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Squidoo HQ

Rah! Rah! Look Who Won the Homemade Happy Halloween Quest

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 05:34 AM PDT

patriotsWe’re pleased to announce the winner of our most recent Happy Halloween Club quest is none other than lensmaster GlitterNMe for her lens, Patriots Cheerleader Dress Dog Costume.

The lens shares complete instructions, including step-by-step photos, to help you create an adorable costume for your best friend.

For creating the lens, GlitterNMe will receive a $25.00 gift card.

Huge thanks to all who participated.  Your lenses were outstanding,  as usual, making our job as judges really REALLY hard.

You won’t want to miss a single one of them.

Find all of the other lenses filled with homemade goodies by visiting:  Happy Halloween Club Quest: Homemade Halloween

Lens of the Day: Johnstown Inclined Plane

Posted: 21 Sep 2013 05:22 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.21.07 AMI was born in Johnstown, PA and raised just up the road in Indiana, PA (hometown of actor Jimmy Stewart!). Johnstown is the site of the devastating 1889 flood that killed 2209 people. On the heels of that event, engineers installed a vehicular inclined plane that would transport people safely up the mountain from the Conemaugh River Valley in the event of another flood.

New Giant Squid Lenses for the Week of September 16th

Posted: 20 Sep 2013 03:09 PM PDT

Adventures while Driving in the Dark

1. Adventures while Driving in the Dark

Actually I thought of something while typing out the above line. Darkness is not just at night time. Darkness can be in the day time say if you were to get a heavy rain storm. Yes that just happened to me on the way to work. But even if you drive at night…

A Dash of Purple in the Night Sky

2. A Dash of Purple in the Night Sky

Dusk, nightfall or nighttime are genres that are often neglected by the photographer. Although the colors of the coming of the impending darkness are simpler and have pastel variations, they are still very beautiful and make some beautiful photos. This web…

The Best Gazpacho Recipe You've Ever Tasted

3. The Best Gazpacho Recipe You’ve Ever Tasted

Gazpacho is a delicious cold soup that requires no cooking, so it’s a perfect summer meal. And since tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, apples and fresh herbs are always available you can enjoy this healthy, crunchy, refreshing low- calorie soup ye…

Fire Pit Conversations

4. Fire Pit Conversations

We embarked on a venture to improve our family interactions and it eventually led to creating a firepit conversation area this summer. It was a quick project and has already proven to add a cozy feeling to our nightly conversations. Join me around the fire…

In a Pickle

5. In a Pickle

Ahh pickles, you condiment of kings, you accoutrement of princes, how I remember our first encounter. Sitting in a newly opened McDonalds in Melbourne in the 1970′s I encountered my first pickle. It was hiding in my cheeseburger and I removed it swiftly an…

The First Peoples of Ohio and Indiana: Native American History Resource Book

6. The First Peoples of Ohio and Indiana: Native American History Resource Book

WIEP (Woodland Indian Ed. Programs) is pleased to offer ‘The First Peoples of Ohio & Indiana: Native American History Resource Book’ in a published format, making it super easy for teachers to flip through the 250 pages of lessons and worksheets, and c…

Reflexology Socks For Birthdays And Christmas

7. Reflexology Socks For Birthdays And Christmas

Almost everybody I know loves foot rubs, but sometimes they can be hard to come by. But here’s a trick! Get some Reflexology Socks and it’ll be so much easier to get your tootsies rubbed just the right way. Why is that? Well, first of all, the word Reflexo…

Bing Crosby, Singer, Actor, Pioneer

8. Bing Crosby, Singer, Actor, Pioneer

Although past his peak popularity, Bing Crosby was a household name, what we’d call ‘a brand’ now, when I was growing up. After his death in 1977 at age 74, his reputation went into a kind of eclipse, partly because his singing style, ‘crooning,’ was out…

