Friday, August 29, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Reminder: HubPages Opt Out Deadline is Tomorrow

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 02:42 PM PDT

Squidoo & HubpagesIf you’ve already hit the green button on your dashboard to accelerate the transfer to HubPages, you’re in good shape. If you’ve already deleted your Squidoo account, you’re also set (and remember, you’ll still get paid for all the time your account has been live). This is a note for those that are still trying to decide.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to opt out of the HubPages transfer. The deadline for this is 2pm EDT. (Here’s a handy timezone converter to help you find what time that is in your location). If you opt out, your pages won’t show up any longer and nothing of yours will be moved to HubPages when the transfer is complete.

In order to opt out, your account must be deleted by 2pm EDT tomorrow, August 29th. After that time, you will no longer be able to delete your account or any lenses attached to it, because we have to freeze everything to do the transfer. All lenses on Squidoo will automatically be deleted after the transfer is completed.

We want to make it clear that even after tomorrow’s deadline, you will have complete access to your Dashboard, stats and the Workshop (without Publishing), and you’ll be able to continue to backup your account.

If you miss the deadline and decide HubPages isn’t right for you, you can always delete your account on HubPages after the transfer is complete. Hit the green button, accelerate the transfer, check it out when it’s done, and if you don’t like it, by all means, hit delete…

Both teams at HubPages and Squidoo have been hard at work with the transition tools. Things are working well in our tests, spanning hundreds of accounts and thousands of lenses in a test environment. Everything is on track for the timeline to begin converting accounts on Tuesday, September 2nd.

If you do want your account transferred, we do encourage you to click the green button on your Dashboard to opt in. In doing so, you’ll be picking your username at HubPages, and be able to set up your account and create Hubs the way you’d like.

If we don’t hear from you… if you don’t opt in or out… and you have at least one featured lens – your account will be transferred instead of being automatically deleted. If your Squidoo username isn’t available on HubPages, they’ll assign you an alternative. Usernames on HubPages cannot be changed, so it is best to keep this in your control.

So, to summarize:
a. you’ll get paid for all the revenue your pages generate on Squidoo, by Squidoo.
b. if you hit the delete button, nothing will be moved.
c. if you hit the green button, you’ll get moved in the order of the people who have opted in.
d. if you do nothing, we’ll move your eligible pages to preserve them, but you can delete them at any time on HubPages.

If you experience any issues, please file a bug report so we can address it as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Important Update on the HubPages Transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 07:21 AM PDT

Here’s an update for you.

Our original plan was to disable lens editing and creation today, but we’ve decided to extend this until tomorrow to give you a little more time.

Tomorrow (August 23rd) at 8am EDT, pages will all be unable to be edited or created on Squidoo. Also, new account creation will be disabled.

If you’ve opted in, your lenses and account will be transferred to HubPages according to the schedule, and you’ll be notified when everything is successfully transferred so you can review your pages and resume editing and creating.

Reminder: if you do not wish to make the transition to HubPages, you’ll need to delete your Squidoo account before August 29, 2014. Be sure to back up your content first. If you haven't deleted your account by August 29, 2014, your account and pages will be moved automatically to HubPages beginning on September 2nd. Some accounts may move sooner, but those will only be from the group who has opted in. You will receive notification from HubPages to your Squidoo account email address once your account has been successfully transferred. Remember, you can always delete your new HubPages account at any time if you don’t like the way the transition is working for you.

Updates to the FAQ:

HubPages has stated they will give all Featured lenses a minimum of a four-month grace period before HubPages' rules and TOS will be applied. This will make for a great Halloween and holiday season for all lenses created for those occasions.

We’ve updated the FAQ to make the payment schedule more clear and we’ve lowered the payment threshold for those who prefer the earnings vs. donating to charity. See the FAQ for specifics.

Here’s a recap of the schedule:

  1. Tomorrow, August 23: new lens creation and editing and new account creation will be disabled at 8am EDT.
  2. Friday, August 29: last day to opt out of the HubPages transfer group. Backup your lenses and delete your account by this day if you want to opt out of the transfer.
  3. September 2, 2014: HubPages will begin the import of opt-in members. We expect this to move quickly, and you will be notified by HubPages once your account is transferred.

