Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Squidoo HQ

GoodVeg Cookbook Giveaway!

Posted: 26 Sep 2013 08:19 AM PDT

newcover (1)Want a copy of an absolutely AMAZING vegan cookbook to use yourself or give to a vegan friend?

Well it’s easy to get in the running to win Natalie Slater’s super-cool punk rock/vegan all-kinds of cool cookbook, Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans.

Just head over to our GoodVeg Facebook page and make a comment on the post. Tell us the most unusual vegetarian meal you’ve made (it doesn’t have to be weird — just unusual for you) and we’ll randomly choose a winner from all the commenters.

Also, check out the recipe for Green Bean Casserole Pizza over at GoodVeg, right here.

Good luck!


Best of the Best: 4 Newly Awarded Purple Star Lenses

Posted: 26 Sep 2013 08:05 AM PDT

We’re constantly giving out Purple Stars to super terrific lenses and all of those lenses are great but some of them really stand out.

Here’s 4 outstanding lenses that were awarded Purple Stars today. Enjoy!

Judy Poodle of Ethiopia

1. Judy Poodle of Ethiopia

A miniature poodle with true grit, she climbed extinct volcanoes, trekked across tablelands, crossed great gorges and forded rivers. Judy Poodle (1991- 2006) lived in the Ethiopian Highlands for half her life. Born in a tiny Devonshire village in the south…

Mount Blanca Vision Quest

2. Mount Blanca Vision Quest

Many of you think about your most desired aspirations on the cusp of a new year. I choose to do that every year on my birthday. I’ve found the best way to focus on what matters most to me, in terms of achieving fullness of life, is to take myself on a birt…

Yes, you can find extra storage space in your home

3. Yes, you can find extra storage space in your home

Here’s a strange thing. When I lived in a 1,700 square feet house, I never had enough storage space. Now I live in just less than 450 square feet and I have closets with empty shelves and kitchen cabinets that are nowhere near full. How can that be? I know…

Why It Would Be a Bad Thing if All Libraries Disappeared Off the Face of This Earth Tomorrow

4. Why It Would Be a Bad Thing if All Libraries Disappeared Off the Face of This Earth Tomorrow

Well, for one thing, there would be a lot of huge holes in the ground. Libraries tend to have enormous basements. But there are a lot of other good reasons we should get ticked when something happens like the Timbuktu library containing a bunch of medieval…

Lens of the Day: How My Teachers Changed My Life

Posted: 26 Sep 2013 05:12 AM PDT

RocketSquids By the Numbers

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 01:16 PM PDT

Last week’s RocketSquid assignment was to choose a lens topic based on a number, any number. Wow, do we have a creative bunch of lensmasters! Their lenses are full of facts, figures, and fun information on topics that are truly unique.

Here are five from some of our newest lensmasters. And here’s the complete list.  Hope you find time to visit a few.

Ready?  3, 2, 1 …Blast off!

The Cantonese Obsession With Numbers

1. The Cantonese Obsession With Numbers

‘No, we can’t buy this house! The property’s number is 14. ‘ It may sound completely absurd to give up on a beautiful, reasonable seaside property simply because of its street number. You’d think that things like price, location and investment opportunitie…

Making Sweet Canned Plums in 5 Steps

2. Making Sweet Canned Plums in 5 Steps

We all have this urge to eat something sweet from time to time. If we made it by ourselves, it is even sweeter. Maybe it is not really sweeter but we all do get this feeling. There is also this thing that we feel better if we make some creative and useful…

61 is the new 16

3. 61 is the new 16

The number of birthdays accumulated is not the true age of anyone. While society defines a person by those birthdays and treats people accordingly, the true age of a person is in their mind not on paper. After a complete investigation of this age thing it…

Three Of My Favorite Gluten Free Sugar Free Recipes !

