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Introducing smine27

Posted: 16 Sep 2013 06:34 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.33.23 AMToday we’re pleased to introduce smine27, who was raised in Hawaii but was born and now lives in Japan. He’s well on his way to Giant Squid-dom but before he graduates RocketSquid U, we wanted to be sure you got an opportunity to know him better.

What brought you to Squidoo? I actually don't remember how I found out about squidoo, but it must have been through searching for a topic about cupcakes as I was looking for some unique cupcake ideas. A half dozen lenses later, I noticed that it was a platform that was open to anyone and I felt it was something I was looking for. I've always wanted to express myself through writing and thought Squidoo would be perfect for me.

Your lens portfolio has grown quickly, with topics ranging from lots of food lenses to travel to music and more. What haven’t you written about yet that you’d like to? I enjoy the process of creating lenses so much I can't seem to stop. I already have more than 30 lens ideas on my notebook ready to be made into lenses. It's pretty crazy I know. So what would I like to write about? Well, I'd like to share my knowledge of Japanese food with the world as many seem to think it's foreign and complicated. I also want to write about places in Japan that's not on the tourist radar. I feel this is where lots of Japan's charms can be found. I've always loved traveling and tend to look for things like this during my travels. I'm also thinking of writing about topics that I struggle with such as anxiety disorders and Bell's Palsy because there just isn't much information that's truly helpful on the internet. I don't want to create a long list here so I'll just say that I have a lot more to share with the world.

What can Squidoo do for you? There are so many things that I love about being a part of Squidoo. Being a part of Squidoo gives me a chance to express myself and this adds a sense of purpose and satisfaction to my life. I feel I have so many things that I'm passionate about so Squidoo gives me the opportunity to share them with the world. The quests open up my mind to new things and makes me look at life in closer detail, which in turn makes me appreciate life ever more.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the people in the Squidoo community are genuinely nice, interesting and just amazing. I'm still surprised at how much I enjoy being here and never expected myself to have so much fun being here. As you can see, Squidoo is doing so much for me and I am grateful for this experience. Thank you!

Lens of the Day: Kids LOVE Audiobooks

Posted: 16 Sep 2013 05:53 AM PDT

IMMINENT! The “Nightfall” Highlight Reel

Posted: 16 Sep 2013 04:40 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 7.33.26 AMAs Fall approaches we are experiencing a bit more “Nightfall”, so this week our Giant Squids created lenses on everything having to do with evening and nighttime.


Each lensmaster featured here also got an IMMINENT! raffle ticket.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

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Dinner Under the Stars

1. Dinner Under the Stars

With longer nights and shorter days, everyday activities enjoyed in the moonlight add a new aspect of fun and adventure. A simple dinner cooked in your backyard, heated by burning logs in the brass fire pit becomes an outdoor, starlight feast. Of course, t…

Waiting for Nightfall on Halloween Day: The Longest Day for Children

2. Waiting for Nightfall on Halloween Day: The Longest Day for Children

Waiting to go trick or treating on Halloween day always seemed to take forever when I was little, and I can tell that my children feel the same way. The day seemed to drag on and on. Christmas, at least once you fall asleep it goes by quickly. The waiting…

What You See In The Night Sky

3. What You See In The Night Sky

What Can You See in the Night Sky? For starters, you can see the moon, stars, constellations and even some planets. This lens is about some of what the night sky holds. There are some pretty amazing things out there, just waiting to be seen! Many of these…

Not Quite Nightfall Colorado Floods

4. Not Quite Nightfall Colorado Floods

This photograph was taken around 3 p. m. on September 14th, 2013 in the midst of the great Colorado floods. It was taken by me at my home here in Aurora, Colorado. I realize that the destruction is MUCH worse in other areas of Colorado, but I am fortunate…

Nightfall on the African Plains

5. Nightfall on the African Plains

As a young lad in Kenya, at nightfall I can remember listening to a cacophony of sounds coming out of the wild, from roars and grunts, to squeals and cries. At that age, I never thought about what was actually happening out in the bush or forest, to me the…

Night Sounds in Hawaii

6. Night Sounds in Hawaii

When people dream of visiting Hawaii, they often imagine quiet walks on a moonlit beach with just the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore and the rustle of palm fronds. Ha! Up where I live at the 800 foot elevation it’s a completely different story -…

