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Review of the Day: Mayim’s Vegan Table: Recipes and Information for Families Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 05:04 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: Chicken Berry Salad With Creamy Lemon Dressing And Almonds — Gluten Free

Posted: 31 Mar 2014 04:55 AM PDT

Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Lens of the Day: Cultivating Saffron

Posted: 30 Mar 2014 05:51 AM PDT

Review of the Day: Squish! Favorite Collapsible Mixing Bowls

Posted: 30 Mar 2014 04:56 AM PDT

Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Review of the Day: Book Recommendation: Social Security Income Planning

Posted: 29 Mar 2014 05:15 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: How To Create A Wine Bottle Fountain

Posted: 29 Mar 2014 05:11 AM PDT

11 Easy Desserts For You To Love

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 10:09 AM PDT

As the weather begins to warm up, or cool down, depending on where you live, there’s nothing better than a nice easy dessert to settle the stomach after a nice meal.

Here’s 11 easy and delicious dessert recipes for you to try. These were all created for last week’s What’s Cooking at Squidoo Quest.

Before you go, tell us, which of the following will you visit first?

Easy Rice Pudding

1. Easy Rice Pudding

It has taken me years to perfect a rice pudding recipe that is rich, creamy and contain no eggs. I also wanted one that was a breeze to prepare. I just made this last week and posted this recipe with it’s picture on facebook for my friends and distant…

Saporous No-Bake Papaya Pineapple Poppy Oatmeal Cookies

2. Saporous No-Bake Papaya Pineapple Poppy Oatmeal Cookies

I had a sweet tooth tonight and wanted something without having to put in the oven. I scoward into my cupboards and found I could do a no- bake cookie pronto. And thusly I made the following. On a sidenote: I know this recipe has been around in different v…

Marshmallow Treats

3. Marshmallow Treats

Rice Krispies Treats or its generic name marshmallow treats were always a family favorite dessert growing up. We would gather around our mother while she was stirring the gooey mixture and sneak bits when she wasn’t looking. The best part was the litt…

Sweet Avocado Cream - A Delicious Dessert

4. Sweet Avocado Cream – A Delicious Dessert

I have to admit I was skeptical the first time I tried this dessert. One of my volunteers wanted to treat the office to something special that she had learned from Filipino co- workers many years before. She told me it had avocado in it and even though I l…

Sour Cream Cranberry Bars

5. Sour Cream Cranberry Bars

I was looking for a new dessert recipe and this is what I found; Sour Cream Cranberry Bars. It’s really simple to make, I don’t have fresh dried cranberries but the next best thing is craisins. I know cranberries seem like a Fall time fruit but w…

Dry Ice Ice Cream

6. Dry Ice Ice Cream

Have you ever tried dry ice ice cream? It’s not ‘dry’ in the sense of lacking water, it contains dry ice that gives it a bit of a carbonated taste, like soda. It’s a great addition to fruity ice cream flavors like raspberry, strawberry…

Chocolate Rum Balls

7. Chocolate Rum Balls

As with all my great recipes this one was passed down from my mother, who had a knack for making delicious treats for us that were so simple and easy I find them a joy to make. I think having so many children meant she had to source recipes that she could…

Fast and Frugal Chocolate Mock Cake with Cherry Surprise - A Demo with Printable Instructions

8. Fast and Frugal Chocolate Mock Cake with Cherry Surprise – A Demo with Printable Instructions

Here you will find a very quick and easy dessert. It tastes great, is easy to prepare and very affordable to make. In this house, we are huge on anything chocolate. While I like making real chocolate cakes oftentimes, this ‘mock’ cake is my go to…

Peanut Butter Butterscotch Krispy Bars

9. Peanut Butter Butterscotch Krispy Bars

Rice Krispy Treats Upgraded Need a quick, sweet snack that will please both the kids and the grownups? One of my go- to bars might just do the trick, and it is simple to tweak the recipe to make it gluten free. Crunchy, salty, sweet and topped with chocola…

Real Easy Vegan Apple Dessert and Cashew Cream Topping

10. Real Easy Vegan Apple Dessert and Cashew Cream Topping

This is a really simple and quick dessert to knock together. We found the basic recipe ‘Cara’s Apple Strudel’ in the Eat To live cookbook by Joel Fuhrman M. D. We arrived on using Honey Crisp apples by trial and error. The raisins add sweetn…

5-Minute Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana Parfait

11. 5-Minute Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana Parfait

Now and then, I’m faced with the challenge of whipping up something sweet at the last minute and most of the time I surprise myself with what I come up with. Today was no exception. A friend came over for a chat and for the first time in ages, I didn&…

Friday, March 28, 2014

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Squidoo HQ

Review of the Day: Sorry Donkey, Tangled’s Maximus has arrived!

