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IMMINENT! The “Animals” Highlight Reel

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 06:42 AM PDT

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This week the Giant Squids created lenses about the furry creatures we all love. We’ve also go wild animals, cartoon animals and party animals in the mix.

Each lensmaster featured here also got an IMMINENT! raffle ticket.

Only Giant Squids get to participate in the IMMINENT! challenges. Not a Giant Squid yet? Don't miss out on the fun…check out the Giant Squid program right here.

Image Credit: Living with Raccoons

There's Only One Tigger & There's Only One You

1. There’s Only One Tigger & There’s Only One You

What is it about Tigger that makes him so likeable and fun to watch? Could it be his ever- present enthusiasm or maybe his abundant energy? Maybe it is an inner trait that is not so apparent on first sight but becomes clear the more you get to know the tru…

Farm Animals: Real - Plush - and what about them!

2. Farm Animals: Real – Plush – and what about them!

Long time ago my primary school age nephew, who lives in a city, visited us in our little farmhouse and I learned that he didn’t know much about Farm Animals or where his veggies had been before they ended up on the Supermarket shelves. He didn’t know that…

Animals of Wyoming: From the Tetons to Yellowstone

3. Animals of Wyoming: From the Tetons to Yellowstone

I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday taking in two of the most fabulous national parks in the world, the Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The trip was brilliant for many reasons; we had good weather and saw beautiful nature, but importantly for…

Dog Days this Summer

4. Dog Days this Summer

This is Zack, our 10- year- old Dalmatian. Like most Dals, he’s an active boy. The problem is that he goes from couch potato to 100- miles- per- hour without warm- up. He is also a bit on the stout side. Either or both of these traits may account for the t…

What I Believed I Learned from Loving My Kitty Ginger

5. What I Believed I Learned from Loving My Kitty Ginger

My beloved uncle brought this darling kitten to the eleven- year old girl that was me back in 1955. I didn’t get to keep her for long, but her life made an everlasting imprint on mine. The lesson I learned stuck with me for decades, until I finally told th…

Living with Raccoons

6. Living with Raccoons

In the cities we have a shared space agreement with raccoons. They live over the hedge defining our garbage as prime steak and we live indoors just barely aware that they’re out there. But at the cottage, its a whole different experience. In the woods is t…

Brown bear

7. Brown bear

I think bear is one of the most fascinating animal in the world. Despite the fact they are scary and dangerous animals, they can also be playful, funny, smart, intelligent and even witty. Facing a bear in the nature might not reveal the truth of their play…

Santa Catalina Island, California’s buffalo herd

8. Santa Catalina Island, California’s buffalo herd

Just 22 miles (30 km) off the coast of Los Angeles, and easily visible on most days from the beaches of Los Angeles County and Orange County, is one of eight islands collectively called the Channel Islands. Five of those islands comprise Channel Islands Na…

Banana Slugs

9. Banana Slugs

After having lived in California for the past 20+ years, I have occasionally heard about a critter called the ‘Banana Slug’ and the fact that it likes living among the redwoods and cypress trees of California’s northern coast. Folks told me that these thin…

A Tale of a Tail

10. A Tale of a Tail

Yes you read that right! This is a story about a tail that almost caused me to have a car accident on my way to work Monday morning. Don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you, it is the truth and I would swear to it on a stack of Bibles a mile high. Now pict…

The First Time I Saw An Elephant

11. The First Time I Saw An Elephant

In the past, I had been able to see elephants in documentaries and Hindi movies several times. The first time I did see it before my eyes was when for the first time I went to India in the year 2008. In fact, my husband and myself went to Mumbai for holida…

Meet Miss Jazzy J: A Paw Placement Adoption

12. Meet Miss Jazzy J: A Paw Placement Adoption

We weren’t looking for another dog. Not yet. Our beloved 15- year- old Sassy was in the late stages of bone cancer and we didn’t have long with her. I was trying to enjoy every moment with my girl, but I couldn’t help it; I was already grieving. I knew it…

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.48.37 PM13. The Cat Story, Vacationing In New York

Cats Pining To See The World After Paris As the glow wore off from their fun excursion to Paris, New York City cats George and Billy wondered if they’d ever get outside again for anything more eventful than vet visits. In Paris, as George told his story, t…

Heron | Great Blue Heron | Green Heron | Black Crowned Night Heron | Snowy Egret

14. Heron | Great Blue Heron | Green Heron | Black Crowned Night Heron | Snowy Egret

If you want the chance to see or get a photo of a Heron go to Sunfish Pond right near the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. What I love about this spot is that there is a road way and parking right nearby. You don’t need to hike for m…


15. Gecko

Geckos have fascinated me for many years. We see them occasionally in the desert. They are tiny and swift, and when annoyed, captured, threatened, they make a HUGE NOISE, a squeal that cannot POSSIBLY come from a creature so small! Yet it does! There are m…

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.50.35 PM16. Hill’s Science Diet Oral Care is just as good as Prescription Diet (& 1/2 the price)

About 15 years ago, my veterinarian recommended I buy t/d feline dental health dry cat food for my two cats. He explained to me how biting into each kibble cleans their teeth. It’s just as important for our pets to have their teeth cleaned as ours – and ve…

New J.K. Rowling Movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them"