Additional reading:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

From Squidoo to HubPages: A Mover’s Guide

Posted: 18 Aug 2014 05:38 AM PDT

7332015_f260Veteran HubPages and Squidoo writer Relache has put together a nice guide to help with the transition called From Squidoo to HubPages: A Mover’s Guide.

So do give it a read, I think you’ll get some really good information from it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Downloading Squidoo Content

Posted: 17 Aug 2014 05:52 AM PDT

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.11.33 PMWe’ve had multiple questions about downloading Squidoo content during the transition period.

To download lenses go to your Dashboard: and click the link that says “download all your lens content for this account” so you have a backup, because all content on Squidoo goes away in October. You can read more about this in the FAQ’s.

Once downloaded you should open the XML file with a text editor. All computers should have a text editor program installed.

We’ve have resolved a lot of the bugs associated with downloading content so you should be able to get your files now. If you are still having problems please do file a detailed bug report.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo and HubPages

Posted: 15 Aug 2014 12:01 PM PDT

Squidoo & HubpagesAugust 15, 2014

Here's some good news, big news, news that will open some new possibilities for you…

HubPages is acquiring key content from Squidoo, creating the largest site of its kind in the world.

For nearly a decade, both Squidoo and HubPages have provided a home for content creators online. We've made it easy for people to use our platforms to share content that they care about, to tell stories, write articles and link to places that matter to them. Over the years, more than four billion visits have been made to the two sites, which host content from more than five million people.

Today, we're announcing that as a result of this acquisition, Squidoo is moving the best of its content to HubPages. They're the industry leader, continually pushing the envelope in terms of their content, its presentation and the traffic and traction they get online. The best way we know to serve our users is to give them an even better place for their content, and when I talked with Paul Edmondson at HubPages, it became clear to both of us that combining these platforms leads to a stronger, more efficient, more generous way to share great stuff online.

Starting in a few weeks, all traffic to Squidoo will automatically be redirected to the relevant pages on HubPages instead. We've been busy building transfer tools that will make it easy (and mostly automatic) for content to move from the Squidoo site to HubPages. Together with some members of the Squidoo team, I'll be working with HubPages to ensure that we make the best possible transition and impact going forward. Squidoo pages will cease to be visible in September or early October.

You don't have to wait a few weeks to get started, though! Click on the 'get started' button on your dashboard and you'll be able to set up your HubPages settings as well as start building new pages there while you wait for the transfer to be complete (and your transfers will get done first).

It's important to note that we'll only be moving our highest rated and most useful content to HubPages. Some pages won't be making the move, and will no longer be hosted online, so it's prudent to go to your dashboard and download an archive of what you've built so you can keep it forever.

Click here for a faq to see answers to commonly asked questions about this move

You can start using the HubPages platform right away just by clicking the Set Up Your Transfer button on your dashboard. As your lenses are automatically moved, you'll see the steps on how to set up an account that will help you earn money from your pages. Payment will continue uninterrupted (between us, the two companies have enabled our users to earn tens of millions of dollars for themselves and their causes!)

If you don't do anything, you'll get a notice by email and on your dashboard when the transfer is completed and your pages are live. At that point, you have to click on the link and activate your HubPages account in order to make changes and earn money.

If you'd rather not have your account and content moved to HubPages, don't worry. There are instructions on your dashboard about how to download your data so you can take it with you, as well as a big button that lets you delete your Squidoo account. As long as you do this by August 29, 2014 none of your data will be moved.

We're doing this now so we can have as much in place by October 1 as possible… just in time for Halloween.

It's never easy to end a project (sometimes it's even harder than starting one), but the Squidoo team has always been focused on what's best for you, our users, and it's clear to us that Paul and his team have built a platform that will help you reach your goals even faster than we can do it alone. Moving these assets to HubPages opens the door for even more magic.

You'll certainly see many familiar Squidoo faces when you browse around HubPages, but some of the Squidoo staff will be moving on to new projects. I hope you'll join me in thanking the extraordinary team that's pioneered so many of the tools we use every day, and even better, that you'll celebrate with ever better content that will be seen by ever more people.

Have fun. Make a ruckus. Do good work.

