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14 Fab Lenses from the Best of the BBC Quest of the Day

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 07:14 AM PST

Doctor Who: Blu-Ray Gift Set: Series 1-7

1. Doctor Who: Blu-Ray Gift Set: Series 1-7

Eight Years of Doctor Who All manner of items are in the pipeline to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who – and this has to be one of the best to delight Whovians across the USA. Yes, all of the episodes are now on Blu- ray for the very first time….

As Time Goes By A Kiss Is But A kiss But You Must Remember This

2. As Time Goes By A Kiss Is But A kiss But You Must Remember This

The World Will Always Welcome Lovers As Time Goes By Back in the day, before becoming a writer on Squidoo and before my left eye became legally blind, I would generally head to bed around nine o’clock at night with the loves of my life – my dogs Tidbi…

Good Neighbors - An Old BritCom for a Modern Age!

3. Good Neighbors – An Old BritCom for a Modern Age!

I love British comedy and this may have in fact been the first series aside form Monty Python and Fawlty Towers that I had ever watched in its’ entirety as a youth. And I think it must have stuck with me and actually been built into me, because betwee…

Orphan Black BBC

4. Orphan Black BBC

Orphan Black is a new TV series from BBC that you should absolutely check out. Certainly if you are a science fiction fan, but even if you just like good TV drama where the story is the most important element. I am a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy…

The Young Ones: British comedy classic

5. The Young Ones: British comedy classic

Meet The Young Ones – classic British TV It’s a touch disheartening when TV shows that seemed to happen only yesterday become regarded as classics. It really makes you feel old. But there’s a hidden benefit and that is that when programs like thi…

Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)

6. Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)

They say you never forget your first Doctor and I believe that with all of my heart. The Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, was my first Doctor. I had never seen Doctor Who until this year when I sat down to watch the first episode of the new s…

Red Dwarf: All episodes on DVD

7. Red Dwarf: All episodes on DVD

The BBC’s Red Dwarf – a space comedy I had to have this, there was just no doubt about it. I watched, and loved, the first five years of this television program when I lived in the UK. Then I came to the States and missed the continuation. Every hilar…

The Six Wives of Henry VII - An absolutely stunning production

8. The Six Wives of Henry VII – An absolutely stunning production

I watched The Six Wives of Henry VIII in 1970, when it was first aired on the BBC. It was absolutely amazing in its content and rich character portrayals. Up until then I had heard about Henry VIII and his six wives, but much of it was little titillating t…

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: DVD

9. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: DVD

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: An essential in my DVD collection I loved the books, enjoyed the radio show and watched every episode of the television program so it’s hardly surprising that the DVD is a much- watched and important part of my m…

Keeping Up Appearances: Review

10. Keeping Up Appearances: Review

The adventures of Hyacinth Bouquet or should that be Bucket? The entire series of Keeping Up Appearances is to be found in this DVD set. What a treat. Some people might think that the character of Hyacinth Bucket is over the top. Are there really people li…

An Idiot Abroad: One of the funniest TV shows ever

11. An Idiot Abroad: One of the funniest TV shows ever

An Idiot Abroad: Best British humour. Who wouldn’t like an all expenses paid trip abroad to see the Seven Wonders of the World? Form an orderly queue please – I think that most people would jump at the chance. But this DVD shows probably the only pers…

The Norman Conquests by Alan Ayckbourn: Review

12. The Norman Conquests by Alan Ayckbourn: Review

The Norman Conquests – more British television humor This trilogy was shown on television in the UK back in 1977. I loved it and over the years have told people about it. The problem was though, that it was no longer available. But it is now, on DVD, and i…

Minder: Classic British television at its  best

13. Minder: Classic British television at its best

Minder: The complete collection of one of the top UK TV shows When I say ‘one of’ I’m pretty sure that in its day (mostly the 1980s) Minder was the top show in British television. Best- loved I, and just about everyone I knew, wouldn’t…

Gerald Durrell's My Family & Other Animals: DVD

14. Gerald Durrell’s My Family & Other Animals: DVD

My Family & Other Animals – available on DVD I don’t know about you but sometimes, when I discover that a favorite book has been made into a film or TV series, I’m pretty apprehensive. Eccentric British family Knowing this book as well as…

Introducing ericplotts

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 06:18 AM PST

Meet ericplotts, a long-time writer who’s very new to Squidoo. He’s already busy making lenses and participating in RocketSquid challenges and we’re thrilled he’s joined us. Please say hello and check out his lenses!

How did you find Squidoo? Honestly, I started writing instructional eBooks and published a few on Amazon. After writing the eBooks I received some positive feedback and realized that I might have a little skill, so I began to research avenues to get more of my knowledge out to other people. That is when I met Squidoo! It was just there in the Google search engine standing out like gold in the sand. I clicked on the link to inquire further and haven’t looked back since.

Clearly your kiddos are a huge part of your life and what you write. Do you have any other special topics or projects you’re planning for lenses in the near future? You are right about my kiddos! They are my life and my ambition. As for future topics, I’ve got so much to write about and the topics just come to me out of the air. I have worked over 20 different occupations in my life, I’ve lived in over 20 different cities and 8 States in my life and I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve went from being homeless at 19 years old to living out my dreams in my 30s, so you can expect my lenses to soon be full of stories and valuable information mixed with morals on how to live life.

