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Introducing WitStop

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 06:59 AM PDT

WitStop lensmaster on SquidooMeet Guy, aka lensmaster WitStop on Squidoo. Here’s what he had to share with us.

How did you find Squidoo?  I found Squidoo quite by accident when Seth Godin, one of my favorite and sensible marketing gurus, mentioned it in one of his blog posts. I appreciate Mr. Godin's sensible approach to not just marketing, but to life in general.

When Godin mentioned Squidoo, I had no idea what he was talking about. However, I knew that if it was worth Mr. Godin's mention then it had to be worth checking out.

I was immediately intrigued by the simplicity of the Squidoo platform and inspired by the way Squidoo opens the internet to anybody who is able to follow basic instructions and willing to share their story.

When I learned that Mr. Godin was the founder of Squidoo, I was completely sold on the idea and knew that I had to add Squidoo to my platform building initiatives.

 Of the lenses you’ve made so far, which is your favorite and why?  Of the nearly 20 lenses I've made so far, my favorite is How to Ace the ASVAB. I have a few reasons for recognizing this lens as my favorite, but two reasons stand above the rest.

First, How to Ace the ASVAB is a lens that can actually change lives for the better. Based on my own experience with the ASVAB and my nearly 30 years of leading and coaching military members, I know that performing well on that battery of tests can completely change the trajectory of a young person's life. The ASVAB can determine whether a person embarks on a dream career or stumbles into a nightmare job. How to Ace the ASVAB provides resources that will help people start their journeys on the right foot.

In addition to being a life-changing lens, How to Ace the ASVAB also represents a turning point in my understanding of the Squidoo platform. It's the first lens that I was really proud of, both for its content and its design. I experimented with several lenses and built a few that were actually pretty bad. I deleted some that were beyond repair and unpublished others so I can revamp them.How to Ace the ASVAB is a model that I will happily apply to other helpful lenses and I'm proud to publish it under my byline.

What one tip would you give to a new lensmaster starting out?  Oh, how I wish you had asked for two or three tips! [SMILE]

That said, my number one tip for new lensmasters is to experiment with different lens topics and genres. Get out of your comfort zone and explore areas that are challenging, and yes, even uncomfortable for you. You'll grow as a writer and maybe even find a new niche for your work.

For example, I was recently blessed by the SquidTeam when they selected of one of my lenses – What'sreally up with Shawn? – as a Best of Squidoo lens in a genre that is outside my normal interests and writing activities. I write about serious topics – leadership, lifestyle design, education, and the like – so putting together an entertainment piece was a real challenge for me. Seriously, I perspired while I typed my thoughts about the popular television series, Psych, and I my finger quivered when I hit the PUBLISH button. The end result of this nerve-racking endeavor is that I discovered a new arena in which to write and I had a lot of fun finding it. So, whether you’re new to Squidoo or an experienced Squid, don't be afraid to get out on the ledge and try new things. You’ll be surprised at the treasures you uncover!

Learn more about Guy and see all of his lenses when you visit his profile page.

Lens of the Day: A Pro Vaccine Approach to the Great Vaccine Debate: Vaccines and Your Child

Posted: 28 Apr 2014 05:18 AM PDT

vacineNo matter where you stand on this important issue, stop by today’s Lens of the Day to join the debate, share your thoughts and participate in the poll.

A Pro Vaccine Approach to the Great Vaccine Debate: Vaccines and Your Child
by lensmaster jcortright is brought to you from  Best of Books on Squidoo where you’ll find many more informative and helpful book reviews.

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