Monday, January 6, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

IMMINENT! Day 5: It’s Even Cold In Cupertino, CA

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:53 AM PST

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.49.18 AM

The deep freeze is on!

Here’s our Day 5 results.

Billings, MT at 14 + Miami, FL at 63 + Dar es Salaam, Tanzania at 86 + Toronto, ONT at 28 + Cupertino, CA at 43 = 234

So today the number is at 234.

On the last day (tomorrow) we'll multiple the temperature of these 2 cities and add that number to the total.

New Orleans, LA
Dallas, TX

We’ll record the temperature at noon EST.

PS – If you missed yesterday's post this is how we're picking our IMMINENT! winner.

Introducing paullenton

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 08:36 AM PST

Meet paullenton, lover of adventure and good food, among other things. If you haven’t discovered his lenses yet, you’re in for a treat. First, check out our interview.

What brought you to Squidoo? I landed at Squidoo looking for a place to write articles and get paid for them.
Well, who doesn’t want to get paid for a bit of hard work? I scanned the net for places (naive of me at 65) where I could trade an article for cash… It didn´t appear.
Then I started to look at what I thought was second best, and that is, a place where I could publish my articles and maybe someone would spot them and offer me cash for them… Again, nope!
So, during my voyage across the net I stumbled upon a place with a funny name,
called “Squidoo” that demanded a lot more than just writing. And the rest is history.

However, I must admit that I was doing fine, or something like it, until I had an unfortunate mishap with a “tripped up” lens. This irritated me a lot, so I erased my account and everything was gone. Some time later, I understood I had been wrong all the way and started all over again from scratch!
Now, of course, if I have to evaluate what KEEPS me on Squidoo, it is the fact that I am learning how to be creative, not only in the writing, but also the monetization, as well as being a “petty entrepreneur”.
Once we’re in, it’s our business to make it a business, and that’s what I like about it.
I’m glad I landed at Squidoo, twice!

I read your very interesting “about me” lens, so it isn’t surprising to me that your lenses encompass a variety of topics. What’s coming up next on your lensmaking list? Coming up next is one of the lenses I saved onto my hard drive before deleting it… (doesn’t it sound silly?) about traveling around Patagonia, my home for the last 15 years. But not as is, though. I’m including a little more material and giving it a little tweak here and there, with what I have learnt since the first appearance of the Patagonia lens on Squidoo. Actually, I have several ideas buzzing around, but I want to work them out very well, before they see the light. So yes, next up is Traveling around Patagonia.

What can Squidoo do for you? Squidoo can give me an extra income, of course, but then again, it’s not all about the money. Squidoo is constantly giving me the opportunity to be creative, whether it is my writing skills, graphic display (it is all done for us, but we can turn it around as we wish) or monetization. Squidoo is a wonderful platform on which to express one’s thoughts and feelings on a lens and, regarding the more prosaic aspect, the more eye catching the lens is, more time readers will spend on it, which takes us to a content that keeps readers caught up, wanting to know what comes next. And of course, the way one calls to action is essential. (More exercise for the brain, don’t you think?)
So, to summarize, Squidoo will always bring out the best in us, thanks to the team, always willing to help, praise and come up with new challenges.

Review of the Day: Are You Hooked on The Blacklist?

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 05:45 AM PST

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 8.44.59 AM am one of many fans who are absolutely hooked on The Blacklist! Actually, I was surprised at myself! After watching the first episode, I really didn’t intend to watch another. It was more violent than I usually like, and I was still confused as to what actually “happened”! I had mainly watched it because I’m a big fan of James Spader!

Lens of the Day: Tohono Chul Park

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 05:07 AM PST

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