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Calling All Foodie Squids: 7 New Cookbook Reviews That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Posted: 19 Oct 2013 08:04 AM PDT

Call me crazy but I love reading cookbooks. I’ve got a large collection of them and am always on the lookout for a new one to browse. That said, I’m having a ball reading all of the new lenses coming in for our Cookbook Review Quest. Here’s 7 of our newest.  If you’re crazy like me, you’re going to want to see them all.

The Way to Cook - Julia Child's Masterpiece

1. The Way to Cook – Julia Child’s Masterpiece

I have over sixty cookbooks, but I hardly ever open them anymore since so many recipes are available on the internet. The one big exception is The Way to Cook by Julia Child – it’s not just a cookbook, it’s like a relative who I can consult whene…

Pint Sized Chefs Will Be Inspired By This Cookbook

2. Pint Sized Chefs Will Be Inspired By This Cookbook

My 10- year- old loves to cook. After eating many of her ‘creations’, I decided it was time to buy her a real cookbook. I figured it would be good for her to learn how to follow directions , cook a meal by herself and might save me from eating so…

Secret Recipes from a Canadian Fishing Guide

3. Secret Recipes from a Canadian Fishing Guide

Have we met? If we have, than you already know I LOVE to fish in Northern Ontario. If we have not yet met, welcome. Secret Recipes From A Canadian Fishing Guide has become my favorite cookbook. I’m about half- way through the recipes. If i can resist…



‘The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Food From My Frontier’ is one of my favorite cookbooks. Ree Drummond lives on a family ranch with her husband and kids. Her cookbooks are full of family friend, amazingly good foods that everyone will love. Ree also has…

The Best Cookbook for Busy Families

5. The Best Cookbook for Busy Families

A few years ago I was browsing through cookbooks in a bookstore trying to find a gift for a friend who loves to cook but complains she never has time to explore new recipes. After almost an hour of searching for something suitable, I decided on The Best 30…

Great Chef and Foodie Gift: How to Cook Everything!

6. Great Chef and Foodie Gift: How to Cook Everything!

Move over, ‘Dummies Guide to. ‘ books. Stand aside, ‘. For Idiots’ how- tos. Even ‘Joy of. ‘ doesn’t hold an off- set spatula to this! This book truly grasps the word EVERYTHING and challenges you to find something that i…

Jan Karon's Mitford Cookbook & Kitchen Reader - Easy Comfort Food Recipes

7. Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook & Kitchen Reader – Easy Comfort Food Recipes

With fall and winter upon us, it’s the time of year for warming comfort food. Some of the best recipes can be found in Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader. If you’re looking for simple, easy, down- home, country cooking that look…

Day 4: $100 Challenge Winners

Posted: 19 Oct 2013 05:27 AM PDT

Happy Saturday! We’ve got 5 more $100 winners for you today. Congratulations!

Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels

1. Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels

When I was in college, I took a class that was a sort of crash course in media. For three months, my subject was a bell pepper. I drew it in pencil, in charcoal, in pen and ink. I painted it in acrylics, watercolors, and gouache. I rendered that bell peppe…

I Love My Bose!

2. I Love My Bose!

I always wanted a Bose Radio! For years whenever I saw a Bose Radio in a store, I said to my husband that I wanted one of those amazing sound systems. Whenever we stayed in a B&B and there was a Bose Radio in the room, I told my husband that I had…

How I Discovered the Perfect Brush for My Cat

3. How I Discovered the Perfect Brush for My Cat

I love my cat Gurgi. He is a big, furry, lovable pussy- cat, who meows desperately when he thinks I have food and who sits by the window giving me the most piteous look when he wants to come in. He also loves sleeping on the doorway rug in every ones’…

Yes! Graco Pack 'N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

4. Yes! Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

Perfect for grandparents, fabulous for parents on the go I’m a granny nanny, which means I have the joy and privilege of caring for my youngest grandchild a few days a week. We live in a one- bedroom apartment. There is no room for a nursery. When I k…

A Bookstand for People Who Like to Read While Eating (and Cooking)

5. A Bookstand for People Who Like to Read While Eating (and Cooking)

Are you looking for an affordable holiday gift for a book lover? I know just the thing because I love to read, too, and I finally treated myself to the Actto Portable Book Holder that lets me read while I’m eating (and cooking). The Actto book stand (…

New Giant Squid Lenses Week of 10/14

Posted: 18 Oct 2013 04:19 PM PDT

Spirits of Tetsugakudo

1. Spirits of Tetsugakudo

It had been about four years since arriving in Tokyo. I was still adjusting to my new home and trying to familiarize myself with the city. Although a friend of mine kept inviting me to go,I had been hesitant to visit Tetsugakudo for the longest time becaus…

Tweens and Teens Favorite Book Sets

2. Tweens and Teens Favorite Book Sets

Finding the right books for our tweens and teens to be interested in may take some effort on the part of every parent. Why not give them what they already like to read so they will develop a good habit of reading? When my nephews were growing up they would…

Grape Juice, Cordial & Syrup

3. Grape Juice, Cordial & Syrup

There are some devoted jam makers in my family. I’m not one of them. Maybe someday but right now I’m just not up to all the boiling of jars and such. However, having some really awesome grapes available, I have found a couple of great ways to pre…

