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Editor for the Day: COmtnclimber brings us into the Great Outdoors

Posted: 17 Sep 2013 09:13 AM PDT

mtnclimbEver since high school when my family and I took a road trip out west, I’ve been in love with the mountains. After graduating college, I moved myself to Colorado to work for an outdoor adventure camp and spent my summers in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve guided rock climbing, rappeling, high ropes courses, mountain biking and the list goes on. Anything that involved adventure and the outdoors was worth my time.

The following lenses I’ve chosen to showcase because they share my passion for the outdoors. Not only do they feature some of my favorite settings, the writing in each is pretty darn interesting. Each lens provides useful information to anyone who would rather take a tent over a hotel room. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. ~COmtnclimber


Hiking The Appalachian Trail: What You Really Need To Know

1. Hiking The Appalachian Trail: What You Really Need To Know

The little photo to the left is me, the hiker known as Ramkitten (on a really cold April morning in the Georgia mountains), here to share the wisdom gained from six months on the Appalachian Trail, all in one fell swoop! Most of what you’ll find about the…

The Best Hiking and Backpacking Recipes

2. The Best Hiking and Backpacking Recipes

As an avid home cook and hiker I always found myself disappointed with the backpacking and hiking meals that I would pick up at the local outfitters. The dehydrated meals are certainly convenient, but they are also incredibly expensive, and oftentimes seri…

Hiking The Grand Canyon, Rim To Rim

3. Hiking The Grand Canyon, Rim To Rim

There is SO much I could write about hiking in the Grand Canyon, but I want to focus on hiking rim to rim using the popular “corridor” trails in the central part of the National Park. I usually do my rim to rim trips from south rim to nor…

Top Ten Sport Climbing Areas In Colorado

4. Top Ten Sport Climbing Areas In Colorado

Colorado, one could easily argue, is home to the best rock climbing in the nation. From limestone to granite, from crack to slab to steep overhangs, from short single pitch sport lines to long multi pitch trad. classics to even longer multi day big walls,…

The Virgin's Guide To Joshua Tree Climbing

5. The Virgin’s Guide To Joshua Tree Climbing

Whether you are coming to Joshua Tree to rock climb, hike, go bird- watching, plant- gazing, or to work(it’s a great photographer’s location), a little bit of info goes a long way in making the trip more pleasurable. This guide, though geared toward rock c…

Climbing Mount Bierstadt

6. Climbing Mount Bierstadt

It’s less than 24 hours after one of the most grueling adventures of my life, and though I wondered last night if I would be able to walk today, I am feeling phenomenal. That’s what achieving a personal best can do for you. Since moving to Colorado, I find…

Creek Hiking: A New Twist On An Old Activity

7. Creek Hiking: A New Twist On An Old Activity

One of my favorite activities is hiking, and I have the best hiking in the county right in my backyard. But I’ve been hiking there for decades, and recently I found myself wishing those old familiar woods could offer something new to look at. After all, I…

Boonie Stomping - Hiking the Guam Way!

8. Boonie Stomping – Hiking the Guam Way!

Although as a kid, I liked to wander off into the desert of Southern New Mexico- sometimes alone and sometimes with my Boy Scout troop- it wasn’t until my family and I moved to the Western Pacific island of Guam that we learned about tropical hiking. affec…

Competing In The 2013 Kokoda Challenge

9. Competing In The 2013 Kokoda Challenge

The Kokoda Challenge has the reputation as being one of the toughest endurance events in Australia. It is a 96 kilometre team event over a course located in the beautiful hills behind the city of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Each team consists…

Great Long-Distance Walks Of The World

10. Great Long-Distance Walks Of The World

As a long- distance backpacker with an Appalachian Trail thru- hike under my feet and many other treks on my ever- growing bucket list, I love reading about the footpaths of the world, especially those that ramble on for hundreds, even thousands, of miles….

What’s Editor for the Day?
A while back we asked our Giant Squid lensmasters to create a list of their top ten favorite lenses about any topic they chose. We also asked them to write a few words about the subject.  From time to time, we pop these lists onto SquidooHQ for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you COmtnclimber for today’s wonderful choices!

The Magic of Purple Stars: Getting One and Giving One

Posted: 17 Sep 2013 05:20 AM PDT

purplestarWhat’s a Purple Star?

“Purple Stars are fairy dust. They’re magic. They’re surprises. They’re trophies celebrating authentic, original, fantastic content on Squidoo.”

Purple Stars were created to reward some of Squidoo’s best lenses.

Everyone loves receiving a Purple Star for a remarkable lens they’ve made.

More from the official The Purple Star Program on Squidoo lens:
“The best way to get picked is to get yourself noticed for your incredible content, for trying new ideas and modules, for running conversations on your lenses, for standing out from the crowd. Do that enough, and the purple star fairy will find you.”

On lenses that have received one, you’ll find them located in the Bio section of the lens, underneath the lensmasters name and other accomplishments.  Along with the recognition, a Purple Star will give the lens a one time lensrank boost.

What does that mean?

That means after receiving one, and after the next lensrank update, your lens will see a small uptick in lensrank. The boost never fades but it also doesn’t guarantee that your lens will become more popular or even successful.   That part is up to you.  Purple Star lenses need to be promoted and periodically updated the same way that all of your other lenses do.  They can also still get caught in our filters.

How Do I Get a Purple Star?

To get a Purple Star, your lens needs to be incredible in some way.  (See above)  BUT… it also needs to be brought to our attention.   It’s simply impossible for us to find all of the really incredible lenses that are out there.  We try…  but unfortunately, we miss out on seeing some of the really great lenses that truly deserve Purple Stars.  That’s why we need your help finding them.

How do I give a Purple Star?

Whenever you receive a Purple Star, we send out an email to congratulate you.  In that email you’ll find a link that allows you to nominate another lensmaster’s lens for a pretty purple trophy.  When you get one, please use that link to pay it forward because trust me, it feels just as good to give one as it does to get one.

And that’s the real magic behind the Purple Stars.  They make us feel good.

Please share the link to one of your favorite Purple Star lenses here in the comments section so we can show off some great examples of incredible lenses:  You can choose to show off one of your own lenses, or a Purplicious lens that was created by someone else.

Lens of the Day: How Apple’s MacBook Air Changed My Life

Posted: 17 Sep 2013 04:43 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.25.22 PMA few weeks ago we announced the New Lens Format. Well we’re almost ready to release this to the community. We had our beta testers give it a workout last week and boy did they deliver.

Today’s Lens of the Day comes to us from Dave Stone and is pretty darn fabulous but we’ll let you be the judge: How Apple’s MacBook Air Changed My Life.

Here’s a few more New Format lenses from our beta testers that you should definitely check out:

Best On-the-Go Dog Water Dispenser
Feeding Hummingbirds
Poetic Turns My Nook Into a Notebook
Toaster Oven Review of the Cuisinart
Pan Goat God or Devil Horns of Polymer Clay

and one from our own Gil to the Rescue: A Somewhat Tragic Tail of Cats and Clippers.

Stay tuned…we’ve got more announcements about how you can use this new format coming soon.

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