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Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

New Giant Squid Lenses for Week of August 19-23

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 08:33 AM PDT

Every week we’re going to be sharing some brand new lenses from the Giant Squids. Enjoy. – Christine

Train Trips

1. Train Trips

Oh, the romance of the rails. What is it about trains that is so alluring? When I hear the plaintive call of a train’s whistle, it is no less powerful than the siren’s song. Have you heard it, too? The pull was irresistible. To travel by train on a narrow…

Japanese Anime Sailor Moon

2. Japanese Anime Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has become as popular, or even more popular as Naruto and Bleach in the world of Japanese Anime. This immense love of the Sailor Moon Scout characters has turned them into an extremely popular costume request for Cosplay Costumes and now for Ha…

Healthy 4 Apples Weight Loss Plan With Recipes

3. Healthy 4 Apples Weight Loss Plan With Recipes

I have been using the apple weight loss plan for several months now. It is one of the easiest way to loose weight. It is based the high fiber content of the apple. All I do is each 4 apples each day. I usually eat them just before a meal and it keep my app…

Flashdance Costume

4. Flashdance Costume

One of my favorite movies has got to be Flashdance. Not only do I love the Flashdance costumes but I am a huge fan of Jennifer Beals. She plays the role of a beautiful girl willing to do just about anything to attain her dream and is called Alex Owens. To…

Fashion for Men Over 50

5. Fashion for Men Over 50

Gentleman, You’re probably wondering if your clothes are still in style. Does it even matter? You’re stuck at the age when it isn’t quite appropriate to look like a frat boy and you’re not quite old enough to get away with wearing whatever you want…


Introducing RebeccaRubia

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 08:31 AM PDT

Today we’d like you to meet RebeccaRubia, world traveler and Squidoo lensmaster. You may have already seen her Lens of the Day or another of her purple star-quality lenses. If not, you have a treat in store – right after you check out our interview.

What brought you to Squidoo? It was actually my boyfriend that introduced me to Squidoo, he came across it when he was searching for a blogging site for me as he knows how much I love to write! I hadn't heard of Squidoo but as soon as he sent me the link and I started reading all the great lenses I knew it was going to be perfect for me!

You’ve been a prolific lensmaster since you signed up a month ago and have already earned Lens of the Day and purple star honors. What’s the one best tip you have to share with other newbies on Squidoo? I'm so happy that people have been enjoying my lenses and the best tip I have is to write from your heart! When you have a passion for something it's so easy. I don't really have a single theme to write about, my interests are so varied but I think this is a good thing. If you restrict yourself to one type of topic it may be difficult to find the inspiration to keep writing, however, if you write about anything and everything you love the ideas will keep coming! I also love to take photographs and using them really helps bring my lenses to life and allows me to share all of the wonderful things I see.

What can Squidoo do for you? Squidoo is the perfect platform for me as I can share my passion for writing and photography at the same time! I hope one day to publish a book so this is also a great way to practice my writing skills and the advice and ideas I receive from the Squidoo community is a great help. As for the possibility of making a little extra money, this is an added bonus. I would like to treat myself to a new camera so if I am lucky enough to receive some earnings one day they will be used for that purchase in the future!

Lens of the Day: Columbus Wash Board Company

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 05:29 AM PDT

IMMINENT! “Things That Sparkle” Highlight Reel

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 05:29 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 8.40.29 PMOur Giants sought out sparkly things this week and they got super creative with lenses about champagne, yarn, crystal, shoes and more. So do check out these beautiful sparkling lenses.

Each lensmaster featured here also got an IMMINENT! raffle ticket.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

Repainting Christmas Ornaments

1. Repainting Christmas Ornaments

I have lived in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and these cheap wooden ornament sets (in various incarnations) have been readily available in both locations every Christmas as far back as my memory will take me. You know the ones, they are…

Champagne and Sparkling Champagne Alternatives

2. Champagne and Sparkling Champagne Alternatives

Champagne is synonymous with celebration and luxury. There’s plenty of great reasons to drink real Champagne, and there are just as many reasons to choose an alternative, whether for flavor, cost, cultural or environmental reasons. Champagne buyers exhibit…

Waterford Crystal - The Perfect Gift

3. Waterford Crystal – The Perfect Gift

The name Waterford Crystal must evoke a sense of charm and beauty to most people, and when it comes to the production of exquisite items of crystal, the House of Waterford Crystal is one of the best in the world. I remember as we made our wedding list many…

Green Flash at Sunset

4. Green Flash at Sunset

Have you ever heard of a green flash? It’s a phenomenon that happens just before the sun sets, when a brilliant flash of green light appears just for a few seconds before the sun sinks below the horizon. The green flash is a big deal in Hawaii since it’s a…

Magical Fairy Gifts that Sparkle

5. Magical Fairy Gifts that Sparkle

Little children who enjoy reading books or watching movies featuring beautiful sparkly fairies will love to receive a special fairy gift on their birthday or during the Christmas holiday season. Fairy gifts that sparkle have a magical quality and although…

Yarns that Sparkle

6. Yarns that Sparkle

Yarn with metallic threads and sequins are perfect for adding an elegant touch to scarves and wraps, as well as many other handcrafted items. Although you may be thinking, ‘I’m just not a shiny sort of person,’ don’t dismiss some of the sparkly yarns out t…

Champagne Sparkle Drum Set!

