Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Introducing GlitterNMe

Posted: 13 Aug 2013 06:16 AM PDT

Meet GlitterNMe, aka Melanie. She’s been very busy in the couple of weeks she’s been on Squidoo, making several lenses and visiting lots more. In case you haven’t met her yet, today would be a great day to say hello!

How did you find Squidoo? It was a long night of searching for knowledge but also money making ideas somewhere between blogs and crappy do it at home sales pitches. I admit beers were involved (Summer Shandy is my Fav…maybe a lens)… I always do these crazy Google searches and the things one can run into sometimes well hits you like a brick. ;) You have to wipe your eyes back n forth a few times to believe it’s real. You know how they say the things you need come to you, just take a chance and turn the knob, Squidoo is that to me, I turned the knob and bam Squidified. Thank you Squidoo and team for all the hard work you do! I feel like I have found my writing home. I ‘m only sorry it took so long to find you.

We know you love your Yorkies (and who can blame you – they’re adorable). Any other “passion” topics you’re planning to write about? Well I love to laugh. It is a very important must have in my book. I do not want frown wrinkles in my olden years…..and yes I do adore my Yorkies and thank you Susan for agreeing. If you ask my daughter she will give you this story, while rolling her blue eyes on how I’m obsessed, which I cannot understand at all. There is no truth to her story. I guess you may see a lens here or there about dogs and such…maybe the human child’s update once in a blue moon!

On a serious note..I make custom doggie fashions by night. So Cedric N Lola keeps me very busy sewing and creating. I swear some days it is my sanity. It is also important to me that I learn with all the DYI Mom’s out there and keep up with the latest what is what, and enjoy time with those who love sewing , crafting n dyi’n just as much as I do. That’s where my Tails N Fashions blog comes in. I have many more things to share there and I want to inspire to meet enthusiastic sewers, crafters n dyi’er’s along the way. And if you always wanted to but never have I hope to inspire you to take that leap.

Really though I’m not limited. I love everyone and all that you have to share. I have visited for 11 days, become Squidicted and read wonderful, inspiring, tear producing lenses all by you. There is no limit to the imagination or what I may share but I have a major passion for learning and wanting to tell you about it….some of my serious passions: Boston Bruins…BIG time, glitter, animals, Wicca, science, nature, up-cycling, saving trees, and so many more things I will think of later when I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ll lay there and say crap I should’ve said this or flip should’ve added that. Thankfully we can go back after a night mare and update the lens!! phew!

Another serious passion is animal cruelty, puppy/cat/any animal really mills, back yard breeders and breeding hoarders. I hope to find a way to spread awareness in the brightest way possible. This is an ugly issue and unless we all open our arms and shout out loudly no one will hear the cries for those who are living the everyday reality of what is really happening.

Not to mention our troops…..and their families. I cannot even thank them enough for all they sacrifice. Maybe that is my next lens with a focus on the charities we can donate to support our troops. The legit that goes to a military family in need of help. Thank you for all you do and sacrifice on a daily basis for our freedom.

What can Squidoo do for you? It’s many things I suspect…great friendships, learning, observing, becoming a better me. If sales happen they do, I consider that a bonus. I have a day and night job. I prefer dreaming of it as building a castle of lenses n trophies that seriously reflect sharing n knowledge in a fun way. Things you want to read and engage in. I feel very welcome here being who I really am. It’s like a Squidkindle reading of gain and gold. I mean really how else could you gather so many under one nation to discuss, debate and command attention to what they feel is important. A Squidwealth of knowledge and fun along the way, win win, don’t you agree?

I desire a place to write about all the things I love with no reservations, just like Anthony Bourdain. Roll in some glitter and have some fun! Cheers.

Lens of the Day: Diabetics and Juicing – A Personal Adventure

Posted: 13 Aug 2013 05:43 AM PDT

We’re Retiring the “Min” Feature

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 11:21 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.09.06 PMCurrently a lensmaster can choose between a “Max” and “Min” lens setting.

When you select “Maxed!” (which is the default), this “maxes” your lens. That means you lens is opted-in to participate in new features and experiments we release to try to make lenses ever better. It also means you are allowed to use our colorful lens themes to personalize the look and feel of your lens.

When unchecked, your lens displayed in “minimized” version. We call this ‘Min.’ Min lenses don’t get to use lens themes, and are considered opted-out of most new things we try out on our body of lenses.

As of today we are retiring the ability  to “Min” a lens. Most lensmaster won’t even notice a change. This feature was more significant a couple of years ago when we changed the lens layout more frequently.

So for those of you who remember or used “Min” we wanted to get the word out that’s it’s now retired.

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