Sousababy's Halloween Dragon

9. Sousababy’s Halloween Dragon

‘Mommy I want to be a dragon this year . . but I want wings that work. ‘ ~ sousababy’s daughter Last year, my daughter wanted to be a black cat. Easy enough (I thought) but she wanted a tail that ‘stayed up. ‘ So, I made one with paper towel rolls (covered…

The First Time I Saw An Elephant

10. The First Time I Saw An Elephant

In the past, I had been able to see elephants in documentaries and Hindi movies several times. The first time I did see it before my eyes was when for the first time I went to India in the year 2008. In fact, my husband and myself went to Mumbai for holida…

Editor for the Day: Bakerwoman Shows Us Some Great Garden Wildlife Habitat Lenses

Posted: 20 Sep 2013 09:47 AM PDT

bakerwomanGardens and backyards that beckon wildlife to visit have always fascinated me. As long as there is adequate food, water and shelter, all creatures big and small will find their way to your yard. One does not need to have acres of wildflowers, pine trees and natural streams to create an oasis for birds and animals in the garden.

These are amazing lenses that showcase how man-made garden structures, like ponds and waterwheels and even toadhouses can draw wildlife visitors to come and refresh themselves in your yard, birds to nest and raise their young in the bushes or trees, and sustainable plants and flowers to safely feed the backyard visitors. It does take some planning and know-how to create a working wildlife sanctuary, but the rewards are immeasurable. ~bakerwoman


Mediaeval Gardening Organically for the benefit of Wildlife

1. Mediaeval Gardening Organically for the benefit of Wildlife

Growing your vegetables medieval style, akin to an English Country Garden, can be easier than conventional gardening practices in that you’re working with nature rather than against it, and it’s fun. This is especially so if you incorporate a wildlife po…

Gardening For Wildlife: Creating A Backyard Habitat

2. Gardening For Wildlife: Creating A Backyard Habitat

Creating a wildlife friendly garden and a backyard habitat designed to attract birds and the local animals into your yard is a fun and rewarding experience, and wildlife gardening can enhance the enjoyment of any yard. Whether you live in the city, on a sm…

Garden Wildlife Habitats

3. Garden Wildlife Habitats

Suburban sprawl, development of farmland and wilderness, and manufacturing plants disrupt and sometimes destroy natural wildlife habitats. The development of residential communities in what were once farm fields or forest lands displaces animals and plants…

Create a Backyard Bird Sanctuary

4. Create a Backyard Bird Sanctuary

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the world. It provides a relaxing and educational diversion from the stresses of life and work. It can be a meditative, solitary experience or a social activity. There are bird watching club…

Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat

5. Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat

What qualifies as a Wildlife Habitat? Maybe your very own backyard. Do you think that your yard is too small or not located in a good spot? Well, size and location do not matter. So, what does matter? Providing a few things for the wildlife in your area is…

Turn your Garden into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

6. Turn your Garden into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Sustainable architecture is all about integrating your home with your natural environment in order to preserve your habitat and our planet. A novel and important ingredient in transforming your home into an integrated eco- system. It doesn’t matter whether…

Building a Backyard Waterwheel

7. Building a Backyard Waterwheel

www. waterwheelman. com This is the story of a backyard landscaping project that grew. When my Dad retired, he wanted to build a beautiful water garden of ponds and a stream with a waterwheel. The problem was how to make the wheel. Although the concept see…

The Benefits of Wildlife Ponds to Organic Gardening

8. The Benefits of Wildlife Ponds to Organic Gardening

What better way to enjoy gardening than working with nature, enjoying the pleasures of its wildlife and at the same time reaping the benefits from organic gardening growing your own healthy vegetables for the kitchen and putting good healthy home grown foo…

Every Garden Needs A Toad House

9. Every Garden Needs A Toad House

It’s possible that you’ve never seen the Gnomes that live in your garden. And it’s highly probably that you’ve never seen the Fairies that live in your garden, too, what with their special ability to make themselves invisible to humans. But if you’ve never…

Thanks for collecting and sharing these with us bakerwoman!

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