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Lens of the Day: DIY Dragon Fruit Candles: A Green And Frugal Craft Idea

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 06:24 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 9.23.05 AMMake beautiful homemade dragon fruit candles from the bright pink outer shells of a fresh dragon fruit and a few old candles for a frugal and green decorating idea.

Getting Ready for Halloween with Lensmaster Angelatvs

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 01:43 PM PDT

angelaTo help everyone get into the Halloween spirit, we asked  lensmasters to share one of their newest Halloween lenses along with a lensmaking tip.


Today’s submission comes from lensmaster angelatvs.

I took something that was not traditionally a Halloween food and changed it by adding one more ingredient!

When making a lens on one recipe, I like to take lots of photos showing as many of the steps as possible.

I like to recap at the end with the recipe module, so that if readers want to print the recipe, it is easier for them to do so. ~ angelatvs

Here’s the lens:

Halloween Twist on Chex Mix

Halloween Twist on Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a delicious treat that with a small modification can be made into the perfect Halloween party snack. Traditionally, I tend to only make Chex Mix in the winter months – don’t ask, I’m not sure why. However, last year when I was planning our annu…

New Giant Squid Lenses Week of Aug 26-30

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 12:58 PM PDT

Ursula's Dream

1. Ursula’s Dream

I don’t know the first thing about roses. I never imagined having one in my garden. So what am I doing taking up rose- growing at this stage of my life? That’s easy to answer, I had a special get- acquainted chance to find out about this lovely bloom, a ch…

25 Ways to Make Life Sparkle

2. 25 Ways to Make Life Sparkle

We all have rough days ~ days when darkness creeps in and we don’t know why. It doesn’t need to be cloudy or dark or gloomy; nothing horrible needs to happen; no tragedy is required to sneak upon you. sometimes it just happens. You get up and nothing goes…

5 Ways To Make Your Home Warm For The Winter!

3. 5 Ways To Make Your Home Warm For The Winter!

When you have a home, perhaps the best thing is what’s inside. You see, love is always the number one thing for making a home warm. Yes there are many things, but love is the number one thing. When you were a child, and scrapped your knee. It was the love…

Around the World in Forty Three Days

4. Around the World in Forty Three Days

September 2nd. , 1963. It was Labor Day in the United States when two Englishmen – and their car – arrived by air to New York. They were about test- drive a new car that hadn’t yet been released to the public. But this was no ordinary test- drive; they wer…

Make your own delicious Chai Tea

5. Make your own delicious Chai Tea

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could take only one beverage with you, what would it be? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate? Perhaps you should consider chai, with its tasty blend of black tea, milk, spices and herbs. Chai is a beverage with a long hi…

What In The World Is A Presa Canario

6. What In The World Is A Presa Canario

Bet your wondering what the heck is a Presa Canario, I’ll tell you a little about this amazing dog breed. They are stated to be from the Canary Islands, history tells us that they might of been trained for hunting or war. The Presa Canario is also known as…

The Stained Glass Guy

7. The Stained Glass Guy

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany? In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, think about Tiffany Lamps. Now he was probably one of the first to start making stained glass for use in the home, while traditionally stained glass has been used i…

Classic Car Values

8. Classic Car Values

You know the feeling. Today’s cars just don’t measure up. Nothing can ever compare to your very first car. As soon as you find one of those classic cars for sale, you’re going to buy it and restore it to look just like yours. Maybe you just love all the ol…

"I Moustache You About Moustache Crafts" - Fun DIY Moustache Gifts to Make for Him

9. “I Moustache You About Moustache Crafts” – Fun DIY Moustache Gifts to Make for Him

Moustaches are ‘in’, right? So when you want to make him a give, you moust make him some mou- stache! The classic moustache is iconic – and it goes on (just about) everything and anything. Start with this great moustache greeting card. It’s for that time y…

How to make heart shaped birch wreath

10. How to make heart shaped birch wreath

I love using twigs in crafting, like this curly willow bouquet. Using birch is as easy as using willow, with birch one can create different types of decorations and wreaths. This heart shaped birch wreath in a pot is one of my favorites. It is really easy…

Refreshing for Relevance: 3 Easy Ways to Renew Your Content

Posted: 30 Aug 2013 09:42 AM PDT


For content creators, relevance has always been important – there’s no doubt about that.

However, the past few years have seen big changes in the way search engines choose and order search results. One of the biggest indicators of top quality content is fresh, relevant and comprehensive information.

With that in mind, here are 3 easy ways you can improve your existing content and make it more relevant to your readers. These tips work for new lens building too, so don’t feel left out if you’re still working on your first lens.

1. Create multi-faceted content

The greater the depth and breadth of your content, the more relevant your page becomes.

Here’s an example: Let’s imagine we have two identical lenses that teach readers how to build a birdhouse. We’ll call them Lens A and Lens B.

They’re both identical, except that Lens B has a section on how to build the same birdhouse but without using power tools. By expanding the content without changing the subject (How to build a birdhouse), the lens can become relevant to those with power tools and those without, while Lens A is relevant only to readers with power tools.

Adding related information, ideas or suggestions is an excellent way to refresh your content and improve your relevance. Stay on topic, but don’t be afraid to branch out and be creative with what you include in your lens.

2. Replace what’s out of date

With so many content choices out there readers are looking for the page that offers the most current information. After all, who would willingly choose to be misinformed? As the world changes, products are changed, new voices are heard and people fade into obscurity, so too can content become irrelevant. It’s a good idea to periodically read through your lenses and replace any information that’s inaccurate, dated or awkwardly written. For the best relevance, your lens should reflect the current state of affairs of your topic.

3. Respond to your readers

If you have interactive modules on your lenses, remember that they’re not just for your readers to use. It’s a good idea to respond to your guestbook comments, answer reader questions, participate in debates and be sure to delete any spam comments right away. Active discussions represent some of the most relevant content there is, but only as long as someone is still participating. When new ideas, information or questions come up, use them as prompts to help you expand and improve your lens. Relevant content is responsive content and your readers are your greatest asset to learning when and how to respond, react and renew.

I hope these ideas have helped get you on the path to more interesting, relevant and shareable content creation. Often, revisiting earlier work can energize and excite you to try new things and have more fun. Try my suggestions and share your own in the comments below – How do you keep your lenses relevant and interesting?


Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc

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