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 06:00 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: Norma Wanderlust My 1955 International School Bus

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 05:15 AM PDT

Throw Back Thursday: Music we love from 1989!

Posted: 27 Mar 2014 03:39 PM PDT

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 6.37.34 PMOur Squidoo Music Club members have been busy this week sharing music they love from 25 years ago, 1989. What’s YOUR favorite music from that year? Image Credit

1989 Tom Petty gave us all Full Moon Fever

1. 1989 Tom Petty gave us all Full Moon Fever

This entire album brings back floods of memories for me. It was released in the spring of 1989, my junior year of high school. Every song on it reminds me of something different. Hanging out in my room, working in the local snow cone stand or just hanging…

Garth Brooks: Blame It All On My Roots

2. Garth Brooks: Blame It All On My Roots

I think the best revenge on an ex- partner is vividly demonstrated in Garth Brooks’ song, ‘Friends In Low Places,’ which sounds like a good payback to someone who ‘done you wrong. ‘. A popular song with country/western fans and pop…

Beach Boys Still Cruisin'

3. Beach Boys Still Cruisin’

Time to grab your Beach Boys tunes and head to the beach! That’s how it was back in the late 80′s when I lived in Michigan. My friends and I would head to Lake Michigan after classes to hang out and listen to music. Beach Boys was always at the t…

Billy Joel - Storm Front

4. Billy Joel – Storm Front

When I was a young girl I loved music. This love has never gone away, though the style of music I listen to has. I received a record player from Fisher Price as a toddler. That was the beginning of my love of music. My mother would buy me lots of records w…

You Can't Deny My Affection for Lisa Stansfield

5. You Can’t Deny My Affection for Lisa Stansfield

I remember listening to the radio one day back in the late 80′s when I heard Lisa Stansfield’s first single “All Around the World” for the first time. Lisa’s sexy soulful spoken first line to the song; “I don’t know where…

Storm Front - Billy Joel at his best

6. Storm Front – Billy Joel at his best

I bought this album when it first came out in 1989 and it is never too far from my CD player. OK I’m a pretty dedicated Billy Joel fan and have been since the eighties and although I don’t htink this is his best ever it’s one of those albums…

My Green Days

7. My Green Days

The music by Green Day is often labeled as punk rock. I would rather call it energy music. There is something about the harmonies, the riffs and the tempo that I find rejuvenating. Every time I listen to A Thousand Hours something ignites inside me and I w…

The Glorious Album GRRR! by the Inimitable Rolling Stones

8. The Glorious Album GRRR! by the Inimitable Rolling Stones

Having been a life- long fan of the Rolling Stones, I have to say that – much as I like individual albums, of which I have several – if anyone wants compilation albums for a great nostalgic time reminding you of the awesome talent and staying power of this…

Aerosmith's Pump: A Drummer's Perspective

9. Aerosmith’s Pump: A Drummer’s Perspective

My absolute FAVORITE Aerosmith CD. During the time period when it was released, I was practicing my drums regularly. Joey Kramer was my God. My style was greatly influenced by him and Larry Mullen Jr. (U2) . There are 4 outstanding songs on this album that…

I Loved to Love You, Donna Summer

10. I Loved to Love You, Donna Summer

After discovering Donna Summer by way of ‘Bad Girls’ in 1978 I became a devoted fan. A decade was spent with the volume cranked to ’10′ for Bad Girls, On the Radio and She Works Hard for the Money. What am I saying? It was cranked up fo…

Nick of Time - Still in My Playlist 25 Years Later11. Nick of Time – Still in My Playlist 25 Years Later

While it may be hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Bonnie Raitt’s award winning album Nick of Time was released, it’s not hard to believe why it’s still on my current playlist. Over the course of the last 25 years, I’ve had t…

The One and Only Garth Brooks

12. The One and Only Garth Brooks

Country music in the late 80′s seemed to have undergone a mini revival of sorts! I think every radio station that played current hits was inundated with the sounds of New Country, that seemed to have it’s roots in the country music scene, but had…

Oh God...Say A Prayer!

