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Who won the “My Generation” Pop Culture Club Quest?

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 08:53 AM PDT

popcultureclubCongratulations to kschimmel whose Remembering Challenger garnered a huge chuck of the vote to win our most recent Squidoo Pop Culture Club Quest. Her lens is being featured as today’s Lens of the Day and she will receive a $25.00 gift card for all of her hard work and effort.

We’d like to thank all who entered and participated by way of voting. The Pop Culture Club consistently produces some of the coolest and most fun new lenses to read on Squidoo.

We’ve featured a few of the runners up here today but please do visit Squidoo Pop Culture Club Quest: My Generation to see them all.


Talking About My Generation - The Baby Boomers

1. Talking About My Generation – The Baby Boomers

The generation I was born into was referred to as the Baby Boomers. We were so named because of the increase in the birth rate following World War II. As the soldiers came home and married, bought houses and settled in the suburbs to raise families the bir…

The Baby Boomers of the 1950's

2. The Baby Boomers of the 1950′s

I was born in 1953 part of the baby boomers generation. Those were the times when the paint on my crib was made of lead, car seats hadn’t been invented, and pregnant mother ate what they wanted, smoked cigarettes, drank and used over- the- counter drugs wi…

Classic Movies From My Childhood (80s)

3. Classic Movies From My Childhood (80s)

Everybody watches movies and while some are forgotten easily once you finish watching them there are others which stay with you for a long time. For me this would mean many of the movies I watched when I was young during the eighties. When you are around t…

Being a Backseat Driver in the 1960's.

4. Being a Backseat Driver in the 1960′s.

Oh, the back seat! I remember many road trips where I was in the back seat. My Sister was there with me and we did enjoy the scenery. From an early age, I learned about not only what I saw on my own, but what my parents pointed out to me. While we still se…

How a Purple Star Became Three by Lensmaster Savateuse

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 06:26 AM PDT

teasavaA few months back, I had to go on a business trip to China. While there I watched a traditional tea ceremony. My friends who demonstrated the tea ceremony gave me a beautiful Chinese tea set, some tasty Chinese tea and a gift box of flowering tea balls.

Back home, I was inspired to make a lens about the amazing varieties of tea that are available around the world – china, Indian, black, green, white…

I researched for a few days, checking my understanding, and found some excellent products on Amazon. It took two more days, but eventually I pieced together a lens I was really proud of : "Discover The Pleasures Of Tea And Tea Time"

After I published, my epic tea lens, it quickly gained a few likes and a purple star.

You can imagine that the new limit of 20 Amazon links came as a blow – there must have been 50 Amazon links on the original lens – but I realised I had to do something constructive. I set about splitting the lens into a series of smaller, more focused lenses, each covering a specific tea topic. I have been working my way through the tea topics and now have four published tea lenses, with three more in preparation.

Two of my new tea lenses have been awarded purple stars . I submitted "Flowering Teas – Fascinating and Full of Flavor" for the Imminent Oddities challenge. I was delighted when it made the Imminent reel . It was also featured on the Squidoo front page for a few days. It collected enough visits and likes in the days it was featured that it reached tier 1. I've been writing for Squidoo for over a year, and this was my first tier 1 !

The second purplie went to "How to brew a great cup of tea using a tea bag" which was a fun lens to make, and included a photo of making tea on the beach.

Although it hasn't made purple star, I am also happy with the fourth: "Gourmet Smoked Teas and Tasty Tea-Smoking Recipes"

So, what worked well:

Planning the best way to divide the original lens without losing its integrity
Making the new lenses shorter and more focused
Using a smaller number of Amazon products on each lens so the lenses look less commercial
Including more original content and more useful information.
Using more of my own photos showing my teas and tea making

Lens of the Day: Remembering Challenger

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 05:35 AM PDT

Introducing cwilson360

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 05:10 AM PDT

Say hello to Cheryl, cwilson360 on Squidoo. She calls herself a big nerd and writes a lot about cars and car care, but you’ll also find a beauty products lens among other topics in her mix. Start your motor, enjoy our interview, then check out her lenses to see for yourself.

