Sunday, November 17, 2013

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Quest of the Day: 100 Sci Fi Movies Spanning 80 Years

Posted: 17 Nov 2013 06:41 AM PST

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 6.06.07 PMHere are 100 of the best Sci Fi movies from the last 80 years from newest to oldest. 2013 back to 1927. I handpicked every one of the movies on the list. My favorites (of course) are Star Wars but I also have a have a thing for the Alien movies, Time After Time and Total Recall with Arnold. Do you have a favorite sci fi movie on the list?

Lens of the Day: Not Another Brick In the Wall

Posted: 17 Nov 2013 04:48 AM PST

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