Legacy Tales: Mercy of The Gallows Collector's Edition

7. Legacy Tales: Mercy of The Gallows Collector’s Edition

A long time ago pirates roamed the seas of the Dutch coast near Amsterdam. Things became so terrible that a hero stepped forward, Captian William van der Decken. Leading his crew he was a fearless fighter and legendary for his ruthlessness with captured pi…

Sunset and sunrise times in places around the world

8. Sunset and sunrise times in places around the world

There are three main factors in when the Sun sets and rises in any specific point on the Earth’s surface. They are coordinates (longitude and latitude), time zone, and time of year. After explaining these factors, I will give ten examples of locations in…

City Sunsets Worth a Second Look

9. City Sunsets Worth a Second Look

This year, Squidoo hosted their first County Fair. Although I love to bake and cook, I’m a city girl at heart. When I read this week’s Imminent writing challenge was about nightfall, I thought about all the fabulous sunsets I’ve enjoyed in my hometown and…

Moon Over North Carolina

10. Moon Over North Carolina

I had never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina before summer of 2013. Friends invited me on a vacation, and allowed me to use one of their Nikon D5100 cameras. While we were there, the moon developed into its fullest state and we spent two consecuti…

Goodnight Moon and Other Going to Bed Board Books

11. Goodnight Moon and Other Going to Bed Board Books

Goodnight Moon is one of the most popular board books for reading to babies and toddlers at bedtime. This best- loved classic has been around for almost 70 years, and has been helping moms and dads set the stage for sweet dreams and restful sleep for their…

Lanterns and Nightlights Twilight is Calling

12. Lanterns and Nightlights Twilight is Calling

As a matter of fact, this month is one of the nicest to be in the garden. There’s the smell of the Sweet Autumn Clematis and the scent of Hostas, the mosquitoes are all gone and life in the garden is wonderful. Now I’m not saying that you can go out there…

Sunrise, Sunset . . . And Oh, What a Sunset

13. Sunrise, Sunset . . . And Oh, What a Sunset

‘The one thing you can never add to a home is a view! ‘ That authoritative declaration, made by a realtor almost twenty years ago, is the only statement I remember from my house hunting days. At the time, my husband and I had been married a couple of years…

Social Media Discrimination Feeds on Misunderstanding

14. Social Media Discrimination Feeds on Misunderstanding

Social Media can be a sad, but handy, funnel of ignorance, and at its worst, flagrant discrimination, as well a healthy source of relief and education. Recently I read several online posts, reminiscences of 9/11 in response to an inquiry about how readers’…

Bats Come Out At Nightfall

15. Bats Come Out At Nightfall

Bats are a fascinating animal, sort of halfway between a bird and a small mammal. I’ve always liked them. There are many varieties around the world, but I’m going to concentrate on our Australian animals here. Bats are creatures of the night, and can be se…

Night Photography

16. Night Photography

Night photography seems to require a totally different set of skills from daytime photography. In this lens, I will offer ideas and thoughts about how to take pictures at night. Sometimes the exposure needed is quite different from what you might imagine….

Nightfall Bedtime Stories

17. Nightfall Bedtime Stories

I’m almost 70 years now and I still love bedtime stories, specially the stories that have great illustrations. My Dad, who was an artist, used to write little illustrated books for my sisters and me when we were little. Of course they’re written in Dutch,…

Adventures while Driving in the Dark

18. Adventures while Driving in the Dark

Actually I thought of something while typing out the above line. Darkness is not just at night time. Darkness can be in the day time say if you were to get a heavy rain storm. Yes that just happened to me on the way to work. But even if you drive at night…

A Dash of Purple in the Night Sky

19. A Dash of Purple in the Night Sky

Dusk, nightfall or nighttime are genres that are often neglected by the photographer. Although the colors of the coming of the impending darkness are simpler and have pastel variations, they are still very beautiful and make some beautiful photos. This web…

Nightfall At Elk Island Retreat

20. Nightfall At Elk Island Retreat

We have been meaning to stay at Elk Island Retreat for years now, since we met the owner/operators while on vacation at Black Cat Ranch. We shared a wonderful weekend and they left us with a standing invitation to visit them at Elk Island Retreat. Wouldn’t…

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