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Winter Gardening Tips from the Squidoo Gardening Club

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 07:57 AM PST

Today we’re sharing the lenses we received in our most recent Squidoo Gardening Club Quest. They’re all jam-packed with good winter gardening information.

Visit each of them today and you’ll have a greener thumb tomorrow.

PS… One of these terrific lenses will be featured as Lens of the Day on Wednesday January 15th 2014. Stop back then to see which one.

When Winter Rolls In I Consult My Mississippi Gardener's Guide

1. When Winter Rolls In I Consult My Mississippi Gardener’s Guide

I consult my Mississippi Gardeners Guide all year long to make the best use of my garden. Now that the weather is getting cooler in the night some of my potted garden plants were brought into the house. I have about 25 potted plants that are too young and…

My Regular Winter Gardening Routine

2. My Regular Winter Gardening Routine

This is the time of year, when the leaves have all fallen, to think about getting yourself a head start for the next growing season, and to give your garden, or allotment plot the best of preparation, I suggest that firstly you need to think seriously abou…

Orchid Loving Pots

3. Orchid Loving Pots

For years I have been growing orchids and I have always had trouble finding really good orchid pots. Sometimes the pots would be as expensive as the orchid that went inside. But all that has changed, in part, because orchids, once rare and hard to grow, ha…

Winter Landscape Ideas: Adding Interest to the Winter Landscape

4. Winter Landscape Ideas: Adding Interest to the Winter Landscape

Winter Landscaping Ideas and Design Tips: Gardeners in the northern climates need to plan carefully to provide year round interest in their landscaping. After the summer flowers fade and autumn leaves fall, the bare bones of the garden are visible for all…

A Warm Winter Vegetable Appetizer

5. A Warm Winter Vegetable Appetizer

As I’ve said in some of my other Squidoo’s I have Crohn’s Disease. One of the challenges for me is finding foods that I can eat, that my body doesn’t see as something that’s trying to kill me. One of the things that I’ve learn…


6. Snow Garden

A rain forest gathers rain, a snow garden gathers snow. This lens is about the cold, wet and fluffy white stuff which occupies much of the extremities of the world’s northern and southern hemispheres. Because the Earth’s axis is tilted by 23- 1/2…

Winter Gardening with Christmas Trees

7. Winter Gardening with Christmas Trees

With a thick layer of snow on the ground and well below zero temperatures outside, my plants are either asleep or inside. Being a Canadian in Zone 5, means I have limited options for gardening during the winter months without a green house. By the time Chr…

Christmas Fairy Garden

8. Christmas Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a hot topic for gardeners and fun to make for adults and children. A miniature garden, just the right size for a fairy, is a delight outside in warmer months. When Christmas comes around, it might be a bit chilly to set- up and tend a tin…

Winter Garden Bed Preparation

9. Winter Garden Bed Preparation

My vegetable garden got to be somewhat of a jungle recently, because the weeding didn’t get done. Grass and weeds took over with a vengeance, so a lot of work needs to be done to prepare the beds for seeds and seedlings. We’ve been working at it…

Virtual Gardening with the Mother Earth News Vegetable Garden Planner

10. Virtual Gardening with the Mother Earth News Vegetable Garden Planner

As I sit typing this blog post, we are in the middle of our third (I think) winter storm this season. Most schools in our area closed early or never opened today, and we are expecting near blizzard conditions tomorrow, so our youngest son is making all kin…

Sweet Memories of Roses

11. Sweet Memories of Roses

Once upon a time – not so long ago – I had this beautiful Rose Garden, covering most part of the grounds around our old little farm house. I had build it up over a long period of time and enjoyed the buying, the nursing and the trimming of roses. The winte…

Winter Flowers in My Garden

12. Winter Flowers in My Garden

It always used to make me feel sad when the summer ended because I knew soon all of my flowers would be gone until spring. Then a few years ago I discovered that I didn’t need to resign myself to spending the winter without beautiful, colorful blooms…

New ULTRA By AeroGarden For Fresh Indoor Healthy Herbs

13. New ULTRA By AeroGarden For Fresh Indoor Healthy Herbs

Enjoy Having Fresh Herbs At Your Fingertips Indoors For All Your Culinary Requirements Year Round Do you use a lot of herbs in your recipes? Do you mostly use fresh herbs grown at home or store bought and have to pay extra for them? How would you like to h…

Winter Garden Tree Ideas

14. Winter Garden Tree Ideas

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada on the East Coast of North America. People get the idea that we are near the Arctic Circle but not so! In fact, NS is half way between the North Pole and the Equator. If you are not familiar with the geography of the area, Nov…

Winter Gardening Can Be Tricky in Central Florida

15. Winter Gardening Can Be Tricky in Central Florida

This hibiscus blossom is an example of what can be seen and enjoyed in the central Florida winter landscape, and is currently blooming in my backyard. Although this week’s weather is not uncommon, it has not been typical winter weather. More normal is…

Lens of the Day: Central Auditory Processing Disorder : Helping Your Child At Home

Posted: 11 Jan 2014 05:03 AM PST

Introducing LynnKK

Posted: 10 Jan 2014 02:32 PM PST

You may already recognize LynnKK from her recent Review Lens of the Day, but we thought you might like to get to know her better. You’ll learn a lot from her lenses and even more from our interview. Enjoy!

What brought you to Squidoo? I had done some editing and writing on another site over a year ago and a fellow editor/writer mentioned Squidoo. I signed up about a year ago but was a little intimidated and did not complete any lenses. Since then I began to get a craving to do some writing of my own. I do have freelance clients and enjoy writing for them but I was thinking about doing something more personal. I decided to give Squidoo a try.

Many already know you from your cool green radio, and some know about your quest to create a family cookbook. What other topics are coming up on your to-make-a-lens-about list? I may highlight some of the products I seem to buy constantly from Amazon — you know, those things you just can’t live without and suddenly your local store just doesn’t carry them anymore. Fortunately I have had luck finding many of these things on Amazon. But why DO they stop making some things!?! Arrgh!

Some more recipes — I am thinking something having to do with lemon. I love lemon!

Maybe something about youth to college sports — I have one son who has the dream to play college hockey and is working hard in the Junior Hockey system now that he has graduated from high school. The whole deal has been an eye opener.

I may talk to some of my clients to see if a lens on Squidoo might work with their marketing plans.

What can Squidoo do for you? It has already given me quite a creative outlet — just finished another lens on M.F.K. Fisher. Reading her prose inspires me to write more of my own. I would also like to dabble in creating my own blog — it seems like both I and Squidoo could profit from a cooperative linking arrangement there. I cannot tell a lie — it would be great to receive a little income from this as well. I am paid well by some clients, but I realize we all need lots of jelly beans in the candy dish.

It also seems like there is a sense of community at Squidoo — I would enjoy that, Big world out there — very nice to meet and share with writers from all over.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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