13. Oh God…Say A Prayer!

I remember the release of this album. I am a big Madonna fan. Dance was my life in my early twenties and Madonna was on fire in the 1980′s. Her songs were upbeat and fun and great to bebop to when they came on the car radio. Her fashions of the time c…

Why Garth Brooks is the Best

14. Why Garth Brooks is the Best

Garth can straight up sing! He has a dream like voice that draws you into his songs. To where the lyrics describe a wonderful story. Everything Garth sings turns to gold. The song Thunder Roads is one of the best of his songs that embodies the great imager…

Why Like a prayer is a song I remember?

15. Why Like a prayer is a song I remember?

As long as I can remember and even before that whenever I listen to music I have an uncontrollable urge to dance. I don’t have any particular kind of music that makes me want to dance. All kinds of music do the trick. I dance to traditional folk songs…

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Squidoo HQ

Review of the Day: How a Mother Taught Her Daughter to Eat Like a Slim Person

Posted: 27 Mar 2014 05:44 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: What is Philately? Discover Stamp Collecting!

Posted: 27 Mar 2014 05:18 AM PDT

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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summertime18 is the “Man’s Best Friend” Contributor on Squidoo

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 06:15 AM PDT

muffsquidToday we’re pleased to introduce you to summertime18.  She’s our “Man’s Best Friend” Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.
Everything to do with dogs and the relationships we build with these amazing four legged furry creatures. I have had and loved dogs all my life and I will be sharing with you information, ideas and tips on dog behavior and training, life with dogs, DIY dog products, as well as reviews of my favorite doggie products

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
I cannot imagine my life without a dog beside me. I love how funny and goofy dogs can be at times, I love them for always being there, ready to join in the fun, ready to comfort you when you are sad…I love them for the total, unconditional love, loyalty, friendship and devotion they never fail to give their humans…I love them for the way they put their life and trust in you, even expecting you to be their God and save them from disease, pain and death…Dogs make my day and break my heart every single day…

You can also find summertime18 at the following sites:
For the love of dogs on Facebook
For the Love of Dogs on Pinterest
For the Love of Dogs Blog

summertime18 invites you to visit and share a review at her Review 20 among the most popular gifts for dog lovers.

Review of the Day: Why You Have To Have Laugh At American Hustle

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 04:56 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: How I Uncovered a Dirty Family Secret and Found My Uncle

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 04:41 AM PDT

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Squidoo HQ

Review of the Day: My Green Days

Posted: 25 Mar 2014 07:38 AM PDT

Connecting with People who Are Prominent in Your Niche: Tips from lensmaster Brite-Ideas

Posted: 25 Mar 2014 07:17 AM PDT

briteideasAs our “Country Music” contributor, lensmaster Brite-Ideas is having huge success making contact with some very important people in the country music business by way of social media.   I asked her if she’d share a few of her secrets and she graciously obliged.

Read on to learn how you might be able to build a powerful social media plan of your own.

My own personal motto is, ‘With so many people struggling to be heard online, it’s those who stop and listen who are heard the most’.
Of course, it was Seth Godin, Co-founder of Squidoo, who introduced us to the concept of ‘Go-Giving’. For those who aren’t familiar, it means to acknowledge others; give them your time, read their work, share their work and if you’re so inclined, comment on their work.

Certainly here at Squidoo, our detailed and personal reviews allow us to write about movies, music, authors and more, day in and day out. But that’s not enough.

12 Practical Steps I Keep in Mind When Building Socially
1. Try to Find the Social Platforms that Work best for Your Niche and master each of them one at a time. For me it’s Twitter at the moment – Artists, writers and entertainers tend to be active on Twitter.

