Friday, August 22, 2014

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ

Important Update on the HubPages Transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 07:21 AM PDT

Here’s an update for you.

Our original plan was to disable lens editing and creation today, but we’ve decided to extend this until tomorrow to give you a little more time.

Tomorrow (August 23rd) at 8am EDT, pages will all be unable to be edited or created on Squidoo. Also, new account creation will be disabled.

If you’ve opted in, your lenses and account will be transferred to HubPages according to the schedule, and you’ll be notified when everything is successfully transferred so you can review your pages and resume editing and creating.

Reminder: if you do not wish to make the transition to HubPages, you’ll need to delete your Squidoo account before August 29, 2014. Be sure to back up your content first. If you haven't deleted your account by August 29, 2014, your account and pages will be moved automatically to HubPages beginning on September 2nd. Some accounts may move sooner, but those will only be from the group who has opted in. You will receive notification from HubPages to your Squidoo account email address once your account has been successfully transferred. Remember, you can always delete your new HubPages account at any time if you don’t like the way the transition is working for you.

Updates to the FAQ:

HubPages has stated they will give all Featured lenses a minimum of a four-month grace period before HubPages' rules and TOS will be applied. This will make for a great Halloween and holiday season for all lenses created for those occasions.

We’ve updated the FAQ to make the payment schedule more clear and we’ve lowered the payment threshold for those who prefer the earnings vs. donating to charity. See the FAQ for specifics.

Here’s a recap of the schedule:

  1. Tomorrow, August 23: new lens creation and editing and new account creation will be disabled at 8am EDT.
  2. Friday, August 29: last day to opt out of the HubPages transfer group. Backup your lenses and delete your account by this day if you want to opt out of the transfer.
  3. September 2, 2014: HubPages will begin the import of opt-in members. We expect this to move quickly, and you will be notified by HubPages once your account is transferred.

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