How did you find Squidoo? I always had a great passion for cars and saving money. My friend suggested that I go to Squidoo to share my thoughts and see what others have to say about the various topics. I heeded her advice and visited Squidoo. I have been hooked from the beginning and I am proud to say that I am a full fledged Squidoo addict.

From cars to beauty products, you have a fun range of lens topics already. What can we look forward to reading about down the road (a little car humor for you)? I have a great passion for many things, but none of them compare to my passion for cars. I will continue to spread my knowledge about the Auto Industry with many exciting lenses to come. I will also sprinkle in some lenses on other topics every once and awhile.

What can Squidoo do for you? Squidoo can continue being awesome. Squidoo is the perfect medium for me to share my knowledge with other great people. I enjoy educating the masses and I have Squidoo to thank for that. I have also gained so much from all of the fantastic lenses I have read since discovering Squidoo. I really don’t remember how I lived before I discovered Squidoo.

A Halloween Treat from tok2gman

Posted: 01 Aug 2013 01:29 PM PDT

halloween  maskIt is fun to design and make your own unique costume.

Of course, it requires some effort, some investment and some time.

Oftentimes an older costume can be redesigned, and with addition of new details and accessories can look spectacular. ~tok2gman

Stop by the lens today!

Deadly Beauty Halloween Mask Design

The Making of a Top Tier Lens

Posted: 01 Aug 2013 09:32 AM PDT

mother-sonA long time ago in a galaxy… well, actually…  it was this galaxy and the date was February 17, 2008; That’s when I first published my Best Mother-Son Dance Songs lens.

I thought I’d share the background about this super-performing lens of mine in hopes that it might help give you some insight towards creating a top tier lens of your own.

Lensmasters who frequented the old Squidoo forum back in 2008 may or may not remember me posting the lens there as soon as it was completed.   In either case, I’m sure they don’t know that that was as far as I planned it to go.  You see, I created the lens as a way to ask my fellow lensmasters if they thought my mother-son dance song choice was too weird for a wedding and to gather more song ideas for my son and I to consider.  I was excited about his upcoming wedding.

The original lens took me about 15 or 20 minutes to create and I had no idea what the letters S E O meant, no lie.  I’ve since changed it many, many times and tweaked and re-tweaked it to comply with all of our changes here at Squidoo BUT the initial feeling and question asked on the lens has never changed.

Let’s look at why I think it was successful.

Things that might be obvious:

*  When I asked my fellow Squids to take a look way back when, I received several likes on the lens.  This has now grown to over 2000 likes probably because top ten lenses have a greater chance at being found by people on the site but keep in mind that it had to get there before it could start collecting mega-likes.

*  I was awarded a Purple Star on it back when they were a new entity here and I chose it as one of my lenses to receive a Turbo Boost when this was offered.


Things that are not so obvious:

*  This lens gets thousands of traffic hits a week and even though it isn’t a traditional sales lens, it gets hundreds of clickouts per month too.  Why?  I think the reason is because it’s so real.  I was passionate for an answer when I first created the lens.  My heart was truly into it and I had no intention of this lens being a success or even making me a dime.  At the time of it’s creation, it was a “for fun only” lens for me to share with friends.

*  And, and this is a big AND…  I think it strikes an emotion in my readers in a unique way.  The women and young men who seek out the information I share with them are dreaming of their own special dance.  They’re offered a chance to sound off, to see what others are thinking along with a bunch of song choices that I didn’t even provide for them.

The lens was helpful for me and it’s helpful for my readers too.

So, in conclusion I think this lens is simply a good example of a UUU lens.  That means it’s a lens that has Unique, Useful and Updated content.  It was created with a passion in my heart and it encourages interaction from my readers who are as emotionally involved in the topic as I was when I wrote it.

Having two sons, there’s no way that I could recreate this success with a Father-Daughter Dance Songs lens so I didn’t even try.

What are you passionate about?  What do you have a burning desire to know, ask or share?  Go create a lens about it and I hope you get as “lucky” as I did with mine.  Because, yeah, I believe luck had a role to play in the success of my mother-son dance lens too.

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