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Getting Ready for Halloween with 4 Giant Squids

Posted: 10 Oct 2013 06:30 AM PDT

As part of our Countdown to Halloween 2013, we invite you to enjoy a few of our newest Happy Halloween lenses created by and with introductions from some of our Giant Squid lensmasters.

Halloween art can decorate anything from pumpkins to painted plywood cutouts to window glass. The directions are similar for any of these painted projects. Create fun decor in Halloween themes for the yard or decorate a tee shirt or banner! You need a basic set of colors, a few paint brushes and a few great ideas to get started. This lens describes painting pumpkins and spider webs and features a few other creepy things to get you started! A couple of fun pumpkin templates are included. ~RiaB

How To Do Halloween Art For Window Painting

 How To Do Halloween Art For Window Painting

Halloween art is a great way to attract ghoulies and goblins to your festivities and share your favorite images of the season. Pumpkin paintings are bright, colorful images, and can be very entertaining. They can be painted in a natural shape or decorated…

When I first saw Despicable Me I fell in love with the Minions. They looked so simple to make but it took me a while to figure it out. Once I noticed that the goggles were the same as the bottom of coke cans it all came together. Now my daughter and her boyfriend are going as Vampire Minions using fake blood, sharp teeth and the goggles that I have given direction for.
For my yard I created an outdoor smoors maker for the kids. It was so much fun and the instructions are the same. If you can make the goggles you can make almost anything. ~RockinPicks

Simple To Make Despicable Me Minion Goggles

 Simple To Make Despicable Me Minion Goggles

In Despicable Me 1 the Monions stole the show. Without them there was no show in in Despictable me 2 it’s the same. The Minions run the entire thing and you can’t resist just wanting to own one or dress up like oe on Halloween. Once you learn to…

Do you want your Halloween to be really scary this year? Well, there is nothing scarier that Reality T.V.. Halloween parties can be your typical show up in a costume and eat some chips but your party could be anything but average. Check out these Reality Show themed party ideas to create a vibrant event complete with, games, decoration ideas, and more that will leave your guests begging you to host a party next Halloween. If you want to turn your Halloween party into a Realty Show of your own, take a look at these five themes to get you started. ~TheCureForYouthMinistry


Five Fun Halloween Party Themes Based on Reality Shows

 Five Fun Halloween Party Themes Based on Reality Shows

Halloween has been traditionally a scary thing, and there is nothing scarier than reality t. v. If you are looking for a theme for your upcoiming Halloween party, for kids or adults, look no further than your t. v. screen. There are plenty of shows that wo…

I start looking around in the summer for ideas and inspiration to design and make things that can be added to my Halloween decorations arsenal. This year I found a few wrought iron candelabras on the cheap.

Now, how will I decorate them? Using mostly decor and craft items I have around the house, I came up with 5 different designs for candelabras. How to’s are great for readers. And, remember, pictures really are worth a thousand words. Use a lot on how to’s. ~DecoratingforEvents


Costuming your Candelabra for a Halloween Party - 5 Style Examples

 Costuming your Candelabra for a Halloween Party – 5 Style Examples

Candelabras are the quintessential decor item for Halloween decorating at home or for a party. I mean, come on – what’s Halloween without a spooky, a creepy or a not- so- scary candle holder? When decorating your house for the holiday, these are perfe…

Secrets of Seasonal Lens Success

Posted: 10 Oct 2013 06:00 AM PDT

2775011897_19b6365f4f_oI’ve talked about “evergreen” content before on the HQ blog, but today we’re going to look at what’s called “seasonal” content.

Today I want to share some tips for lensmasters that want to create seasonal lenses or improve the ones they already have. Making a great seasonal lens requires a little bit of planning but using seasonal topics is a great way to create an engaging lens that readers will love and you’ll enjoy making.

A great seasonal lens is all about preparation, maintenance and a deep understanding of who your audience is and what they’re interested in reading about. I hope these tips help you improve, expand and optimize your lenses for seasonal success every year. Let’s get started!


Events, Seasons, Holidays and Periods

Before you create a seasonal lens, it’s important to understand the different types of seasonal content that you might want to write about. To give you an idea, here are some examples of topics that could be considered “seasonal”:

  • Events: FIFA World Cup, The Olympic Games, Academy Awards
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year’s Eve
  • Periods: Back to School, New Year’s Resolutions, Spring Cleaning

Updating Content and Anticipating Trends

A good seasonal lens is packed to the brim with content that’s relevant to THIS season. You should be including current content that reflects trends in popular culture, providing tour dates, event locations and similar information. Make sure your lens reflects what’s current, hot and happening. That means listening to trends, paying attention to what’s making headlines, who’s hosting the show, which teams are playing the game and what day the event or holiday will take place.

Keep your information relevant by tailoring for the unique year it’s being viewed in. Update your lenses on a annual, quarterly or more frequent basis. Never let seasonal content stagnate – it should be as dynamic and varied as the seasons of the year. Don’t wait until the last minute to start refreshing a seasonal lens – add content on an ongoing basis and update whenever new information becomes available.

Divide, Connect and Conquer

When you start making seasonal lenses you may find that you have more ideas than fit in one lens. It’s a great idea to interconnect your various lenses when they share similar content. Consider linking together all of your lenses in any way that seems right  - for example, you can link all of your winter holiday lenses together, not just the Christmas ones.

Every seasonal topic also has multiple audiences  - consider the age, gender, country of origin and cultural background of your readers and you’ll find that there are so many different facets to every topic. As you make more lenses, diversify your content and link it together to create lenses that readers from all walks of life can enjoy.

That’s just the beginning – the rest is up to you. I hope this information has helped you, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran. Now it’s your turn: What do you think makes a great seasonal lens? Do you have any strategies for keeping your content fresh? Please share with us in the comments – I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Photo Credit: JoiseyShowaa on Flickr


Lens of the Day: Imagination Stretchers for Girls Who Like 18-Inch Dolls

Posted: 10 Oct 2013 05:24 AM PDT

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