7. Champagne Sparkle Drum Set!

It’s the sixties. The hotshot drummer lays in the jam on the TV show. Mop hair swinging, sticks slammin’.  My eyes drift to his drums. Wow. time stops. The drums are SPARKLY PINK!  I find out later the drum shell finish is called champagne sparkle. When…

Waterford Christmas Tree Decorations

8. Waterford Christmas Tree Decorations

I adore Christmas, it is my favorite holiday of the year, and I love to collect baubles. With most of my Christmas ornaments packed away in the UK I have decided to start a brand new collection, and have decided to purchase crystal Waterford Christmas tree…

Taking Out The Trash

9. Taking Out The Trash

Why do you think that people just don’t get the fact that littering is wrong, especially when we all have access to the trash bag. Maybe they just don’t know what a trash bag is or how to use it, so if you know someone who constantly throws their trash on…

Saltspring Island: Surrounded by Sparkling Sea

10. Saltspring Island: Surrounded by Sparkling Sea

While I live in Guatemala now, I lived on Saltpring Island for nearly 12 years of my life. My family moved to the little Gulf Island when I was 11, to be closer to my father’s office in Victoria. The island was perfect for us. We were used to small towns a…

Barbara Bixby Rarities

11. Barbara Bixby Rarities

In the beginning (way back in 2007), it was easy. I saw Barbara Bixby’s jewelry, was attracted to it, and started to buy it. It wasn’t long, however, before I wanted to know more about her designs and what she had created prior to my discovering her art. S…

Wedding Shoes That Sparkle

12. Wedding Shoes That Sparkle

A friend of mine is getting married in a few months. As with just about every bride, finding the perfect wedding dress and accessories are of the utmost importance as the big day approaches. The dress has been found (yay! ) and now we can move on to the ot…

Glitter Eye Make-Up

13. Glitter Eye Make-Up

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how much time they spent to get their eye make- up looking so perfect? You can get people looking at you like that by using these peel and stick exotic eye kits. You can make your eyes look as if they have been…

Kids and Coins:  Activities and Ideas to Educate and Entertain

14. Kids and Coins: Activities and Ideas to Educate and Entertain

My oldest son is quick with tricks of illusion. One of his latest involves a prop, a quarter that snaps in half, or so it seems. The prop is actually much like a quarter, and the rubber band mechanism that allows it to snap is integral. Unfortunately, the…

I have IT, you have IT, we all have IT!

15. I have IT, you have IT, we all have IT!

There is something that each and every person has and that ‘something’ will have the power to change your life many times over. What is this ‘IT? ‘ It is the look in your eyes, when something wonderful has happened. It’s the anticipation, when you are hopi…

Glitter Ballet Flats - It's our time to sparkle!

16. Glitter Ballet Flats – It’s our time to sparkle!

I love to wear flats and have quite a selection of them in my shoe closet and the collection just keeps on growing year by year. They are extremely comfortable to wear and go really well with jeans and with skirts and dresses and well everything. Glittery…

Rock Candy: Simple Recipes and Other Fun Ideas

17. Rock Candy: Simple Recipes and Other Fun Ideas

It seems I have an affinity for rocks. Well not necessarily rocks themselves, but things with the word ‘rock’ in them. Let’s see, there’s rock ‘n’ roll, Rocky Road ice cream, and my very favorite, ‘Kid Rock! ‘ Another rock I’m particularly fond of is rock…

Sparkly Crackled Glass Home & Garden Lights Will Captivate You

18. Sparkly Crackled Glass Home & Garden Lights Will Captivate You

I find a special charm in cracked glass lights, both for inside the home and as garden and patio lights. I’ve selected some of my favorites for you to consider for your own home, lights that illustrate the point of my title. I’ll tell you the little tale a…

How To Make A Rainbow With A Prism Dance To Music

19. How To Make A Rainbow With A Prism Dance To Music

Image lying back in the cool dark of an enclosure with soft relaxing music playing and suddenly there are rainbows of colors dancing on the curved inner walls. I was in Victoria B. C. in the early 80′s and there was a multimedia arts project on the hillsid…

Picture Frame Decorating - Sparkle and Shine - An Easy DIY Craft Demo

20. Picture Frame Decorating – Sparkle and Shine – An Easy DIY Craft Demo

Here’s a super simple, DIY picture frame project easy enough for children, but still fun for adults. All it took was some paint, glitter, stickers, temporary tattoos and some unfinished, wooden picture frames I grabbed in the crafting section of the local…

Sequined Boho Skirts Like Mine from Nepal

21. Sequined Boho Skirts Like Mine from Nepal

I was wandering around in the Lakeside area of Pokhara, Nepal, when the sun glinting off something in an open- air shop caught my eye. A closer look resulted in a quick sale when I bought two sequined skirts, both of which I wore often during my trip, on t…

What Is the Difference Between Diamonds and Moissanite

22. What Is the Difference Between Diamonds and Moissanite

If you are on the market for a diamond jewelry, you are probably looking at diamond substitutes too. The best option for a diamond substitutes is moissanite. It is more expensive than cubic zirconia, but is 10 to 20 times less expensive than diamonds, and…

Disney's Peter Pan: An Old Classic that Still Shines

23. Disney’s Peter Pan: An Old Classic that Still Shines

Ever since I can remember I have loved watching Disney’s classic film ‘Peter Pan. ‘ When I was younger I would be excited when my parents would rent it as a special treat for my siblings and I from the movie store. Even though I am almost 18 now I still re…

If It Sparkles, It Ain't Gold

24. If It Sparkles, It Ain’t Gold

I am certain there are more than seven myths about the California Gold Rush that deserve to be debunked, but let’s start with these seven and see where they lead. The California Gold Rush that began in 1848 triggered the most massive human migration in his…

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