2. I always tag the artist using an @andtheirname

3. I connect my Facebook Fan Page to my Twitter Page – It forces me to take the time to check for the proper tags on both Facebook and Twitter ensuring I use the correct ones, and the practical ones. It also forces me to keep my facebook fan posts short (140 characters or less). If you haven’t learned about the power of tagging, I suggest spending some time to better understand it. By the way, don’t worry if you’ve connected your accounts and other people happen to post on your Fan page, those posts won’t go to Twitter.

4. When starting in my niche, I had to choose whether to use my existing twitter account or start a new one. I wasn’t very active on Twitter at all prior to this…so I decided that I could make my current twitter name @poemslyrics work.

5. In order to better ‘brand myself’, I created a Country Music Background that I use on several platforms; My Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and I now use it as the background on my own personal music reviews. Give this background a great deal of thought, it should say exactly what you’re about just by looking at it. Also, be careful not to put too many words on it, because Facebook backgrounds are not suppose to be ‘blatant advertising’ (or so I read in their TOS).  You can see her brand background in action HERE.

6. On Twitter, I changed my name in my settings from Barbara to Country Music Reviews, that way, every time I post on Twitter, my post shows up as ‘Country Music Reviews’. However, I’m a big believer in keeping a personal connection to everything I do, so I rewrote the header on my Twitter profile to include my full name, my Squidoo Contributorship, and two links – one to my Squidoo Contributor Bio page, and one to my Facebook Fan Page.

7. Have compassion for the Artist in particular: They’re trying desperately to be heard in a very noisy world. Honestly acknowledging their work in social media by tagging, complimenting and ‘hearing them’, is the ultimate gift. I spend time reading other posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as listening to their music; I share it, comment on it, favorite it, and follow when appropriate. All of it comes from a real place – It has nothing to do with trying to get massive follows.

8. When it comes to Social Media I live by another motto, ‘do everything and expect nothing’. When I tag, share, and comment on an artist’s work, I expect nothing in return. If I’ve written a review about an artist or song and share it with them, I also expect nothing from them. If they choose to acknowledge it, it’s a bonus, and a gift; of course I’m thrilled (even shocked), but it’s not the driving force for why I do what I do. My social connections on Twitter are building more naturally with this approach.

9. When prominent people and other famous artists follow you on Twitter, your name shows up as someone they follow, and other musicians and artists may thus be more inclined to check you out and follow you as well.

10. When Artists follow, take the time to share and acknowledge them more than just once. How do I track this when new artists are following me daily? By creating ‘Private Lists’ in Twitter: As an example, I’ve put all Country Music Artists who’ve followed me into a list called ‘Country Music’ – That way when I go to my list I can see just those artists tweets and am more easily able to sort through them, read them, share them, fave them or comment. As more artists follow, I may further breakdown that list – for now it’s building slow enough that this is working fine.

11. I don’t think of anyone as competition. I’m building out my niche with my own unique approach – If you’re confident about how you’re building, competition is almost irrelevant. There’s room enough for everyone, we’re all individuals with something unique to offer…think hard about what your uniqueness is.

12. Artists, particularly musicians and poets write with the intention of reaching people with their words. Be open to letting the artist know in a review, that they’ve done just that. Perhaps your story will also move them. It’s the ultimate compliment to them; really understand that, and you too will be heard.

To Your Success, Barb

Lens of the Day: My Dog Suffers From Seasonal Allegies

Posted: 25 Mar 2014 05:01 AM PDT

vegival is the “Committed Vegan” Contributor on Squidoo

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 03:17 PM PDT

val2Today we’re pleased to introduce you to vegival. She’s our “Committed Vegan” Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.

Vegan are folks who avoid the use of animal products in their food, clothing, and personal care products. The goal is to eliminate the exploitation of animals. But while doing that, we are also improving our own health, as well helping to preserve the earth’s natural resources.

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
I first became vegan in June of 1992. For nearly a year prior to that, I had been questioning the ethics and necessity of eating meat. Once I wrapped my head around the issues and figured out what kinds of foods to eat, that was it! I have not eaten meat since, though there have been periods of my life that I chose to be vegetarian rather than vegan for specific reasons. I have been 100% vegan since 1999.