What can Squidoo do for you? Squidoo can do so much for me as a writer. There is almost an endless supply of information from other lens masters that can guide you through the whole Squidoo writing experience. I’ve only been on Squidoo for a week and have already benefitted from information I’ve obtained from other lens masters. The information is priceless and I love how Squidoo is always producing and offering new tips on how to write better lenses. I love the community, the presence is like none other that I’ve experienced. The positive energy that emits from this community is invigorating and intriguing and I am loving being apart of it!

Quest of the Day: Melissa and Doug Toys To Fuel Their Imagination

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 06:16 AM PST

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 9.15.22 AMTime to play the Melissa and Doug way! Melissa and Doug toys are wonderful for encouraging imaginative play and for helping to build coordination skills in young children. I just love them all.

Lens of the Day: Incredible but true!

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 04:55 AM PST

Community Quest Contests (with prizes).

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 02:15 PM PST

There’s still plenty of time to enter these fabulous challenges. We just gave away a KitchenAid Mixer and a Ninja Blender. Will YOU be the next winner?

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 4.23.04 PM

Holiday Gift QuestReview and recommend holiday gifts in 10 niche topics using the Product Review Format. We’re looking for gift ideas about the products you love. Share your favorite books, movies, toys, electronics and other stuff that might make a great gift suggestion for someone like you. Pick a gift off of one of our compilation lists to review for this challenge.

Prizes: We’re giving away 2 Kindle Fire HDX’s. Quest Deadline: December 2nd, 2013.


Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 4.52.08 PM

The Holiday How To Challenge - Are you crafty? Is your Christmas tree the envy of the neighborhood? Can you make a mean Gingerbread House? Create a holiday How To format lens in 4 niche topics.

Prizes: We’re giving 4 $50 Amazon Gift Cards (one for each of the 4 niche topics). Quest Deadline: December 2nd, 2013.



Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 4.59.16 PMThe 2013 Squidoo Holiday Cookie Quest - Snicker Doodles, Pinwheels and Peanut Butter Cookies oh my! Share cookies that you love to make during the holidays using the Recipe Format or the How To Format.

Prizes: We’re giving an OXO Cookie Press, Cookie Sheets and a Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook. Quest Deadline: December 15th, 2013.


Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.04.50 PMCozy Holiday Decor Monster Quest - You’re invited to participate in and create lenses for all 8 of these niche quests. You can even make more than one for any given quest idea. We’re looking for holiday decor ideas about the products you own, love and decorate your home with.

Prizes: We’re giving 3 $25 Amazon Gift Cards. Quest Deadline: December 15th, 2013.

Vegetarian Main Course Recipes For Thanksgiving

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 01:14 PM PST

Here’s seven wonderful vegetarian main course dishes you might like to try this Thanksgiving.  Which is your favorite?

Roasted Vegetables: A Meatless but 'Meaty' Main Dish

1. Roasted Vegetables: A Meatless but ‘Meaty’ Main Dish

Although we are not vegetarians, my husband and I often prepare meatless meals at home. As meat prices are high and our budget is low, we opt for creative ways to satisfy our tummies without meat. One dish which satisfies these requirements is roasted vege…

Vegetarian Tofu Loaf

2. Vegetarian Tofu Loaf

A Tasty Japanese- Inspired Dish for Thanksgiving I’ve always been a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and although I no longer live in America, I still like to make myself something that resembles a Thanksgiving feast. I don’t make turke…

A hearty pumpkin and black bean winter soup

3. A hearty pumpkin and black bean winter soup

A hearty soup for those cold and rainy days that are coming. Quick and easy to make!

Quick & easy Anglo Indian dopiaza curry

4. Quick & easy Anglo Indian dopiaza curry

Meat- free dopiaza curry – quick & easy Sometimes, I will spend ages grinding spices and making a wonderful curry from scratch. The problem is that it’s never quite as good as when I use a ready- made sauce. This encourages me enormously to be…

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

5. Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

While I am not a vegetarian, nor is anyone in my family, I do make vegetarian dishes. If you are wondering why, I have two reasons. First, I enjoy meals without meat and find them much easier to digest, especially when eating a late dinner. Second, my 21 y…

Eggplant Parmesan-Vegetarian Delight

6. Eggplant Parmesan-Vegetarian Delight

My family loves to have a meatless Monday meal and I strive bring them as many different vegetarian dishes as I can. One of our most favorites is Eggplant Parmesan which is terrific right out of the oven but can also taste wonderful on a sandwich the next…

Pommes de terre with kale and yams

7. Pommes de terre with kale and yams

Pommes de terre, or apples of the earth, are fresh potatoes, and this colorful dish, made with tender Yukon Gold or red potatoes, yams and seasonal kale has a (not so) secret ingredient that will set your taste buds singing. Dress it up as a vegetarian ent…

Amazon Sales Reporting Is Down

Posted: 23 Nov 2013 09:12 AM PST

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.43.10 AMWe’ve got a small bug to report.

Amazon sales reporting has been down since Friday, November 23rd. As soon as this issue is resolved your sales will show up. Rest assured that the sales are being recorded, just the reporting is down.

Have a great weekend!

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