Thanks for the magic you make, and for being kind and generous.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

5 Tips to Take Your Writing From Good to Great!

Posted: 14 Aug 2014 04:30 PM PDT

1351588143_f55be0a30aIf you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’ve written and published your content on the web or you’re thinking about it. Maybe it was on Squidoo or maybe you’re a new lensmaster working on your very first creation.

When we’re writing content for the web, we should always strive to be more than just good – we want to be great!

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, I think these tips will help you to take your writing from “good” to “great”. Let’s get started!



1. Check your modules for contributions

Modules like Google News and Twitter can be great additions to a lens and help add valuable news, links and information. They’re not right for every lens so if you aren’t seeing the kinds of content you want, consider replacing them with something more relevant. It’s a good idea to periodically take a look at the content that these “auto-populating” modules are creating. Look for things like RSS feeds, twitter modules and check them for the quality of the content they’re adding. If you aren’t seeing value, consider replacing them with static content that’s more interesting and informational.

2. Re-verify your claims

Have things changed since you first wrote your content? Of course they have! It’s always smart to keep up on current events, scientific developments and even the latest books that have come out since your lens first went live. A deep understanding of your topic can help make your writing easier and it’s a great idea to stay abreast of changes. Gaining your readers trust is impossible if you’re making untrue statements.

3. Share the latest and greatest

What’s new? A good lens shares accurate information. A great lens has the cutting edge products, latest developments and information reflecting the changing attitudes and understanding of the author. If your lens has been recently updated with what’s new, you’ll position yourself at the head of the pack when readers are looking for the latest information.

4. Don’t repeat yourself

Check out Google’s example of keyword stuffing – they define it as “repeating the same phrase so much that is sounds unnatural”.  It’s easy to  inadvertently drop in your keywords too often and end up with writing that sounds repetitive or stuffed. Replace oft-repeated keywords with a variety of synonyms or look for places you can remove the noun altogether.

5. Don’t be breathless

Breathless isn’t realistic. Most readers will see right through it and it won’t do your credibility any favors. Write realistically and avoid hyperbole to get your point across without turning off your reader. You don’t need to sound like a billboard or a television commercial to be persuasive and informative.

Be frank, honest and straightforward with your writing for the best results.

So there you have it – 5 easy ways to boost your writing and go from good to great, no matter where you are in your lensmaking journey. Now it’s your turn: how to you improve and refine your writing? What do you think of these five tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: dev null via Compfight cc

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

Posted: 14 Aug 2014 05:56 AM PDT

Have you completed your summer bucket list yet? Looking for one or two or a few more things to add to it?

Our current SUMMER FUN community lensmaking quest asks lensmasters to share something they did, learned or created this summer.

Here’s a few of our early entries. Please feel free to share a link to a lens of your own about something you did this summer in the comments section below.

I Learned How to Make Jewelry this Summer

1. I Learned How to Make Jewelry this Summer

This summer I spent about three weeks visiting my mom and her husband, and one of the many DIY projects Mom and I took on was making our own jewelry. Well, maybe I should say, Mom already knew how to make jewelry, or ‘bead’, as she would say, and…

Lighthouses on the Jersey Shore

2. Lighthouses on the Jersey Shore

I love photographing lighthouses and now that we are retired, my husband and I love to travel. What a great combination! In the past 8 years we have traveled to over 100 lighthouses and I have photographed each one. During the summer of 2014 we traveled to…

How To Play Rithmomachia

3. How To Play Rithmomachia

Rithmomachia, or the Philosophers Game is a complex mathematical game not for the faint of heart. It has often been reputed that the game was invented by the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, however there is no real evidence of this, althoug…

My Choice For Backyard Firepits and Why

4. My Choice For Backyard Firepits and Why

I have been on a search for a new backyard firepit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the one we have, just keeping my options open. For me, a casual fire pit for those cool winter nights here in south east Texas. In my researching, I ran across some…

Summer Stay-cation

5. Summer Stay-cation

Summer is that time of year when the wheel of life slows. There is a line like that in the beginning of the movie Tuck Everlasting, but it is so true. Things seem more leisurely. Sipping iced tea with the condensation dripping slowly down the side of the g…

One Red Paperclip

6. One Red Paperclip

A tale of optimism and possibilitiesIf you seek inspiration, read ‘One Red Paperclip’. This is such a great story! Kyle MacDonald made 14 barters in 2005/2006. He started with a red paperclip and ended owning a real house. His writing style is wi…

Summer is for...

