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Lens of the Day: Jane Edna Hunter

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 05:17 AM PST

Review of the Day: ‘Watership Down’ – England Of Yesteryear

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 04:23 AM PST

Lensmasters Answer that Age-old Question, What’s for Lunch?

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 10:13 AM PST

If you’re looking for great recipes, I truly hope you’re using the Squidoo search first because our lensmasters share some of the very best homemade recipes I’ve found anywhere online.

This week we’re sharing some of the fabulous lunch recipes that came in through our weekly What’s Cooking at Squidoo Quest.

Browse through them all to find some unique and satisfying dishes.

Thai Shrimp Salad

1. Thai Shrimp Salad

A salad for lunch is good for you as long as it contains healthy ingredients. The dressing for this salad is a light version of a traditional Thai sauce. Combined with shrimp and a nice salad mix, this dish is not only healthy but delicious and satisfying….

Delicious Low Calorie Noodle Crust Pizza

2. Delicious Low Calorie Noodle Crust Pizza

Do you enjoy pizza? Delicious melted cheese, mingling with tasty tomato sauce and your favorite topping. This delicious pizza has all the taste, but has the added advantage of a much lower calorie count because It is made with Konjac flour noodles. Produce…

Lunch Recipe:  Southwestern Soft Tacos

3. Lunch Recipe: Southwestern Soft Tacos

I call this recipe Southwestern Soft Tacos. I’ve been making it for years. It’s very healthy by my standards of healthy eating. The thing that makes this recipe, for me, is the tortilla I use and the quality of the salsa I make. I use a ready- to…

Homemade Veggie Pizza

4. Homemade Veggie Pizza

Have a homemade veggie pizza for lunch. I haven’t made one in awhile so thought it was high time to do so. I bought a pizza crust and the rest of my favorite veggies and pineapple that I love on pizza. It was so easy to make. It turned out really grea…

Low Fat Vegetarian Enchiladas

5. Low Fat Vegetarian Enchiladas

You can find some great enchiladas in Mexico or you can whip up a nice lunch of low fat vegetarian enchiladas in your own kitchen in about 30 minutes. So the next time you’re having some friends over for margaritas and you need to serve lunch these en…

Brunswick Stew with Chicken

6. Brunswick Stew with Chicken

Brunswick Stew is one of my favorite soups made with chicken. I’ve made this soup so many times over the years, and we enjoy it every time. Especially on chilly winter days like we’ve been having, it makes a hot, satisfying meal. I call it a soup…

FastDiet Lunch under 200 calories

7. FastDiet Lunch under 200 calories

I was eating salads for lunch before I began the FastDiet. I only had to tweak it a bit to make sure it held to 150 calories. You can eat a lot of greenery for 150 calories, and the pleasure of this diet is going with what you like anyway, but making a few…

5-Minute Soupless Noodles

8. 5-Minute Soupless Noodles

When I was a kid, I wasn’t too happy when my mother cooked me noodles for lunch. I was never really a fan of noodles in soup. The only way I’d eat noodles were if they were fried. As an adult, I’ve learned to enjoy them in all its variations…

Lovely and quick lunch with Scrumptious Corned Beef Hash.

9. Lovely and quick lunch with Scrumptious Corned Beef Hash.

Any time I am looking for a quick turn- around lunch, that is both satisfying and filling, I go back to the amazing simplicity of that which my dad, back in the sixties, nostalgically referred to as Desert Chicken, but which today is more widely known as t…

Asian Turkey Burger

10. Asian Turkey Burger

Asian Turkey Burgers I found this recipe from a book I purchased from Metabolic Cooking I was looking for healthy recipes as I like to cook healthy foods for my family. I especially liked this recipe because it only has 184 calories and I didn’t have…

Squidoo Magazines: Some thoughts on food, glorious food!

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 10:00 AM PST

Actually, I’m thinking about anything that doesn’t include meat.

That means any number of breads, breakfasts, pastries and desserts. And wonderful salads, soups, stews and smoothies.

You might not even think a dish is vegetarian, when it is — like sandwich bread or rolls, or your favorite vegetable soup. That fabulous kale salad you had at a friend’s house and then the chocolate mousse that rounded out the meal. If you know how to make it and have taken a photo or two of your fabulous creation (and who hasn’t, if only to share with friends on Facebook — or so you thought) then it’s time to share it with Squidoo and the universe.

Over at GoodVeg, our Squidoo home for vegetarian and vegan recipes and information, we’re always looking for great recipes, and we just know that even if you’re a meat-eater from way back, you have some vegetarian recipes in your repertoire. We bet that with a change or two, a recipe you know and love can be turned veggie with no flavor loss — it’s easy. See how something tastes when you swap out a meat broth for veggie, or you create a sandwich filling with chickpeas or black beans instead of tuna.

It’s also easier than EVER to create a recipe on Squidoo. If you already have a veggie-friendly recipe in mind to share, click here to start making a quick recipe lens. You’ll be finished before you know it.

Just a reminder —  when you’re thinking of writing a vegetarian recipe and you’re not a vegetarian yourself, please stay away from ingredients that “have a face.” That means, no beef, no pork, no poultry, no fish. That includes broths and stocks made from those products, too. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs, but need to steer clear of cheeses made with rennet, which is derived from a substance from calves’ stomachs. They must also avoid gelatin, which appears in foods like marshmallows and some jelled desserts, because it is derived from animal bones. Vegans eat no animal products whatsoever — the only hazy area for vegans appears to be honey, which some eat and some don’t. However it appears most vegans also shy away from it.

So with that in mind, here’s a few examples of some vegetarian and vegan recipes that all can enjoy, and that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as vegetarian, unless someone thought to say something about it. These Fluffy, cheesy, whole wheat biscuits by Graceonline are great for everyone from omnivores to lacto-ovo vegetarians:



And we can’t imagine who wouldn’t enjoy something like this Heavenly Guacamole Hummus by KampSeagull.

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We hope these examples inspire some lenses, and we can’t wait to start sharing and preparing all your great recipes!







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