Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Lens of the Day: Natural Beach Combed Sea Glass: A Vanishing Treasure

Posted: 15 Jul 2014 05:58 AM PDT

beachglassDo you ever wonder where that beautiful piece of beach glass you picked up at the shore came from?  Do you know which color is the rarest to find?  Are you aware that eventually there won’t be anymore sea glass to enjoy?

Today’s Lens of the Day holds the answers to all of those questions and more.

Natural Beach Combed Sea Glass: A Vanishing Treasure by lensmaster denmarkguy is brought to you from our Best of Hobbies on Squidoo category where people just like you share their expertise, knowledge and joy for their favorite hobby.  Have you created a page about yours yet?

We’d love to learn more about what interests you.    Why not create a new lens about your favorite hobby today and then share the link in the comments below.

Community Lensmaking Quest: Fill a Backpack with their Favorite Things

Posted: 14 Jul 2014 09:59 AM PDT

7651703666_b36702cfcc_zSince Back-to-School is still such a hot topic, for this community lensmaking quest we’re asking you to choose and fill a special backpack on a new lens, of course.

But…  just like our Decorate a Dorm Room quest, we don”t want you to fill just any old backpack.  We want one that you fill with a particular person in mind.  And NO, we really don’t want to see any lenses that simply feature a long list of backpacks.  Choose one or two of them to share on your lens and then add some related items that match the niche topic you’ve chosen.

Ideas might include choosing a topic or character somebody loves such as:

  • A Backpack Filled with Looney Tunes Love
  • Back to School Supplies for a Soccer Lover
  • Or maybe, Go Back to School with One Direction

Here’s a quick one I made as an example: Filling a Frozen Backpack with Fun Back-to-School Supplies

Other ideas might include:

Filling a backpack by age or grade level such as:

  • Recommended Gadgets for a  New College Student
  • Things every 7 Year-old Boy Wants in their Backpack
  • Cool School Supplies for Middle School

Or Mix it up:

  • Lego Backpack and School Supplies for a 10 Year-old
  • Yes, High School Girls Love Frozen Too
  • A Chic Geek Backpack for Junior

Share a story about why you chose your topic.  Are you currently shopping for a school-aged child?  Are you a fellow Looney Tunes lover?  Are you a teacher?  Tell your reader about it to make your lens more personal and to let them know that you know what you’re talking about.

Choose a few helpful products to feature in Amazon modules but don’t go overboard and do use both description areas of each module to share a personal review along with helpful tips or advice for each and every product you display.  Too much empty white space can ruin the effect of an otherwise terrific lens.

If you’ve got a photo of an actual backpack you’ve filled, we’d love to see it.  If you don’t, be sure to properly cite any creativecommons.org type photos you use on the lens.

When your creative new Back-to-School backpack lens is completed, share the link here in the comments below so we can all take a look.

I’ll be grabbing a handful of these to feature in a special post right here at SquidooHQ next week.

PS… I loved so many of the dorm room quest lenses you created last week.  I really can’t wait to see what you all do for this one.

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