7. Summer is for…

Summer is a time to explore, enjoy the warm weather, and try new things. You may enjoy swimming, you may take a vacation, or you may watch a lot of new movies! Whatever you do on during summer, at least make it memorable. I’ve had a lot of great summe…

How to Make a Hello Kitty Battery Operated Glow Light - Upcycle Jar Craft Demo

8. How to Make a Hello Kitty Battery Operated Glow Light – Upcycle Jar Craft Demo

This actually lights up with no candle, no flame, and no electricity. How’s that work? Follow along to see how to assemble this Hello Kitty glowing night light. It was really easy. For the last week of summer, I’ve been totally sucked off into do…

Our New Halloween Lenses Are Coming In!

Posted: 13 Aug 2014 12:02 PM PDT

Big Bows for Steampunk Halloween Decorations

1. Big Bows for Steampunk Halloween Decorations

Nothing says Halloween more than Steampunk. Where technology meets Dracula with his Victorian style, dark colors, ruffles, lace, and big buttons. Follow this step- by- step tutorial to make Big Bows for Steampunk Halloween Decorations. Accessorize hats, su…

DIY Minion Costumes

2. DIY Minion Costumes

Who’s doesn’t love the minions! Whether you are designing a fabulous handmade costume for Halloween or just making some spiffy new dress up clothes for the playroom minions are the way to go! You’ll find lots of cute ideas & all the stuf…

Super Scary Alice in Wonderland Costume

3. Super Scary Alice in Wonderland Costume

You’ve probably seen a lot of Alice in Wonderland costumes for Halloween, I’m sure we all have, but I bet you’ve never seen a scary one like this. I was really intrigued when I found this while getting ideas on what to wear. The dress outfit…

Easy Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume

4. Easy Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume

For the past few years, I have learned a great deal about Minecraft. My knowledge hasn’t come from actually playing the game, but from my 10- year- old daughter that is obsessed with the pixelated world. In the past few months, we have made pixelated…

How to Make Themed Stained Glass Containers for Pennies - Spooky Spider - Mason Jar Cheap Chic Demo

5. How to Make Themed Stained Glass Containers for Pennies – Spooky Spider – Mason Jar Cheap Chic Demo

I love old glass. My neighbor found out and gave me a really old mason jar he had laying around in storage. He’s a sweet heart. I made him a batch of homemade, oatmeal raisin cookies, so it worked out well for both of us. I wanted to make it into a st…

Create This Glowing Zombie

6. Create This Glowing Zombie

This Zombie is my original artistic technique or at least I have never seen anyone crazy enough to think of it. DO NOT APPLY THIS TO SKIN! It is not meant as a makeup technique. You can receive severe burns if you do. Halloween is the best time of year and…

Princess Anna Coronation Gown for Dress Up or Halloween

7. Princess Anna Coronation Gown for Dress Up or Halloween

Disney hit it big time when they created Frozen, a tale of two sisters who face steep challenges and eventually overcome any obstacle in their path with sisterly love. Like most sisters that I know, Anna and Elsa are unique and have their own style. Elsa w…

Die-t Halloween Candy Bowl

8. Die-t Halloween Candy Bowl

I call this a die- t candy dish because nobody will want to put their hands in it and take the candy. The bowl is in no way meant for people on sugar restricted diets. I am using a basic lolly pop recipe. You can decide what flavor you would like to make i…

Zombie Flick Pick - Night of the Living Dead 1990 - Barbara Breaks Bad in the Boons - Lessons Learned from a Lethal Librarian

9. Zombie Flick Pick – Night of the Living Dead 1990 – Barbara Breaks Bad in the Boons – Lessons Learned from a Lethal Librarian

I love horror. Vampires, zombies, creature features, all are fodder for a fun flick fest for me. That being said, I don’t like being really scared that often. Usually, with the above mentioned type monsters, they are dispatched by the end and I can go…

Interview With a Bat

10. Interview With a Bat

Why bats at Halloween? Because we are social creatures who enjoy visiting for snacks. Show me a moth and I’ll show you a happy bat. My name is Emerson and I am doing this guest blog for Lee. I am the lead marionette puppet in the Stunt Cookies Product…

