Thursday, July 24, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Q: What’s the Best Way to Get Traffic to My Lenses?

Posted: 24 Jul 2014 06:00 AM PDT

orange monsterA: To get more traffic, you need to create and maintain useful, updated, unique content. We call that the UUU of Squidoo.

Useful lenses answer questions and provide specific information that people are looking for.

Updated lenses are reviewed regularly, checked for dead links or out-of-date content, and revised accordingly.  (Read more about that here.)

Unique lenses offer something that all the other pages out there that are written on your same topic don't offer. For one, your writing voice is different from everyone else's. Read Tom's article to find out why that's important.

The more you write, the more lenses you create, the more great lenses you read and study, the better you'll understand the concept of and the importance of UUU. So be yourself, keep writing and making more lenses as you develop your personal, recognizable style, choose useful topics and keep your lenses updated, and the traffic will come.

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