A Low Key, Fun and Not So Scary Halloween Party

4. A Low Key, Fun and Not So Scary Halloween Party

You are about to enter a terror- free zone. Tales that frighten and ghosts that scream are not allowed. Only friendly zombies are invited to our low- key, fun and not so scary Halloween party. By: Coletta Teske Halloween isn’t a holiday we celebrate i…

Spicy Halloween Snack Mix

5. Spicy Halloween Snack Mix

The recipe on this page is for a spicy Halloween snack mix that my family and I have been enjoying for years. It’s healthy because it contains roasted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and any combination of dried cranberries, cherries and raisins. Nuts are a…

Meet mbgphoto, she’s a Giant Squid!

Posted: 18 Oct 2013 12:27 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.13.52 PMWhat is the single best piece of advice you’d give to everyone?

Never hold grudges…holding on to anger does more harm to yourself than whatever or whomever you are angry about. Forgiveness will make the world a better place.

When did you make the biggest difference?

I’m not sure that I can state one time that I’ve made the biggest difference. My hope is that I make a difference through the little things in my life. During my career time it was encouraging my employees and peers to do their best. Now it is sharing a smile, an encouraging word or some laughter with the residents of my Mom’s Alzheimer’s home. I am hoping my presence will give them a bit of peace in a confusing time and make a difference in their day.

I hope I have made a difference in the lives of my children by my example. I am very proud of the young man and woman they have become. I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of their children, my four beautiful granddaughters.

Who had the most influence on your life?

My parents and my husband have had the greatest influence on my life. They have all three been examples of hard work, love and faith. I have written lenses on both of my parents and the examples they were for me.

My husband, Ray, has been my biggest supporter for the past 45 years. He encouraged and supported me during the years we raised our children and then when they were in college and I started my career he encouraged me each step of the way. We moved 5 times in 10 years for my promotions and Ray was always there to guide me. When I decided to go back to school he was always encouraging. I got my degree at age 57 and he was supportive of all those long nights I spent studying.

Now that we are retired we enjoy our time together and Ray supports and encourages my hobby of photographing lighthouses. In the past 7 years he has driven me thousands of miles around the country while I have photographed over 90 lighthouses.

Favorite Lens

My Dad-My Hero

-mbgphotoGiant Squid on Squidoo

Our Favorite Halloween Stuff

Posted: 18 Oct 2013 10:30 AM PDT

bat_2013Congratulations to lensmaster HalloweenCarols! Her lens, Dorrie And The Blue Witch – A Halloween Magical Memory, was chosen the winner of our most recent Happy Halloween quest and is being featured as Lens of the Day today.

In case you missed it, we’ve included a link here, followed by some of our other favorites.

Before you leave to go take a look, we’d like say thanks to everyone who entered.



Here’s the winning lens:

Dorrie And The Blue Witch - A Halloween Magical Memory

 Dorrie And The Blue Witch – A Halloween Magical Memory

Once upon a childhood, you will sometimes find a book that sparks the imagination. Growing up pre- Harry Potter, mine was Dorrie And The Blue Witch by Patricia Coombs. My mom found the Dorrie book at a library used book sale and brought it home to give to…

Here’s some of the other great ones we received:

Ghosts of Halloween Past: Vintage Halloween Decorations

 Ghosts of Halloween Past: Vintage Halloween Decorations

I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of those paper mache jack- o- lanterns with the paper eyes at an antique show. Did I ever feel old! But I also felt such a wave of nostalgia for a simpler time when parents didn’t have to worry about kid…

My Hannibal Lecter Halloween Mask

 My Hannibal Lecter Halloween Mask

Some people might think that I have a strange sense of humor, and sometimes I actually think I do too. Recently I had to undergo radiation to the right side of my neck. In order to do so I had to be fitted for a mask to wear. The purpose of the mask was to…

Moms Outside Pumpkin

 Moms Outside Pumpkin

Decorating with pumpkins is my favorite when Fall arrives. I love all the big toothy grins they greet you with. I love the lighted ones the best. There so bright and cheerful. I have a bunch of lighted pumpkins inside as well a special big one outside. It&…

Halloween In Ireland

 Halloween In Ireland

I would like to share what Halloween is like in Ireland. After all we are the country of elves, leprechauns, banshees and the fairies. There are enough ghostly ghouls and legends around to keep us all busy for sure. The Irish love a party and we will party…

How to Make a Fox Mask

 How to Make a Fox Mask

With the viral success of ‘The Fox’ song, fans are wanting to dress up as foxes, fox dancers and other animals for Halloween. Of course everyone wants to know how to make a fox mask. I did too, since my daughter wants to dress up like one of the…

Handmade Halloween

 Handmade Halloween

When I was growing up in the ’70′s we loved creating our Halloween crafts. we cut out orange construction paper pumpkins and pasted on black construction paper triangles, we made tissue paper ghosts to hang on fishing line, used Mod Podge with co…

You can see all the rest of these fun lenses by visiting  Happy Halloween Club Quest: Favorite Stuff

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