4. Three Of My Favorite Gluten Free Sugar Free Recipes !

If you want to eat healthier, Or If you are allergic to gluten, Or have diabetes then this is the right place for you! Like me, you are probably trying to live on a healthy low carbohydrate, low sugar diet,but still want to have some fun food once in a whi…

10 Facts About Cupcakes

5. 10 Facts About Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with a cupcake. The bite-sized treats are good for all occasions and make awesome gifts. Kids adore them, too. The great thing is, they’re available in different sizes, colours and flavours.  They can even be made gluten, dairy…

Check Out These Niche Baby Registry Lenses!

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 11:12 AM PDT

Our Lensmasters are getting super creative with their niche baby registry lenses. Check out a few of theses lenses and you’ll notice the new “Register Now” button next to the Amazon “Buy Now” button. Lensmasters (that’s you) will earn a royalty when a viewer clicks to the "Register Now" button and creates a Baby Registry. The button will work like all other Amazon product links, and earn royalties for purchases.

So enjoy these submissions and try your own niche baby registry lens right now.

Baby Gifts and Registry Items for Parents that Love to Travel

1. Baby Gifts and Registry Items for Parents that Love to Travel

Yes, life will drastically change – in ways you can never even imagine. But that doesn’t mean that the whole world has to stop and you have to camp out in your house for the next 18 years. In fact, most likely you don’t have this luxury even if you really…

A Hikers Baby Registry

2. A Hikers Baby Registry

When you have a new child, especially your first child you may be to exhausted to return to hiking right away. Or think your life of fun has ended and you will never find time to do those things you love again. No camping or hiking ever again. Not true! Yo…

Star Wars Baby Registry Ideas-May the Force be with You!

3. Star Wars Baby Registry Ideas-May the Force be with You!

With countless fans throughout the galaxy, almost everyone reading this lens is bound to know at least one Star Wars nut (my husband and myself included. ) Some of you might even know a one who is having a baby. And what do you get for a Star Wars fan abou…

Must Haves for New Moms

4. Must Haves for New Moms

As the mother of 5 years old boy, I thought it might help to put together some must- have items for new moms especially those stay alone at home taking care new born baby while their husbands are away for work. With existence of internet, every expecting m…

Gifts For Bilingual Babies

5. Gifts For Bilingual Babies

Many babies, for numerous reasons, are brought up to speak more than one language, and if you are looking to buy a gift for them you might not know that there are a wide range of gifts for bilingual babies available. The most popular language combination f…

Must Have Baby Registry Items for the First Time Parent

6. Must Have Baby Registry Items for the First Time Parent

A new baby is the most life changing event a person can ever be lucky enough to experience. It is also scary and overwhelming. There is so much to learn about diapering, feeding, and caring for a new baby. It can also be difficult to learn how to still att…

My Favorite Baby Essentials

7. My Favorite Baby Essentials

It’s been years since I had my babies but my husband and I talked about which baby products are essential baby items for new parents and which baby shower gifts were non- essentials, but fun to receive anyway! For my first child I did not have a baby regis…

Baby Registry Checklist for Parents Who Already Have Kids

8. Baby Registry Checklist for Parents Who Already Have Kids

How wonderful! You are either expecting again or shopping for someone who is! Chances are parents who have already ‘been there, done that’ saved a lot of baby items from their previous children. At first one might think that experienced parents are hard to…

Harley Davidson Infant Baby Clothing Gear

9. Harley Davidson Infant Baby Clothing Gear

Harley Davidson is the ultimate name in motorcycle gear, and if you are a new parent who loves to ride, then you will probably be searching for baby clothing and other theme bike gear for your new infant. From the tip of their toes to the top of their bean…

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.46.31 PM10. Fun Gifts For Geeky Parents To Be

I believe I was born with black glasses and a penchant for Star Wars. It was somehow ingrained in me long before modern geek culture even started. Back in the 70′s we were just accidental geeks. donning plaid pants and polyester shirts with extremely large…

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