The Best Halloween Movies for Kids

11. The Best Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween is an awesome time of year. The decorations, the cool air, the fall colors, and of course, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. This spooky holiday also brings forth tons of scary movies. As a mother of 2 boys, one of whom LOVES Halloween with a strong p…

Sweet Sunflower Costumes for Kids

12. Sweet Sunflower Costumes for Kids

In just 5 easy steps, you’ll see how to put together a wonderful sunny sunflower themed outfit for children of all ages. Perfect for parties, dressing up, summer fun and Halloween, this page is filled with every thing that is needed to achieve this sw…

Make a No Sew Cowgirl Halloween Costume

13. Make a No Sew Cowgirl Halloween Costume

I like costumes that use real clothing so you can wear them again. So I have always made my own and my kids’ Halloween costumes. Oh no, you say. are you kidding? I don’t sew! Don’t worry. You can buy all the parts but they will be reusable s…

How to Make a Scary Skull Stained Glass Candle Holder - Jar Craft Scrap Busting Demo

14. How to Make a Scary Skull Stained Glass Candle Holder – Jar Craft Scrap Busting Demo

I did a mason jar candle holder a little while back. It was a lot of fun, but I wasn’t really happy with it and wanted to try again. I had an old pickle jar laying around that fell victim to my crafting Halloween lust. With some paint, Mod Podge, doil…

Disney Cinderella Costume

15. Disney Cinderella Costume

Cinderella is the beautiful princess who suffered a lot since her mother’s death. She was ill treated by her step mother but one night, she was lucky enough to be transformed into a real princess in her amazing costume. Since then, her destiny changed…

Princess Merida Halloween or Dress Up Costume

16. Princess Merida Halloween or Dress Up Costume

If you haven’t noticed lately, Disney Princesses are getting a bit spunkier. Right now, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are all little girls are talking about. However, two summers ago, there was a red, curlycued princess that broke the mold when it come…

Temple Run Guy Dangerous Halloween Costume

17. Temple Run Guy Dangerous Halloween Costume

I don’t get the chance to play many games but Temple Run 2 is my favorite way to relax and wind down of an evening with the main hero character Guy Dangerous going off on his Indiana Jones style escapades and picking up gold and treasure along the way…

How to Make an Apothecary Bottle of Fairy Dust - Sugary Sweet DIY Demo

18. How to Make an Apothecary Bottle of Fairy Dust – Sugary Sweet DIY Demo

I’m on an apothecary bottle craft jig of late. This time around, let’s make a bottle of fairy dust. I like fairies all year round but they fit in really well with the Halloween season. This year, I’m wanting to gift handmade, decorated, apot…

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

15 of the Newest Additions to our Lens Library

Posted: 12 Aug 2014 06:05 AM PDT

Our recent Community Lensmaking Quest: Add A Book Lens To Our Library produced oodles of terrific new lenses.

Here’s 15 of them for your reading pleasure.

Bonding over Sci-Fi

1. Bonding over Sci-Fi

I read ‘Starship Troopers’ for the first time in the sixth grade. It was the first of many Robert A. Heinlein’s books that I would read, and Heinlein would become my favorite author. I swiped it from my dad’s book collection because I t…

Traveling Through the World's Cuisine-The Food Book Review

2. Traveling Through the World’s Cuisine-The Food Book Review

Will Travel for FoodTo say that I love food is an understatement. My love for food borders on the obsessive so it’s no surprise that when I plan trips abroad, I meticulously research the what, why and where I’d be eating each and every one of my…

Find Essential Recipes and Cooking Tips with Kitchen Confidence

3. Find Essential Recipes and Cooking Tips with Kitchen Confidence

There’s no greater pleasure than cooking a meal for family and friends. When you lack the confidence to show off your culinary skills, call in a trusted friend. Kelsey Nixon, a fan favorite from season four of Food Network Star, offers easy ways to up…

Worst Ideas Ever, A Book Review

4. Worst Ideas Ever, A Book Review

The Worst Ideas Ever. Isn’t that a great name for a book? It is a suitable title too. I recently finished reading this brief, fun book, written by Daniel Kline and Jason Tomaszewski. It surprised me and had me laughing out loud! We can probably all th…

