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Squidoo HQ

Tips For Nominating Your Next Purple Star Lens

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 08:42 AM PDT

purplestarYou created an awesometastic lens and it received a Purple Star.

Did you know that along with that shiny new star and the happy feeling of accomplishment comes an opportunity for you to pay the good will forward by nominating another lensmaster’s lens for a Purple Star?  You’ll find the link in the congratulatory email we send out to notify you of your newly awarded honor.

When you nominate a lens, it doesn’t necessarily always mean that the lens you send us will get a Purple Star but if you follow a few guidelines, the chances are good that it will.

Here’s a few tips to help you find and nominate a great lens:

  • Make sure the lens is well-written with no silly typos or other errors.
  • Check to see that the photos on the lens are properly cited.
  • Skip over lenses with too many flashy banners that scream ‘buy me’.
  • Check that it has no generic module titles.

Once you have a terrific lens you’d like for us to consider for Purple Stardom, click the link in the email we sent you and be sure to double check that you insert the correct lens link  AND  your lensmaster name into our form. 

Have you ever nominated a lens that received a Purple Star?  Feel free to share the link t the lens and maybe a few words about why you nominated it in the comments section here so we can all take a look.

Introducing FitJourney50

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Meet Joan, FitJourney50 on Squidoo. As you might guess from her name, her love is fitness and she’s on a mission to help others get and stay fit, too. We’re very glad she decided to share her passion on Squidoo.

How did you find Squidoo? I had heard of Squidoo but didn't know much about it until I ran across an article by Seth Godin and looked around his websites. I like that this is a place that combines creativity, social networking, and the opportunity to make money by doing and talking about what you love.

Obviously fitness is your passion, so we know we can expect more fitness lenses. Any other hot topics on your lensmaking list? Yes, fitness is my passion. I am a personal trainer, a runner, a massage therapist, and have a bachelor's degree in nutrition. I love being able to coach and encourage people to live in a healthful way by educating them on different aspects of exercise and nutrition. So there will definitely be more lenses about these topics. I am also an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, quilter, and photographer. So I already have lenses in mind on these very broad areas of interest as well, with lots of illustrations and photos.

What can Squidoo do for you? I am planning to write a series of eBooks about fitness and health in the not too distant future. I like that Squidoo is helping me learn to organize my thoughts and materials, practice writing, and create a self-contained module of information that is easy to read and understand. I plan on doing more exploring of other lenses, as time permits, to see how different people put their information together. The ability to interact with other lensmakers is a huge benefit of Squidoo and I will be jumping in more and more to communicate with others. I appreciate the opportunity to create and get feedback on what I put out there. Thanks!

Who Got a Purple Star From Guest Questmaster Jennabee25? Take a Look!

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 07:00 AM PDT

jennabee25The results are in from our Try a Crafty Hobby Book Review Quest created by lensmaster Jennabee25. Here’s what she had to say followed by the lenses she chose to receive Purple Stars.

It often amazes me the diversity and creativity of the Squidoo community, and the lensmasters that participated all exhibited those qualities. From embellishing shoes to gemstones, I learned a lot from your wonderful lenses. I thank you all!

The ones that I chose all stood out because of the depth of content, photos, and general creativity of the way their topics were displayed. I also chose the ones that I felt I myself could learn from.


A Festive Christmas - Book Review

1. A Festive Christmas – Book Review

I purchased this book when I was teaching at The Academy of Learning. Once a month a book salesman would come and display books and toys that we could order directly from him. It’s the best money I spent that week as every year around this time I pull it d…

Encyclopedia of Wood Working

2. Encyclopedia of Wood Working

I have always wanted to get into wood working, but time and money have always gotten in the way. Still, I collect books in tools for the day when I can really sink my teeth into a new hobby. Please sign my guestbook and leave a comment, I really appreciate…

Steampunkery: by Christi Friesen, a Crafting Book Review

3. Steampunkery: by Christi Friesen, a Crafting Book Review

This is a ‘crafty hobby’ book review written by Rebecca Knight (writer) as experienced by Tanya Davis (artist). Almost a book review- interview, yet I am not presenting in interview format. I will have some of my own input from simple overview impressions,…

Make Halloween paper mache monsters

4. Make Halloween paper mache monsters

Halloween projects for kids are legion but for a good time and a great Halloween craft project look to Dan Reeder’s fantastic book The Simple Screamer: A Guide to the Art of Papier and Cloth Mache. Why are they called Screamers? Screamers are fun monsters…

Love Fashion, Shoes and Handbags? You'll Also Love "Sassy Feet: Paint, Embellish and LOVE Your Shoes (and Bags)!"

5. Love Fashion, Shoes and Handbags? You’ll Also Love “Sassy Feet: Paint, Embellish and LOVE Your Shoes (and Bags)!”

Whether you have hard- to- fit feet like mine with a limited selection of shoe choices, enjoy bargain shopping for shoes and bags that could use a little style boost, or just enjoy wearing shoes, sandals, boots and bags with some unique pizzazz, you’ll lov…

Lens of the Day: Top 5 Halloween USA Travel Destinations

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 05:25 AM PDT

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