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Editor for the Day: Lensmaster Patgoltz takes us Birdwatching on Squidoo

Posted: 24 Sep 2013 08:41 AM PDT

patgoltzBirdwatching is a wonderful activity, which can be pursued as a hobby, or may lead to a profession. Birds are vitally important to the earth’s ecology, and among them are some very unique designs for body structure and function. Engineers have studied birds, such as hummingbirds, to take advantage of these designs to build devices for human beings to use. Birds have interesting behavior as well, and are worth observing for that reason. And many of them are very pretty!

Birdwatching not only is an excellent way to get some exercise, but it also makes you sensitive to the beauty around you, and provides a sense of thanksgiving to the Creator, and a sense of peace. Once you start birdwatching, you will notice birds all the time, and enjoy them as well.

These lenses will provide a selection of the many facets of birdwatching. There are many, many other worthy lenses, so it was difficult to narrow the choice, and I hope this will provide a reason to see what else is on Squidoo. ~patgoltz

See Birds up Close

1. See Birds up Close

Few people see this. Often a bird appears as a small spot in a tree or a fast blur in the air. Then it’s gone. Here are close up views from photos that I took of birds. Each shows the incredible, unexpected beauty that occurs in nature. During summer, most…

Birding By Ear -- Bird Call Identification

2. Birding By Ear — Bird Call Identification

Do you enjoy listening to bird songs and calls? Birding by ear (listening to, and identifying birds by their songs and calls) is a great way to locate birds, and often the easiest way to identify birds. And bird song identification adds to our overall enjo…

Top 10 Largest Birds on Earth | Wingspans

3. Top 10 Largest Birds on Earth | Wingspans

Birds are some of the most well- known animals on earth – mainly because they are everywhere! Filling up otherwise empty places with life, color, and song. Have you ever wondered what the largest birds on earth are? Well, this page seeks to answer that que…

The Unique Characteristics of Birds

4. The Unique Characteristics of Birds

We have all seen birds. they are everywhere, in our backyards, gardens, and hedgerows. You can even find birds in cities. They bring life and color to our world, as well as beautiful songs and sounds! But what, by the technical definition, is a bird? Biolo…

Birds and Beaks

5. Birds and Beaks

Welcome to my lens ‘Birds and Beaks’. Birds are creatures of attraction and intelligence, and they are the only creatures of our world with the premia of both take wing and sing. Many of us do not notice birds bypassing us in the day time. Since one who do…

Why Cardinals Are Red

6. Why Cardinals Are Red

The Northern Cardinal is one of my favorite birds because of its cheery, bright red plumage. It adds a welcome touch of color during our gray Michigan winters, and it’s common at our bird feeders all year round. Cardinals are common in the eastern and sout…

African Birds Are Beautiful, But...

7. African Birds Are Beautiful, But…

As a small boy I lived in Kenya, East Africa until I was 10 years old. I have so many fantastic memories, but one of the most endearing had to be that of the gorgeous birdlife. Wherever you went – up in the hills, around the lakes or into the forests – the…

Backyard Bird Identification Quiz

8. Backyard Bird Identification Quiz

How well do you know the birds that live in the wooded areas in your neighborhood? This quiz features 18 common American birds. Test your knowledge and see if you know a chickadee from a finch and a catbird from a bluebird. After the quiz questions, you ca…

How To Be A Good Birdwatcher - 18 Tips.

9. How To Be A Good Birdwatcher – 18 Tips.

I have been birdwatching for over 30 years now and have been a “professional” birder since 2008 and whilst I would not claim to know everything, I hope that in this lens I can pass on a few tips and tricks that I have learned to other bir…

See Funny Birds

10. See Funny Birds

Want a smile? Maybe a chuckle? Or a good laugh? Then come in to meet the funny birds. See birds in odd moments, doing odd things, with odd captions. Of course, only people might think these birds are doing odd things. People are odd like that. The birds th…

Thank you patgoltz for sharing these terrific lenses.

Guest Questmaster: Take a Travel and Places Quest From Lensmaster kristalulabelle84

Posted: 24 Sep 2013 08:08 AM PDT

kristaluSome of our Giant Squids have been acting as "Guest QuestMasters". They are dreaming up some creative Lensmaking Quests for our Squidoo topics.

This time out lensmaster kristalulabelle84 has created a fun quest for the Travel and Places category.

The Lensmaking Quest: Create a new lens about a strange or crazy roadside attraction you have visited. This can be an attraction you have already visited and have photos of, or a new attraction this quest inspired you to visit.

Quest Description:  Take your readers on a journey to a strange, crazy, and/or unusual sight you discovered at the roadside. Maybe you stumbled across this attraction while taking a cross country vacation, maybe this landmark is located right in your hometown, or maybe this quest will inspire you to hit the open road and go visit a cool place you’ve been meaning to see.

No matter what your inspiration is, be sure to take your readers along for the ride! Make sure your readers feel like they are sitting in your passenger seat by including some really great pictures and fun, yet informative content.
Some questions to answer in your lens to get you started:
-How did you find this attraction?
-What was your first reaction?
-What is the history behind it? Why is it there?
-Where is it located?

The Reward: By completing this quest, you will earn 200 points just for sharing in the fun! At the end of the quest,  kristalulabelle84 will choose the Top 10 lenses submitted that are written and presented in an engaging way, that makes the reader, feel like she was on an adventure right along with you. The top lenses chosen will be featured on one of Squidoo’s “Best of Lists” at SquidooHQ for all of Squidoo Land to see and admire.

And of course, great lenses will also receive a Purple Star.

Tips for Making the Top 10:
-Include some really great photos, but be sure you credit them properly, even if you take them yourself.
-Write from YOUR perspective, like you are telling a friend about your great roadside discovery.
-Be original. Choose an attraction that not a lot of people know about.

Quest Length: 10 full Days ending at midnight on October 4th, 2013

Who gets this quest:  Top Lensmasters who have created lenses in the Travel & Places category will receive this quest.

Lens of the Day: Cathedral Grove Forest Giant Trees

Posted: 24 Sep 2013 05:15 AM PDT

Introducing The_Storyteller

Posted: 24 Sep 2013 05:06 AM PDT

Meet Lindy, aka The_Storyteller on Squidoo. You may recognize her from the amazing drawings she uses to illustrate her lenses, including her recent Lens of the Day. You’ll learn more when you check out our interview, then don’t forget to visit the rest of her lenses, too.

What brought you to Squidoo? I was doing some research on how to make money online with creative writing, and one of things I read mentioned Squidoo. The name intrigued me, so I did some more research into it. Once I read the Originality Pact and TOS, I was really interested; I liked the priorities Squidoo had, and the friendly, easy-to-read manner in which the TOS was written (first time I have ever been able to read one of those and understand it, and even be entertained by it!). After that, I eagerly joined!

You mention in your bio that you love reading, writing, and drawing and, indeed, your lenses reflect those interests very clearly. You also say you’d love to be a novelist. Any special pre-novel topics on your lensmaking list? Yes, I would love to write some lenses on pre-novel topics, and on the things I learn as I progress in my writing. This might include initial brainstorming for ideas, organizing thoughts, coming up with suitable names, dealing with writer's block, and so forth. I look forward to sharing what I have learnt so far in my writing!

What can Squidoo do for you? Squidoo is doing several things for me! In part, it serves as a good writing exercise for me, especially when writing lenses in response to given prompts. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on various topics, and sharing some of the things that I have learnt in my life. And of course, if I make any money on the side that would be a welcome bonus!

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