attention and care than before and it’s better to start early than late. Sugar lip scrubs have become really pop…

How to Make and Wear a Knotted Scarf for Fall

2. How to Make and Wear a Knotted Scarf for Fall

One day, in a gift shop, I noticed a display of scarves that were made of strands and strands of different yarns that were knotted together. Interesting, I thought. Then, a friend on vacation sent me a picture of a display of scarves that were created with…

Make a Charging Station Drop Box - An Upcycling Bandana Box Project Demo

3. Make a Charging Station Drop Box – An Upcycling Bandana Box Project Demo

Here’s a simple idea for DIY organizational storage. The materials needed are common and most likely already laying around the house. I was scoping out charging stations at the mall recently. I like the charging mats, but I also like the idea of having all…

Big, BIG thanks to all who participated!

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Check Out the GoodVeg Winner and Runners Up

Posted: 27 Aug 2013 09:40 AM PDT

It’s hard to believe that another one of our GoodVeg quests has come to a close. Where did the summer go?

We’d like to say congratulations to lensmaster tok2gman, who’s  Vegan Chickpea Ragout Recipe lens was chosen as this month’s winner.  For creating such an awesome-tastic lens tok2gman will receive a $25.00 gift card.

Here’s the winning lens followed by three honorable mentions.

Vegan Chickpea Ragout Recipe

 Vegan Chickpea Ragout Recipe

Once in a while, for various reasons, I have to amend my recipes. Someone has allergies, someone is a vegetarian or vegan, someone simply does not like one or another ingredient. Sometimes, I do the changes, just to test the results and, hopefully to add s…

Holy Parsnip Soup Batman!

1. Holy Parsnip Soup Batman!

Batman may know how to fight crime in Gotham City, but the parsnip helps you prevent many diseases that can invade your body. Late Summer brings about thoughts of the upcoming Fall Harvest season. Amongst the pumpkins, gourds, dry seed corn and other Autum…

Fig Jam Recipe - Beyond Delicious Marmelade

2. Fig Jam Recipe – Beyond Delicious Marmelade

We have just planted our fig tree a year ago so it’s still to small to bear enough figs to make anything! They are so delicious you just can’t help yourself not to eat them all! But that’s where good neighbours step in (with their super large fig tree) and…

Rachel's Absurdly Good Mexican Salad

3. Rachel’s Absurdly Good Mexican Salad

I can’t really pinpoint what makes my daughter’s version of Mexican salad so good. The ingredients are simple. Preparation is also simple (or you definitely wouldn’t catch me making it). Perhaps it’s that the textures play against each other so well – crun…

We’d also like to thank everyone who entered because all of the lenses were really great.  You’ll find all of the other delicious vegetarian recipe lenses that were sent in to us HERE.

With summer just about gone now, and everyone a little less busy, we’re hoping for a landslide of GoodVeg lenses next month.

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