17. New J.K. Rowling Movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”

Could there be anything more exciting for a Harry Potter fan than the September 12, 2013, announcement that J. K. Rowling will be creating more movies based in Harry Potter’s world with Warner Brothers? I think not! And, if all goes according to plan, it w…

Party Animals

18. Party Animals

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘Party Animal? ‘ Perhaps you think of a friend or relative, someone who is always the life of the party. Or maybe it brings back fond memories of your youth or college years. On the other hand, the phrase may remin…

Purpliciousness: Top Lenses from our The Magic of Purple Stars Quest

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 06:34 AM PDT

Last week we shared a post here at SquidooHQ about the magic of Purple Stars. At the end of that post, in order to provide some great examples, we invited lensmasters to share one of their own lenses that had been dusted with purple goodness. After that, we sent a quest to some of our newest lensmasters asking them to take a look at all of the lenses left in the comments section and invited them to send us a link to one of their favorites.

Here’s nine of the Purple Star lenses that received the most ‘votes’ from that quest:

How to Lead a Happier Life: Improve Your Happiness!

1. How to Lead a Happier Life: Improve Your Happiness!

How to lead a happier life is a question many of us ask themselves. I know I do! Being happy seems to be hard. Many people feel unhappy in general. Or at least face many unhappy situations in their everyday life like at work, in relationships, when facing…

Streets Alive Letters Street-Art in Orillia Ontario

2. Streets Alive Letters Street-Art in Orillia Ontario

Streets Alive is an outdoor art exhibit held in Orillia, Ontario, that has been running since 2009. Every year I look forward to walking through the downtown core to view the magnificent sculptures that are created by local artists. Each year there is a di…

How to Exercise When You're Desk Bound

3. How to Exercise When You’re Desk Bound

Keeping fit and getting regular exercise when you’re desk bound is essential to productivity and creativity. Here are 10 exercises for the desk- bound worker. Take breaks to stretch. Ease your pains, clear your mind. By Coletta Teske If you are one of the…

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

4. Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Roasted, salted peanuts and sweet, buttery caramel envelope the tart, crisp fruit to caress the mouth in an intricate dance through every taste- bud. Memories themselves are captured within the folds of those treats, every bite a burst of juices, a Ferris…

How to Look After a Diabetic Cat

5. How to Look After a Diabetic Cat

Hello everyone! My name is Mabel. Mabel the Diabetic Cat. As you can see I am quite a splendid and very beautiful cat and I am here to tell you how to look after a diabetic cat. You know, I have been told I somewhat resemble a bobcat. I like that. All kitt…

My Dad, My Superhero

6. My Dad, My Superhero

born October 14, 1926 – died March 12, 2007 My Dad taught me many things – one of many things I picked up on was how to properly procrastinate, which is why I’m writing this missive on the eve of Father’s Day. But along with that lesson, I learned when you…

Wire Wrapping Tutorial To Make A Pendant

7. Wire Wrapping Tutorial To Make A Pendant

I’ve been making jewelry for several years, and I’ve never attempted a wire wrapping tutorial until now. This particular tutorial came about after a discussion I had with a customer of my jewelry who was intrigued when I told her just how long it takes to…

A Senior Citizen Reviews The Hunger Games

8. A Senior Citizen Reviews The Hunger Games

I may be a senior citizen now, but I’m also a counterculture hippie- type person from the 60s. So I read and then reviewed The Hunger Games trilogy from two perspectives. Old fogey me and rebel hippie me. Quite a head trip, I can tell you. In other words,…

Life Long Scars - The Lasting Effects Of A Turbulent Childhood

9. Life Long Scars – The Lasting Effects Of A Turbulent Childhood

If you allow them to, memories can tear you apart, but at some point you need to make a conscious decision as to whether you’re going to let those deep past hurts rule you and grind you into the ground or if you’re going to move on and live. I made the cho…

To Quest or Not To Quest? That’s a Good Question

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 06:26 AM PDT

questionmarkHere at Squidoo we’re constantly sending out new quests.


  • Some quests are designed to spark your imagination or to remind you of an upcoming holiday.
  • Some quests are sent out to teach you something or to let you know about new and exciting things happening at Squidoo.
  • Other quests are just for fun.

Should you do every single quest you get?

The short answer is yes, we’d love for you to do them all.

BUT… We understand that you may not have the time or {gasp!} you may not be interested in every single quest we send out.

It’s okay not to do every quest.  There’s no special extra points or recognition for lensmasters who do every quest.

The funny thing is that many lensmasters have said that some of their best lenses were created as the result of an idea they got from a quest.  Lenses they would never have even thought about writing if it weren’t for a prompt from a quest.

So, the next time you get a quest that isn’t quite your cup of tea, instead of dismissing it entirely, let it roll around in your brain for a while.  Get creative.  Think of ways you can make the quest idea work for you or your special niche.  You might be pleasantly surprised with a terrific new lens idea.

Have you got a GREAT lens that was created as the result of a quest?  Feel free to share the link here in the comments section so we can all take a look.

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Guestbook Commenting Issues

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 05:43 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.40.25 AMLast week we rolled out some improvements to Guestbook commenting and we’re thrilled with all of the great feedback. Alas there are also a few bugs that need to be worked out.

We’re gathering your reports this morning and are working to get things back on track soon.

Thanks for providing us your feedback.

Lens of the Day: Designer Book Bindings

Posted: 23 Sep 2013 04:57 AM PDT

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