Disinformation - A Review

5. Disinformation – A Review

The secret police of the Soviet Union, known as the KGB for most of the 20th century, considered framing its enemies an honorable task. General Pacepa, who was the highest ranking communist official to defect, had the job of creating and spreading this dis…

Book Review: Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz

6. Book Review: Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz

If you are a fan of Dean Koontz, and particularly of his character Odd Thomas, then you will enjoy this book. I could stop there and let you find out for yourself, but there is also a lot more that I could say without giving away too much of the incredible…

Still Learning from Tuck Everlasting

7. Still Learning from Tuck Everlasting

I was preschool age when I got Baby Bear for my birthday. I had wanted him. He was to be my ‘Bunk Bear’s’ baby. The night of my birthday, though, I cried and cried. It was because little pink- ribboned Baby Bear would never grow up. I would…

It All Changed In An Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure

8. It All Changed In An Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure

I love a book that sparks my creative tendencies and It All Changed In An Instant: More Six- Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure did that in a very big way. I’m a (pre) baby- boomer and, this past spring as I approached my 69th birthday,…

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Book Review

9. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Book Review

Ok, a while ago I did a lens on installment two titled Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda. Since it didn’t float well, it was sent to the showers. Somewhere at the start of writing I made mention of this book which is book one of the Splinter Cell ser…

Long Time Coming - Edie Claire

10. Long Time Coming – Edie Claire

Long Time Coming – By Edie Claire, is a novel I enjoyed very much as it kept me wondering the real reason how Joy’s best friend Jenny died in a car accident just a few days after the senior prom and why Jenny’s boy friend Jeff had not talked to J…

Little Humans Of New York is here!

11. Little Humans Of New York is here!

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of Humans Of New York, Brandon Stanton’s smash hit book and project, let me introduce you to ‘Little Humans Of New York’! Available for earlybird orders and available everywhere on October 7th, Stant…

The Dovekeepers, A Historical Novel

12. The Dovekeepers, A Historical Novel

If you have ever had the pleasure of travelling to Israel, you know that the country is steeped in history to the Nth degree. Everywhere you go, and every town you visit, has stories that go back to the beginning of time. The Hebrew people from the beginni…

Use YA Books to Teach Writing

13. Use YA Books to Teach Writing

Sometimes students need a bridge to get them from reading nothing to reading something- then on to reading the great literature of western civilization. Given the popularity of some best- selling novels for young adults, teachers may want to incorporate th…

A Reluctant Hero And His HIV Story

14. A Reluctant Hero And His HIV Story

This book examines the life of Mark Thorpe, a man who has been diagnosed as being HIV positive. It describes the psychological affects the illness has on him during his long fight with what is, as everyone knows, a life threatening condition if left untrea…

The Doll by J.C Martin - A book review

15. The Doll by J.C Martin – A book review

The Doll is a short novelette by J. C Martin. It is a thrillingly creepy horror which keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair. Or under it if you’re reading alone at night. The AuthorThe author of The Doll is J. C Martin, a wonderful Malaysian aut…


Q: What’s So Important About a Bio?

Posted: 12 Aug 2014 06:00 AM PDT

orange monsterYou’ve heard it before and now it’s a requirement before your first lens is published: Write a bio and include a picture on your Squidoo profile. But why?

For one, it’s what professional writers do – and you’re now a professional writer, like it or not. Second, readers will trust you more if they know more about you. As you build your reputation as a writer that people can trust, your fans will start noticing you and recognizing both your name and your face at a glance as they come across your work, wherever it resides.

How do you want people to remember you? Write your bio accordingly. It’s good practice to keep the bio short and general, similar to bios you’ve provided on other social media sites. Here’s a helpful article I found that suggests presenting the same personal brand across all of your social networks by using the same bio and photo. Not a bad idea.

Speaking of photos, a good, clear picture of yourself is best, but a smart, recognizable avatar can work if you’re just absolutely too shy (or have legitimate privacy issues) to share your face with the whole wide world.

It’s amazing how quickly we establish our reputations as writers, so work hard to make your reputation a favorable one by putting some effort into creating an up-to-date profile that reflects the you that you want people to get to know.

RIP Robin Williams

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 04:40 PM PDT

Such an amazing talent and kind soul. The world has lost a true talent.

screen shot 2014-08-11 07:36:04 PM