You can also find vegival at the following places online:
Vegan Journey
Vegan Journey on Facebook
Vegan Journey on Pinterest

vegival invites you to stop by and share a review at her Review Vegan Lifestyle Books and Cookbooks lens.

Family Heritage and Culture Lenses from our Giant Squids

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 09:51 AM PDT

Last week we asked our Giant Squid Storytellers to create a new lens that shares a story about something relating to their family heritage and/or culture. Here’s 11 of the lenses we received.  Enjoy!

The Secret of Amohamed's Church Murals

1. The Secret of Amohamed’s Church Murals

Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful city. If you come in the spring, you’ll find warm, balmy weather. The sun drapes over and warms the tents and stands in the downtown markets. Time spent outdoors is balmy, bright and cheerful. This backdrop of…

Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy

2. Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy

Minke whales, Finbacks, Humpbacks and even the rare endangered Right Whales come to the Bay of Fundy by the hundreds every summer. Those of us who are lucky enough to call this place home have the pleasure of seeing the whales time and again, but it’s…

My Mother's Annual Visits to Japan

3. My Mother’s Annual Visits to Japan

I left home at the age of 15 and although I’ve had a rough childhood that I wouldn’t want to relive, my adult years were mostly filled with happy memories. Once the drama of personal issues out of the way, our family has learned to love each othe…

A Yorkshire & Norfolk Heritage

4. A Yorkshire & Norfolk Heritage

I’m British and a proud Yorkshirewoman. But I have to confess to a guilty secret. I am not one hundred percent Yorkshire. I have foreign blood. ‘Foreign’, to a Yorkshire person means anywhere outside our great county so here I have to confes…

Family Get Together with Coffee Makers

5. Family Get Together with Coffee Makers

I can’t think of any family event where there was not coffee and people making coffee. Sometimes there would be a full holiday dinner, sometimes there would be tea or coffee. But, always there was coffee. The Early Days with the Drip Coffee Maker I re…

Family Culture

6. Family Culture

My family heritage is pretty much British Isles all the way. I am planning to have an ancestry. com DNA test done to see what else might be flowing through my veins. My mother’s paternal line is straight from Yorkshire and as far as I can see they liv…

My Favourite Manchester Sunday Lunch was Lovely Lancashire Hotpot

7. My Favourite Manchester Sunday Lunch was Lovely Lancashire Hotpot

I was born in Salford, a suburb of Manchester, in 1950, and rationing was still a fresh memory for my parents, so they tended to make the best meals they could from the cheapest ingredients. This was a trait for which Lancashire people were famous, and pro…

Irish DNA

8. Irish DNA

Family history is fluid and changes with each piece of evidence found. My family tree is no different. We knew we had some Irish but suspected English as well. Turns out, Ancestry DNA changed that and moved my family search into another direction. We are n…

The Brethren Prayer Covering

9. The Brethren Prayer Covering

In 1708, in the town of Schwarzenau, Germany, eight Christians who had been gathering regularly for prayer, worship, and the corporate study of Scripture, went to the banks of the Eder River and were immersed in the waters of baptism. Under the leadership…

heritage10.  A Endless Heritage        When heritage is discussed it usually identifies traits, concepts, or items from the past, not as a continually growing entity. When I joined the women’s lib movement however, heritage…

Prayers work

11. Prayers work

It is the time of the year when I give thanks to Father in Heaven for answering my prayers. Yes, prayers work. I have seen it many times and especially in my life in 2009. I wrote a story about how I survived an elective surgery mishap here . When I was in…

Image Source: Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy by lensmaster flycatcher

Because of Squidoo, We Have Been Changed For Good

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 08:03 AM PDT

3161666413_064b32e92f_oI love Wicked, the musical and especially the song For Good. My favorite lyric from the song says, Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.

I was inspired by those words to ask our Giants to share a reason or two about how Squidoo might have changed them for good and here’s what they had to say:

The various quests on Squidoo have provided me with the incentive to write about topics that I never would’ve considered; plus, their point and trophy reward system makes writing fun. In addition, the opportunity to participate as the “Disco Queen 70′s Contributor” has given me a reason to continue “Dancing Through Life” (I also love Wicked). ~DebW07

Squidoo has brought me out from under the bushel where I was hiding and given me the confidence to write and grow. Even more it’s given me the gift of sharing, something I never expected. ~Merrci

Squidoo is my life, I love every minute I spend writing commenting, making new friends all around the world. We have such a wonderful group of writers, I personally feel they are all part of my family, I have got to know them so well..
I would be lost without Squidoo, it keeps me young and my mind active in old age. ~Kiwinana71

Squidoo and the support of this fabulous community gave me renewed hope that I can do anything I put my mind to, even as a budding Senior Citizen. After a difficult layoff and job search during the height of the most recent recession, I was determined to exploit my entrepreneurial spirit…. Squidoo has allowed me to do that; I’m truly grateful. ~fullofshoes

Squidoo has helped me define myself in a way that is true to who I am. Although we are many things in this life, honing our true inner passion can sometimes be challenging, especially when life gets in the way..we’re so busy doing, we forget to ‘be who we are meant to be’ – Squidoo has helped me not only stay on track, but find that track again..the one that’s been in my heart all along. I wrote this well over 15 years ago, and Squidoo has helped me to remember my own words: “The voyage traveled is my narrative, remembering who I am imperative, it is my contribution to this place I signature in stone, it is not the battles failed, it is the journey flown’ – Thank you Squidoo ~Brite-Ideas

I have been blessed with many talents and interests by God but I was getting really tired of people trying to 'pigeon hole' me. Either this OR that; not both or all of them. Squidoo has been a liberating experience for me! I am able to express myself about ALL (yes, each and every single one of my interests) without having to 'cut out' parts of me. I am also a continuous learner, so I am also able to explore other interests through the 'expert eyes' of my fellow lensmasters who share so passionately about what they love and have learned. I am a whole person here! So, yes, I have been changed for good! ~FreshStart7

Squidoo has given me a “home” for my online presence in crochet design and dog rescue. I no longer maintain separate websites for each, because there is simply no need. My whole life is on Squidoo!

I keep a mindset I call “Squidooing.” As I go about my life, I make it a point to think, “Would this activity/thing/place/whatever make a good lens?” My phone camera journals everything I do, and it later turns into Squidoo lenses!

My 330+ active lenses on Squidoo are finally starting to produce some actual income for my dog rescue! It’s small, granted… but it’s steadily growing and will always be there. Every lens I write is a seed planted for the future. All I have to do is care for it, keep it updated and fresh, promote it, and it will keep attracting readers. ~SheilaSchnauzies

Squidoo has given me the courage to pursue the life I’ve always dreamed of and I will forever be grateful for that. ~Smine27

Feel free to add your own thoughts about how Squidoo has changed you for good in the comments here.

Image Source

Review of the Day: The Movie with the Best One Liners Ever

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 05:45 AM PDT

Lens of the Day: The Archbishop Romero El Salvador Tour

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 05:33 AM PDT

Welcome to the Movie Club!

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 07:34 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.57.37 AMMovies move, inspire, educate, make us laugh, cry and cheer. Films are woven into our lives via the big screen, DVD and most recently streaming.

Movies are such an important part of modern culture and the the topic of many great conversation. Think about it, when you see a movie you often times share your review with a friend. That’s what the Squidoo Movie Club is all about. Sharing!

So your mission for your first Movie Club Quest is to share a movie that made you laugh. Here is the link to create a Movie Review lens:

A few tips…

1) It’s all about you. Share why YOU love the movie not just a summary of the film.

2) Get personal. Did you see the movie in Paris? Did you go with your best friend? Did you get an extra large popcorn? How did these things add to your experience?

3) Share your review on social media. This is really important. We’re pretty sure your friends are interested in why you loved “Frozen”. They value your opinion and will share with their friends. A good movie review is shareable (and priceless).

Not a member of the Movie Club yet? Just e-mail me at and I’ll get this quest up on your Quest Tab.

Later this week we’ll be sharing your review on SquidooHQ and our own social media sites. Can’t wait to see what makes you laugh this week.

Review of the Day: Astronauts: Awesome, but Not Perfect

Posted: 23 Mar 2014 06:55 AM PDT